Global Shock at Nerve of Hollywood Jews Releasing Yet Another Film About Fake Holocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2017

The Jews are a sickening, hate-filled race of scam-artists, perverts and serial killers.

The monstrous sons of bitches have been claiming to have been gassed in fake shower rooms and turned into lampshades to a tune of six million by a chap named Adolf Hitler. However, this has been proved to be a complete and total lie, which the Jews made-up out of thin air in order to get sympathy, money and power.

However, even though everyone now knows that this was an absurd and ridiculous hoax, this sweaty, diseased bunch of grease-weasels continue to make high-budget Hollywood films, endulging in their sadomasochistic fantasy.

The latest is called “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” and it’ll be hitting theaters Friday like a ton of Jewish soap bars.

It’s about a good Polish goy who hides a bunch of parasites in his zoo.

Seriously, that’s what it’s about.

Because the Nazis are hunting them, given that they’ve got a drastic and extreme lampshade shortage throughout the Reich.

Jews should be ashamed of themselves.

If any race actually does deserve to be gassed completely, it is the Jews for having faked that and then made all of these decadent movies about it.

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