Zionists Get Trump to Attack SyrianFreedom Fighters Against ISIS!

President Trump under withering fire of Zio Media and Zio Deep State Makes NeoCon Attack on Syria that Only Helps ISIS and al Qaeda — America’s Worst Enemy. Israel Still Controls the USA, and Leads Us to Disaster!  – Dr. David Duke

Watch this video!

Dr. Duke was right then. He is right now.

Dr. David Duke shows how, not content to the human and economic catastrophe of the Iraq War and Afghanistan War, Zionists are now busy pushing the United States, Europe and the world toward an even more catastrophic war with Syria and Iran.

Just as the Iraq war was based on lies, so the war on Syria and Iran are also based completely on lies.

The Zionist controlled Globalist Media keeps talking about Syrian “human rights violations” when the Zionist-controlled government of the U.S.is actually supporting radical Muslim terrorism against the people of Syria. Of course, it is all in the Service of Israel. It is not about human rights, and not about weapons of mass destruction — It is about smashing nations that dare to stand up to the horrendous human rights violations of Israel!

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