Russia accepts West Jerusalem as capital of Israel, East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine – what’s the deal?

Russia just published a quite sensational statement on Israel and Palestine. It recognizes, as before, East-Jerusalem as the capitol of the State of Palestine. But Russia now also recognizes, under certain condition, West-Jerusalem as the capitol of the State of Israel.

This statement will make quite a wave and it has to be seen in the wider context of the war on Syria. Here is the original statement in Russian on the Foreign Ministry site and the auto-translation (excerpt):

Moscow continues to consider the formula for negotiating a two-state settlement of an optimal and friendly to us Palestinian and Israeli people, as well as to the interests of all countries in the region and the world community as a whole.

We reaffirm our commitment to the UN resolutions on the principles of settlement, including the status of East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state. At the same time, we consider it necessary to say that in this context we regard West Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.

Specific parameters for addressing the full range of issues of the final status of the Palestinian territories, including the Jerusalem problem, should be agreed upon in direct negotiations between the parties.

The part marked by me in bold is new. Older statements of Russia never included such a recognition. It is bound to conditions (“in this context”) so there is no free lunch for the Zionists. But it is still a huge achievement for Netanyahoo.

For a wider context of the new Russian position we have to look at the conflict in Syria. There the pressure on President Trump to launch a war on Syria’s government (and, make no mistake, thereby also on Hizbullah, Russia and Iran) is increasing. The probably staged chemical incident yesterday was the starting point for an intense pro-war campaign.

Yesterday the Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman accused Syria:

Lieberman told Yedioth Ahronoth that Syrian planes carried out the two chemical attacks, which were “directly ordered and planned by Syrian President Bashar Assad.” He stressed he was “100 percent certain.” The defense minister said he did not know if Russia was involved in the attack.

Russia and Syria have denied that either of them used any chemical ammunition. They say that the Syrian air force bombed an al-Qaeda ammunition depot which, unknown to them, may have included chemical weapons.

Today the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahoo called the Russian President and part of that call was a serious rebuke from Putin:

Mr Putin and Mr Netanyahu exchanged views on the incident involving chemical weapons on April 4 in the Syrian province of Idlib. Mr Putin underscored, in particular, that it is unacceptable to make groundless accusations against any party until a thorough and objective international investigation has been conducted.

But also part of that call, though not mentioned in the official note, must have been some agreement that led to the release of the statement above by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

A deal must have been made. A give and take and the West-Jerusalem release is part of the payment or reward. It is a HUGE price to win for Israel as Russia’s concession also gives cover for President Trump to make a similar announcement without messing up U.S. relations with Arab states.

We can only speculate on the Israeli side of the deal but there must be something Netanyahoo committed to. Russia would not offer the new position for nothing.

My speculation:

The mighty Zionist lobby in the U.S. (AIPAC & Co) is pushing for an immediate war on Syria. (It did so in 2013 but Obama called the war off at that time after the British parliament and later Congress rejected it.)

Netanyahoo could let it known that he prefers no war on Syria. The Zionist lobby in the U.S. would then shut up, pressure on Trump would be much relieved, a new war on Syria could be avoided.

In 2013 Putin arranged for a deal to destroy Syria’s chemical arsenal. The elimination of Syria’s strategic weapons was a huge gift to Israel. It also allowed Obama to keep face and keep away from war despite all pressure.

Now Putin is making another huge offer. Will Israel take this gift? Will Netanyahoo call off its AIPAC dogs of war?

The offer is not Russia’s last political resort with regard to Israel.

A million Israelis are of Russian heritage. They emigrated to Israel in the 1980s and 90s. They are mostly not really Jews but vote conservative. They also admire and cherish Putin. That is one reason why no Israeli politician, especially Netanyahoo, can afford a big political conflict with Russia.

Putin’s ultimate threat to Netanyahoo is to influence the Russian voters in Israel and to make them vote against him. It is a personal nuke under Netanyahoo’s seat.

But Putin does not like to issue threats. He offers and makes deals. So one wonders what the real deal behind the above acknowledgement of West-Jerusalem is. Is my speculation correct or are their better explanations?

Comment: The change reportedly took the Israeli media and government by surprise:

The Times of Israel said it regarded the Russian statement as an “unexpected, unprecedented, and curious move.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry was taken aback by the statement.

“We are studying the matter,” the paper quoted a ministry spokesman as saying.

The Times wrote: “Recognizing only the western part of it would appear to deny Israel’s claims to the eastern part, including the Old City, which it captured in 1967 and subsequently annexed.”

The Jerusalem Post called it a “surprise” announcement.

It reported that Russia’s ambassador to Israel will meet with Foreign Ministry officials in the coming days to discuss the announcement. It said there is no plan to move Russia’s embassy to Jerusalem at this time.


Israeli Member of Knesset– ‘Don’t mourn when our enemies are killed’

Former MK says Israel should not be so vocal in condemning chemical weapons attack in Syria

ed note–as we point out here regularly, Jews view all Gentiledom–but especially the ‘Ishmaelites’–as eternal enemies, which they refer to as ‘Amalek.’ Note here the comments of a former minister of the Knesset where he says Jews should not be mourning those Syrian civilians killed, as they are ‘Israel’s implacable enemy’ and that no distinction exists between Syrian civilians, the Assad government or even the rebel groups Israel is supporting.

Also note the distinction he makes between ‘Jewish morality’ and ‘Western morality’ and how quickly the other side was in trying to hide the ugly truth of what this former MK was making clear, which is that Judaism is indeed a bloodthirsty religion and that as far as Gentiles are concerned, it does not distinguish between men, women, and children when it comes to any slaughter that benefits Judea, Inc.

Israel National News

Former Jewish Home MK Yinon Magal called on Israeli leaders to remember that Syria, whether it is the rebel forces or the regime, remains Israel’s implacable enemy. He said this following a chemical weapons attack which left scores of Syrian civilians killed yesterday.

Magal criticized Channel 10 reporter Nadav Eyal in an interview with IDF Radio after Eyal called on Twitter for the Tel Aviv city hall to be illuminated in the colors of the flag of the Syrian opposition.

“It’s a disaster for my enemies,” Magal said. “The rebels also want to kill us. They fire rockets at children and women. I do not mourn when disasters happen [to them]. I am tired of hearing this Western morality.”

“I do not dispute that these are atrocities, but what I say that my enemies are human scum and I think first of my own children.”

“My friends on the left used to say we could leave the Golan Heights in exchange for peace with Assad, the same Assad who is hurling gas at his own children.”

Eyal, the reporter who called upon the Tel Aviv city hall to be illuminated in the colors of the flag of the Syrian opposition responded with “I think that the morality he defines as Western is actually Jewish morality…When children are killed in Syria, it is permissible to identify them [and say] these are children. When such things happen, it is shocking, and it is a good thing, if you are a human being, to be shocked.”

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