Lefty TV News Now Driving America INSANE

By Phillip Marlowe

Haven’t you noticed? The US media is off the rails with liberal insanity and getting worse by the minute. I know some of you think I’m an evil racist anti-Semite. Sure. But I’ve got plenty of good, perfectly logical reasons for becoming sick and tired of the criminal blacks and subversive Jews destroying America. I’m proudly a White Anglo-Saxon male and if you got a problem with that, well, you can just suck it, White-hater boy.

Need I remind you all the things the White race has done for the World and America? How many of our lives have we’ve given in the defense of this country and all the great things our race has invented to help people in the world? Hell, there’s billions of non-Whites alive today simply because of White people.

The US media knows what they are doing. They start off every report with phony “polls” they create out of lefty demographics to make it look like Trump’s approval numbers are in the tank. They act like the recent Healthcare bill was such a major defeat for Trump, with little to no reporting on the utter failure of Obamacare. They make big reports about any leftist outrage, or the always militant, always spoiled blacks demonstrating and then act like it’s everywhere. The media are experts at negatively portraying people and pretty much anything they want to manipulate TV viewers. The lefty bias is so obvious.

And it’s completely obvious they are trying to do whatever they possibly can to destroy Trump and the country as a whole. They are enemies of America and our sanity. Clearly.

The Lefty NWO Jew Agenda exposed

These totally corrupt lefty rats are completely driving us decent Americans wacko. Regular people suspect something bad is behind it all, but just can’t say “The J-word.” Fortunately, that’s changing fast as everywhere on the Internet people young and old are talking about the ever-subversive Jews. It’s only a matter of time before another country has enough and kicks their fat, stinking asses out!

This “Russian hacking/election meddling” BS keeps going on and on and on. The crap is getting patently ridiculous. It’s all a big brainwashing campaign by the leftist media in the attempt to explain away the disastrous defeat of Hillary Clinton in November. They can’t handle Trump winning, so now they are driving the entire country crazy by running BS left and right. It’s time we frog march these stinking bastards right the hell out!

House Intelligence committee chairman, Devin Nunes (of Portuguese descent), went to a National Security Council special secure room in the Eisenhower wing of the White House to check CPU log-ins and file access during Obama’s tenure. Then he simply told Trump the next day about what he found. Apparently, it corroborated to some degree Trump’s infamous tweet accusing Obongo boy of wiretapping Trump Tower (the one where the media liberals acted 24/7 like it was so “conspiracy theory” crazy).

Nunes’ visit to the White House was turned into some kind of evil republican collusion, but no outrage over what the guy uncovered. The hypocrites don’t care.

Former deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Ukraine area (which should tell you something), Evelyn Farkas is one of Hillary and Obama’s liberal lackeys. The blithering liberal idiot openly admitted on MSNBC she passed on secret intelligence information to leftist allies on the Hill, which would be totally illegal if the information was gleaned from NSA files; accessible from that special room where log-ins and entry/exit surveillance shots are recorded (who comes into the room at what times to prevent over-the-shoulder reading by people unknown).

Do they act like this was a bad thing? No, they only care about Congressman Nunes simply talking to the president — a fellow republican!

Farkas and some unnamed higher up in the Obama/Hillary gang appear to have “unmasked” private citizens in Trump’s transition team. News is now coming out that the one higher up is Susan Rice, the Benghazi terrorist attack big TV liar who was then promoted to NSA advisor for fellow mulatto, Obongo boy. Certainly the two discussed doing it. The snotty little half-breed bitch needs to explain herself in front of the cameras on Capitol Hill. The FBI, too, needs to give her the Third Degree.

This is completely illegal. Whomever is behind this never-ending nonsense needs to go to prison with the homies and get slapped around by prison guards for a couple of years.

In fact, this whole thing might even be bigger than Watergate and we know how the dirty Jews loved seeing Nixon bite the big one.

You can tell that Jew democrap, Adam Schiff, is desperate to paint Trump and the Russians as evil. He doesn’t want his bud Obongo boy to suffer any exposure, or hell, getting his skinny mulatto ass hauled before Congress or worse (we can hope).

This Adam Schiff Jew* can’t even say what evidence there is of Russian collusion with Trump. All he ever does is insist it happened. That big report the media constantly refers to — which says 16 intelligence parts of the government think the Russians were behind “hacking our elections” — in fact only says they believe they did and states zero evidence; just like all the rest of the talking heads.

You might have read me saying here how much I would like certain media people sent to concentration camps. Damn right. We need desperately to put a stop to the stranglehold Jewish liberal media has on this country’s head before we all go crazy!

*They say Adam Schiff is not descended from Jacob Schiff, the Kuhn Loeb and company Wall Street banking Jew who helped create the Federal Reserve and also financed the 1917 Bolshevik Red revolution in Russia — slaughtering millions of Christian gentiles. I have my doubts that he’s not related in some way. He’s quite obviously a team player of the corrupt International Jew oligarchy enslaving America with FIAT money/inflation taxation and ownership of the lefty media brainwashing our race into committing racial genocide. You’re paying for it and having to live with this country getting turned into a dirty, criminal Third World nation, pal.


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