Greg Johnson: “I no longer like or respect Trump. Trump didn’t just betray us”. God Emperor No More

God Emperor No More

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Never betray your friends to court the favor of your enemies. If you betray your friends, the most principled and perceptive among them will drop you, leaving only the delusional and venal. That is not a good trade, given that the approval you gain is bound to be fleeting and contingent, whereas the contempt and distrust you create will be permanent. The people you betrayed may come back to you out of sentimentality or self-interest, but their trust and respect will never return. They will always regard you as a traitor.

Why is such a simple lesson so hard for politicians to understand? 

Donald Trump’s dizzying about face on Syria has won the temporary applause of his enemies, but he has forever lost the respect of his most ardent supporters on the Alt Right, the people who actually believe in and defend his nationalist-populist message, including his America First foreign policy.

I thought Trump’s willingness to fight a two-front war against the Democrats and his own party was sufficient proof that he was sincere about his America First foreign policy. But he ditched it at its first real test.

I no longer trust Donald Trump.

But it is worse than that. I no longer like or respect Trump either. Trump didn’t just betray us. He betrayed us over something utterly stupid. We’ve seen this all before. We’ve seen pictures of dead or injured Syrian children on CNN (although not the victims of US-backed forces). We’ve heard stories of Assad “gassing his own people.” We’ve seen the same vulgar emotional manipulation and ginned-up storms of social signaling. We’ve been asked to start wars based on what some little Syrian Anne Frank allegedly says on Twitter. We know that the press, politicians, and intelligence agencies behind this are trying to topple Assad. We know that they are liars, because they are the same people who lied to get us into the Iraq War. And Trump has seen it all too. He knew better. We know he knew better, because of a long history of Tweets about Syria, which now make him look like a feckless hypocrite. So for him to fall for the warmongers this time frankly makes me question his intelligence, his character, even his sanity.

Beyond that, attacking Assad exacerbates our problems. We want Assad to win this war. We want him to destroy ISIS and other Islamist terrorist groups. We want peace and stability in Syria, so we can send millions of refugees back home, whether they want to go or not. And we certainly do not want heightened tensions with Russia.

Beyond that, Trump’s intervention in Syria is now being used as an argument to admit more Syrian refugees.

Then, there’s the little problem that Trump’s strike was unconstitutional. Wouldn’t it be poetic if Trump gave the establishment the Syria war they have been trying to start for years — as well as grounds for impeaching him before he manages to slip up and do something good for America?

Finally, why are we even debating retaliations for atrocities committed by Syrians in Syria? Obviously, because no matter what side you come down on, Jews and Israel benefit. They benefit when we actually promote chaos and regime change in Syria. And they benefit even if we end up doing nothing, simply because we not debating, say, retaliating for atrocities committed against whites by Muslims all over Europe, or against whites by blacks in South Africa, or against whites by mestizo invaders in America. Let’s debate regime change in South Africa or Germany or Sweden or Mexico, shall we?

Or better yet, why not focus on America First? Trump has his work cut out for him effecting regime change in Washington DC.

Some have suggested that Trump changed his Syrian policy out of Machiavellian calculations:

  • To impress/intimidate the president of China, who was dining with him in Florida
  • To impress/intimidate Putin, to make him more tractable in future negotiations
  • To undermine the “Trump is beholden to Putin/the Russians ‘hacked’ the election” narrative that Democrats have been pushing because they are incapable of taking responsibility for Hillary Clinton’s disastrous candidacy
  • To placate Jewish warmongers and their lapdogs like McCain, Rubio, and Graham, as well as their chorus of media shills
  • To get his faltering Presidency back on track by doing something popular with the establishment that opposes him
  • To convince the world that he is a dangerous madman, to make other powers more tractable to US designs

We are also told that the ineffectual nature of the strike was actually part of the plan. The Syrians and Russians were forewarned, expensive equipment was removed, etc. Missiles were allegedly deactivated in flight. (Certainly more comforting than believing that Russian technology shot a lot of them down.) Trump does not want to actually harm Assad. There was no risk of escalation with Russia or Iran. Trump just wants to do one or all of the above.

