On the Need to Investigate Canada’s RCMP as Instigators of Islamophobia through False Flag Terrorism

An Open Letter to

Justin Trudeau, The Right Honourable, Prime Minister,

Hill Office, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6

Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice the Supreme Court of Canada, 301 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0J1

Jody Wilson-Raybould, The Honourable, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, 284 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario. K1A 0H8

Susan Anton, Attorney General of British Columbia, Ministry of Justice, PO Box 9280 STN Prov Govt, Victoria, B.C. , V8W 9J7

Dear Mr. Trudeau, Ms. McLachlin, Ms. Wilson-Raybould, and Ms. Susan Anton:

This communication is being sent to officials primarily responsible for the integrity of law and justice in British Columbia. It is being sent because the assault upon law and justice in the province – verified and recorded by the Honourable Madam Justice Catherine Bruce in the Supreme Court of British Columbia – specifically in the entrapment case of converts to Islam, ”impoverished recovering heroin addicts with mental health challenges”, (1) John Stuart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody, by members of the RCMP, is so egregious that its existence must be known at the highest Canadian political and legal levels as well as at the active operative levels of the maintenance of law and justice in Canada.

Action must be taken against any and all law officers engaged in criminal behaviour in the matter.  This letter requests full investigation and appropriate charges be laid against law officers so involved and implicated.

The Minister of Justice Canada and the Attorney General of British Columbia are the appropriate officers to act in the matter.  Please respond to this letter with information about actions you are undertaking.

Madam Justice Bruce writes in her Judgement: 2016/07/29,Docket 26392, Registry Vancouver, “Regina v. John Stuart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody”, paragraph 769:

“Based on the evidence before me, I am satisfied that the RCMP knowingly exploited the demonstrated vulnerabilities of the defendants in order to induce them to commit the offences.” Madam Justice Bruce writes, paragraph 770, “Not only did the police take over the leadership, but they committed illegal acts to enable the defendants to play their small part in the plan”.

And she writes, paragraph 775, “

“The whole matter is complicated by the fact that the operation was not a “hole-in-corner” act of a few police officers.  More than 200 officers are alleged to have been involved (2) as well as millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.”

Madam Justice Bruce writes earlier, paragraph 63, “From the outset of the planning for Project Souvenir, [the name given to the Nuttall/Korody entrapment] it was apparent that the RCMP at the National Headquarters level considered the investigation to be urgent and a national priority”. She goes on: “Senior officers at RCMP Headquarters E-INSET Division were regularly briefed on the progress of the investigation.” A police officer (paragraph 63) wrote that “this is a priority investigation not only for E-INSET but also for the National Security Program from Ottawa H.Q.”

How could that be? How could the RCMP take seriously the fantasizing and mumbling of two nearly incompetent human beings who Justice Bruce reveals clearly were incapable of a terrorist action without significant and prolonged RCMP coaching, financing, organizing and other assistance?

The answer to that question may reside in the simple statement in the last sentence written here. Did the top officers in Ottawa intend that an “Islamic” terrorist act would take place in British Columbia to satisfy political masters…?

The question asked opens up questions about the role of the RCMP in Canada and its use of criminal or near-criminal actions in the pursuit of its goals.  Turn to another (less important but very widely publicly observed) RCMP investigation, briefly:

Whatever any Canadian may think of Senator Mike Duffy, the RCMP provided almost all materials arising out of investigation of Duffy’s actions leading to thirty-one criminal charges laid in his case.  For the first time in Canadian history (largely on the basis of RCMP investigative materials) a single Canadian person had thirty-one criminal charges laid against him by the Crown (the Canadian State). AND for the first time in Canadian history not one of the thirty-one charges against that Canadian could stand up in a fair trial.

I believe – in the Nuttall/Korody “terrorist” case – RCMP officers engaged in behaviour that cries out for criminal investigation and for criminal charges to be laid against any and all officers found to be/to have been in violation of the laws of Canada.

I urge those addressed in this letter (A) to examine closely and with a view to court action ALL the RCMP actions involved in the Nuttall/Korody case – as part of a publicly announced investigation covering RCMP headquarters and any and all relevant offices and places in British Columbia.  I urge (B) that a Public Commission of Inquiry be struck to review ALL the offices, All the directions, All the positions held in the Force, and ALL the activities of the RCMP in Canada with a view to a major reconstruction of the Force, making it fully and completely responsible to ALL of parliament through on-going and revolving parliamentary committees with unimpeded power to summon, to question, to receive information from RCMP members, and to report regularly and fully to Canadians.

The fact, I suggest, that more than 200 RCMP employees and many millions of dollars were expended in the Gilbert and Sullivan comedy, the Nuttall/Korody case called Operation Souvenir, makes the whole RCMP – as an institution – a danger to the Peace, Order, and Good Government of Canada. At the present time, without active and public attention to the matters involved (possibly criminal) in the whole structure of Operation Souvenir, any Canadian who asserts that the RCMP is, or borders on, being a criminal organization cannot be dismissed as a “mere” conspiracy theorist and cannot be said to to be repeating the rantings of unhinged extremists.

For that reason and for the safety of innocent Canadians, the possible and real wrong-doing of police officers in ”Operation Souvenir” must be met with full investigation and, where warranted, criminal charges.

I am, respectfully,         

Robin Mathews

Footnotes: (1) (2) Barry Zwicker, “Brief to House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security”,

Common Ground, November 2016, pp. 5 and 22.

The Great Mosque of Brussels 2 f94dd

According to a Wednesday report by De Standaard, the country’s OCAM national crisis center stressed that Wahhabism is being preached in an increasing number of the country’s mosques receiving financial support from Saudi Arabia.

“We believe that a growing number of mosques and Islamic centers in Belgium, like the rest of Europe, are under the influence of Wahhabism,” said the OCAM.

Wahhabism is no more than an engineered perversion, a division, an abomination which has but spread like a cancer onto the Islamic world and now threatens to destroy all religions. Wahhabism and its legions: Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, are but the manifestations of a reactionary atheist movement which seeks the death of all faiths.

As Wahhabism began its land and mind grab in Hijaz – now known as Saudi Arabia – one family, Al Saud saw in this violent and reactionary school of thought a grand opportunity to claim and retain power. This unholy alliance has blotted the skies of Arabia for centuries, darkening the horizon with its miasms.

Wahhabism has now given birth to a monstrous abomination – extreme radicalism; a beast which has sprung and fed from Salafis and Wahhabis poison, fueled by the billions of Al Saud’s petrodollars; a weapon exploited by neo-imperialists to justify military interventions in those wealthiest corners of the world.

OCAM national crisis center noted, “we also note that the imams of these mosques are regularly being ‘salafized’ or are already ‘salafized’,”.

It noted that Saudi Arabia has also initiated a “generous” bursary system for foreign students, who are later encouraged to indoctrinate people in Belgium and other countries with Wahhabism.

“The Saudi authorities and the Wahhabist establishment have clearly settled on this method to reinforce the influence of the doctrine and practice of Wahhabism in Muslim communities in Europe,” it stressed.

According to officials, Belgium has the highest amount of extremists leaving the country and joining terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq in proportion to is population.

The terrorist attacks in Belgium on March 22nd, 2016 have shown that the ‘War on Terror’ is not going to go away any time soon. The country has been on high alert since the Brussels airport and underground system attacks last year that left 32 people dead. The attacks were claimed by the Daesh terrorist group, one of whose major regional supporters is widely reported to be Saudi Arabia.

*(The Great Mosque of Brussels is the oldest mosque in Brussels Ref-101. Credit: William Murphy/ flickr).

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