Waffen-SS Veterans March In Baltic States, Jews Unusually Nuanced About It

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2017

It goes without saying that the Waffen-SS was the army of light in the dark days of the war of the worlds. The pan-Aryan fighting force spanned from Spain to Estonia, all answering the call for a Western Crusade against Bolshevism and Judeo-Capitalism in the battle for Europe’s destiny. Their heroics can never be forgotten.

Yet, even though most of Europe had large representation in the Waffen-SS – France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Denmark, not to mention Germany – the only European Union states allowed to celebrate their veterans are the small Baltic buffer states: Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia.

In any other situation, there would be outraged condemnations, and calls for action and boycott by trans-national Jewry. In Croatia, vague nods to the Ustasa in memorials provoke vigorous Jewish indignation, with all their proxies echoing this sentiment.

But when it comes to Latvia, World Jewry is shockingly nuanced. A few groups provide tepid reactions, but nothing like what would happen if the Wallooniens, Totenkopf or Blau Divisionen were met by legislators and nationalists in the street of their respective countries.

As usual, they have an agenda.

World Jewish Congress:

In the Latvian capital Riga, hundreds of people took part in a march of former Waffen SS members who had fought alongside Nazi Germany during World War II. The march was allowed by Riga municipality despite protests.

The participants held Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian flags and flowers. Among the marchers were several Latvian lawmakers.

The veterans’ march has been harshly criticized by a number of international organizations, including the European Jewish Congress, as well as by governments worldwide.

Every 16 March, veterans observe Latvian Legion Day. On 16 March 1944 both divisions of the Latvian Legion fought alongside for the first time against the Soviet Red Army. It was the only battle in World War II led solely by Latvian commanders.

Many Latvians, whose country was under Soviet occupation at the time, saw the German army as a lesser of two evils.

Since when does an organization with permanent froth at their mouth, like the WJC, actually give the side of the story from the point of view of the Waffen-SS volunteer?

The answer is: Judah wants a world war against Russia!

Jews have no qualms tolerating things like this as long as it inflates Russophobia. Right now, they need Baltic and Eastern European states to be in a state of anti-Russian agitation, because Jewry wants a war. Pushing or protecting certain forms of jingoism in Eastern Europe is nothing new, as we can see with the Anti-Defamation League and other Jewish groups refusing to support a bill that would’ve kept American weapons out of the hands of supposed “Neo-Nazi” Azov Battalion two years ago.

Coverage of the Latvian event in the media hints at the long-game here. The Russians put out a statement asking how the so-called “liberal European Union” will imprison all kinds of patriotic dissidents throughout its bloc, while allowing this in its member state. They sought an explanation from Brussels and got nothing.

Are Jews and plutocrats willing to allow a measured degree of strategic nationalism in irrelevant countries if it escalates anti-Russian tension in the East? You bet. Meanwhile, World War II veterans everywhere else who fought for the good guys must meet underground and live in fear for their service.

It’s understandable that these Baltic states have grievances against the Soviet Union, and it’s great that their veterans are allowed to come out as heroes. But at the same time, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia can’t seriously continue to demand that the United States risk a nuclear exchange with Russia over their territorial claims and historic grudges.

If Putin and the Kremlin are ever overthrown and Russia again becomes the Jewish Disneyland it was under Boris Yeltsin, the Latvians will see just how quickly the police will put down their Waffen SS marches. The (((Brussels elites))) will then deliver their overdue order of blacks and Arabs right after.

Jews have no principles other than winning, and if strategically tolerating “Nazis” is what it takes, well, they feign all that “pain” about the Holohoax to begin with, so you do the math.

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