Frankly, I’m not buying it. None of these theories are half as clever as purported.

  • Russia and China would not be impressed or intimidated by a mere expensive fireworks display that risked nothing. But if Trump tried to hurt Assad and failed, that is hardly impressive or intimidating either, and saving face would require escalation, perhaps into outright war.
  • If Trump warned the Russians and Syrians and did nothing to hurt Assad, it would support not undermine the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. It is a meme that the Democrats would rather court nuclear war than take responsibility for their own failure. If Trump actually tried to hurt Assad and risked real escalation with Russia, one has to ask: Is it worth a nuclear war to shut these people’s lying mouths? Trump would have to be mad to think so.
  • If the establishment can get Trump to do its bidding by blocking his policies, it will only continue to stymie Trump until more Danegeld is extorted. Trump surely knows better. It is far too early to declare Trump’s administration a failure. Realistically, I expected him to be stymied by liberals and cucks for a full two years, until the 2018 elections. Trump was never deterred by bad press. How many times was he declared finished in the primaries and election? He didn’t listen before, so why would he start now?
  • Trump has already convinced a significant percentage of the world that he is a dangerous madman. But the Syria pivot does not support that perception. It supports the conclusion that he is a mercurial, hypocritical buffoon who cannot be trusted to maintain his most basic promises. How, exactly, does that make him a more formidable negotiator?

The most plausible explanation for the Syria pivot comes from Seventh Son at The Daily Shoah (Episode #145). When Trump was asked about the gas attack by a reporter at the news conference with King Abdullah of Jordan, he saw it as an opportunity for abusing Obama as a weak little girl for declaring a red line in Syria and then backing down when Assad crossed it rather than acting decisively. When asked if this attack crossed any red lines for him, Trump of course had to agree and amplify, lest he too be a weak little girl like Obama.

In short, Trump painted himself into a corner with his big mouth and adolescent fixation on Alpha posturing regarding Obama, and since acknowledging mistakes has never been Trump’s strong suit, it was child’s play for the establishment to spring into action and funnel him into launching airstrikes. The politicians, pundits, and masses are well-programmed with Jewish talking points. All they needed was an opening, then all the tools started whirring for war.

Let’s hope that Trump has realized his mistake and decides to declare victory and turn back to real priorities. Let’s hope that the other players in this game, like Syria, Russia, and Iran let him.

I think Seventh Son’s analysis is correct, and it helps us decode Trump’s whole foreign policy. For a long time, we on the Alt Right were scratching our heads about the great anomaly in Trump’s America First platform, namely Iran. Trump constantly repeated the rankest, most gefilte-fishy neocon talking points on Obama’s Iran deal, which threatened to cause a terrifying outbreak of peace in the region. My hypothesis was that Trump took this stance simply to contradict and abuse Obama.

But, goyische kopf that I am, I assumed that the rest of Trump’s foreign policy — the stuff I agreed with, of course — was sincere. Now I am not so sure. Is Trump’s entire foreign policy agenda simply based on negating Obama’s? What about his domestic policy agenda? Does Trump base his policies not on a sober assessment of what is good for America, but simply on some sort of egomanical desire to one up and put down Barack Obama and his ilk? Granted, doing the opposite of Obama and Hillary is generally a good guide to policy. But you’d have to be an overgrown adolescent chimpanzee to run a country that way. Could this be why Donald Trump is idolized by rappers?

If this is the Trump code, you can bet I am not the first one to crack it. Which means that the establishment now knows how to play Trump. History is one long record of the triumph of the cunning over the macho. Which means that all bets are off for the MAGA agenda. Sure, we might still get some of what he promised, but now a new enemy has emerged from the shadows, perhaps the most formidable one yet: no, not the “Deep State,” but Donald Trump’s own adolescent egomania. (Yes, I know cat ladies have been saying this for years, but they say that about anyone with a scrotum, so they are not to be taken seriously.)

For the Alt Right, it’s Mourning in America. We believed in this guy. We liked this guy. And now he just seems stupid. Frankly, so do we. The day Trump launched his strike, I received the proof copy of my new book In Defense of Prejudice, and I cringed my way through the chapters on Trump. Sure, I can tell myself that it was still right to support him, that Trump is still better than Hillary. So why is he enacting Hillary’s foreign policy? Maybe Martin Heidegger really was the last philosopher with sound political judgment.

I’m a little suspicious at how quickly we on the Alt Right moved to condemn Trump. As soon as I heard that missiles had been fired, my feelings changed completely. The cloud of confusion and anxiety that was building over the previous days suddenly erupted in lightning and thunder. It was a catharsis.

But in truth this break has been a long time in coming. I think that we all felt that Trump was faltering out of the gate, especially with the health care bill. And when people feel that a relationship is doomed, it is quite common to search for a principled pretext to give it a coup de grâce and move forward. It is psychologically easier that way. One maintains one’s sense of agency, which is an important component of one’s self-worth. In short, it is just another case of what I call honorable defeatism. In this case, however, it is a good thing, for two reasons.

First, a lot of us were too emotionally invested in Trump. I thought I had a pretty realistic view of Trump, but this betrayal still came as a brutal blow. It must be a lot worse for the souls who actually thought the Alt Right was responsible for putting Trump into office, who felt that we owned a piece of him. The Alt Right’s relationship with Trump was always a one-way man crush, based largely on projections. Ending such a relationship is a healthy thing.

Second, it helps us refocus on our mission. When Trump was elected, I argued that the Alt Right needs to see itself as Trump’s loyal opposition, the opposition that wants him to succeed in spite of himself. After all, Trump is not one of us. He’s a populist and a civic nationalist with generally good instincts. But he’s not terribly articulate or intellectual, which is one reason he seems to have been so easily misled by the Jews and cuckservatives that opportunistically crowded into his administration. It is our job to offer an intellectually sound and emotionally compelling case for nationalist populism, to help Trump advance his policies, and to help as many Trump supporters as possible advance beyond them to White Nationalism.

Now that the God Emperor has fallen to earth, we need to remind ourselves that Trump was never the end game. He was — and remains — an immense opportunity to smash the current globalist establishment and unleash nationalist, populist, and racialist forces that will be raging into the future, long after Trump is dead. It is our movement, not Trump, that represents the real long-term interests of our race, and we have to start acting like it.

* * *

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AMERICA BETRAYED!—Trump’s supporters desert him in droves over Syria attack

prominent White Nationalist and editor of


I never knew it would come to this: that a newly elected President of the United States, like a snake oil salesman, should con millions of trusting Americans into giving him a leg-up into the White House, all in the belief that he was their man, only to jump into bed later on with the Jews and give them all the finger.

Today is Palm Sunday, the day Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey to the sound of hosannahs, and palms were scattered before his feet. Let the donkey celebrate the hour:

Fools! For I also had my hour;
One far fierce hour and sweet:
There was a shout about my ears,
And palms before my feet.

Who would have thought that, two thousand years later, an alien race from Khazaria would have ensconced themselves in the land where Jesus lived and pass themselves of as the rightful owners of that land? And who would have imagined for a moment that a con artist of an American president should enable them to expand their ill-gotten territories, with the help of his Jewish son-in-law in the White House, and that this should all be done under the trusting noses of the American people — possibly the most ill-informed and brutalized bunch of civilized morons the world has ever seen?

This is what I read on my own website by former Trump supporters, “Dump Trump!” And this: “Trump has crossed my red line. It’s all over, baby. Unlike some who still continue to make countless excuses for Trump,  others are awakening from the Trump dream. I had hoped Trump was the real deal, I voted for him in the primary and the general election. I stuck with him as long as I could. I was played, and I fell for it, but it’s all over now.”

Another respected writer on my site throws his cards on the table, revealing himself in the process as an extreme anti-Semite:

“The one thing that will get you and ‘L’ to drink a toast to each other, and make the rest of us bring out the champagne bottles, is to turn on the news one day and find the towers of Tel Aviv have come toppling down.

I do believe the day will come when the world sees Israel go up in smoke.

Armageddon approaches. The land where Jesus walked will become an uninhabitable wasteland for centuries.

To my astonishment, everyone agrees. They are all for Armageddon, provided the invaders from Khazaria get their comeuppance and are sent on their way to the Elysian fields.

—  §  —


Just 77 days ago, the snake oil salesman who had managed to trick his way into the White House by vowing he would “put America first” and avoid all foreign wars, or­dered a mis­sile at­tack on Syria on entirely spurious grounds—unproven, unverified, and indeed false—that Assad had ordered a chemical weapons attack on his own people.

A few years ago, in 2003, another morally decrepit American president had taken the law into his own hands by bombing Iraq and killing over a million people, displacing countless more, on the bogus grounds that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was about to obliterate the West. That was President George W. Bush. Alt.Right luminary Richard Spencer, quoted below, has now compared Trump to George Bush, pointing out there is no difference between them. ‘They even sound alike,” Spencer says.

Amazing to think that there are Americans who still believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11, a lie concocted by the Jew-controlled media and fed to the moronic masses. Even more amazing to learn that Congress, having previously adopted a harsh attitude to the new president for not taking orders from Tel Aviv, and from Tel Aviv’s representatives in America, the neoconservatives, should raise three cheers at Trump’s latest display of fireworks in Syria.

These guys rub their hands with glee the more bombs they see dropped on women and children in foreign lands, lands too weak and technologically backward to bomb them back. These miserable cowards, the sadistic brutes at the helm of this country of Gadarene swine, are apparently not too happy with their president for saying that the attack on Syria was a “one-off” and that he was now going to calm down and play it cool. Seems they get nervous and jittery when their leader shows incipient signs of sobriety and self-restraint.

Let The Daily Mail take up the story. They are a mainstream newspaper, so I guess we can trust them. No “fake news” here, right?

“The at­tack on Syria be­gan at 3.45am lo­cal time when 59 Tom­a­hawk cruise mis­siles – each cost­ing around £800,000 (almost $100,000 million) – started rain­ing down on the As­sad regime’s Shayrat air­base.

Guided by satel­lite, they fly at low alti­tude and fol­low the con­tours of the ground to avoid de­tec­tion. The mis­siles – launched from two US Navy warships, the USS Ross and USS Porter, in the eastern Mediter­ranean – pounded the base for three to four min­utes. Each was pro­grammed with a specific target – in­clud­ing the con­trol tower, radar in­stal­la­tions, fuelling stations and ammunition dumps.

Build­ings thought to con­tain chem­i­cal weapons were de­lib­er­ately not hit, to avoid leaks of toxic gas. The US gave Rus­sia 60 to 90 min­utes’ warn­ing and none of the es­ti­mated 100 Rus­sian mil­i­tary per­son­nel based there were hurt.”  (Source)

Hmm, this is not what I read elsewhere. I understand that a few Russians actually died in the attack on Khan Sheikhoun. (See map below).

The dra­matic strike re­versed a pol­icy of US iso­la­tion which helped Mr Trump into the White House,” the Mail continues. “As his ultra-conservative sup­port­ers de­serted him for reneg­ing on his pledge, he faced a US sharply split over the wis­dom of becoming embroiled in the Syr­ian civil war.

Mr Trump has been warn­ing for years that Syria was a quag­mire whose vi­cious con­flict the US should ig­nore. Af­ter As­sad launched a dev­as­tat­ing chem­i­cal weapons at­tack on civil­ians in the rebel town of Ghouta in 2013, Mr Trump warned Mr Obama of “world­wide hell to pay” and rock­et­ing debts if he re­acted with mil­i­tary ac­tion.

Only days ago, he had in­sisted he was not “pres­i­dent of the world” but of Amer­ica, while the White House sig­nalled it would be fool­ish to try to bring down As­sad.” (Source)

Here is Trump’s mendacious rhetoric before he became President:

August 2013 :  “The President [Obama] must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria — big mistake if he does not!” Trump then proceeds to do exactly what he had warned Obama not to do; he attacks Syria without asking Congress for approval.

September 2013 :  “Again, our very foolish leader [Obama], do NOT attack Syria! — if you do, very bad things will happen & from that fight the US gets nothing!” 

September 2013 : “President Obama, do NOT attack Syria! There is no upside and tremendous downside. Save your ‘powder’ for another (and more important) day!”

Say what you will about Trump, he is not a man who believes in taking the advice he gives to others. Telling lies seems to be the rule rather than the exception with him. His baseline supporters are beginning to wonder why they voted for him in the first place. The are furious at him for betraying them.

Are they right to be angry, or does the Trumpster have some pleasant surprise up his sleeve for them? Is Mr Nasty suddenly going to become Mr Nice again in a few weeks’ time?

We’ll have to see.

—  §  —

Having initially tried to stop Syr­ian refugees en­ter­ing the US, Trump seems to have had a change of heart af­ter be­ing moved by the regime’s “horrific” chemical attack on in­no­cent Syr­ian men, women, chil­dren and “beau­ti­ful lit­tle ba­bies”. Gosh, any man who loves babies so much that he is willing to bomb them to smithereens in order to save them from unverified sarin gas attacks certainly gets my vote. (Not).

The Daily Mail again:

Mr Trump found him­self in the un­usual po­si­tion of be­ing ap­plauded by his po­lit­i­cal op­po­nents and cas­ti­gated by his supporters. In Congress, he was clapped by Repub­li­cans who had crit­i­cised Mr Obama for fail­ing to pun­ish Syria for previous chem­i­cal weapon at­tacks. But they at­tacked the White House for sug­gest­ing this was a one-off re­sponse, warn­ing that Amer­ica’s in­ter­na­tional stand­ing would be badly dam­aged if As­sad was able to por­tray him­self in the Mid­dle East as a leader who had with­stood the might of the US.

High pro­file right-wing sup­port­ers ac­cused Mr Trump of be­ing rash and hyp­o­crit­i­cal. Some said they felt personally betrayed.

The con­tro­ver­sial edi­tor of web­site, Richard Spencer, told how he felt “shocked and an­gry”.

In a video state­ment, Spencer said: “No one voted for this, no one voted for Don­ald Trump in or­der for him to en­gage in these kinds of sense­less, insane mil­i­tary in­ter­ven­tions. Mil­lions of peo­ple, in­clud­ing my­self, voted for Don­ald Trump, in large part, be­cause he was the right way to avoid these kinds of things, but here we are.”

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter dismissively tweeted:  “Trump cam­paigned on NOT get­ting in­volved in Mideast. Said it al­ways helps our en­e­mies and cre­ates more refugees. Then he saw a pic­ture on TV.”

That’s how the cookie crumbles.

We have a president here with a heart of gold. He sees a couple of pictures on CNN and goes all weak at the knees, blubbering for imaginary “beautiful little babies”, his itching finger straying to the nuclear button. “Hey man, any more beautiful little babies dying and I’m gonna blow up the f****** world!”

Now that’s a man you can respect. In America, anyway. Where they obviously put something in the drinking water. Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat. — ‘Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.’

—  §  —

So the worm, it seems, has begun to turn at last. Many alt.right white nationalist supporters of Trump are more than disappointed with Trump. They are disgusted.

Richard Spencer, increasingly disillusioned with Trump for reneging on many of his immigration policies, issued this stinging rebuke of the President in a video called “The Trump Betrayal” :

“I have to be brutally honest. I am deeply disappointed in Donald Trump. I’m shocked, and I’m angry. And I am ready to condemn Donald Trump.”

Spencer wasn’t the only one to feel cheated. The White Nationalist VDare tweeted: “The #AltRight is now totally independent of Trump.” The Right Stuff founder Mike Enoch wrote disgustedly: “So Trump’s first forceful action as President was supposedly to defend the same people that mow down white children with trucks.”

Since Assad is fighting Isis, whom all agree is the ultimate evil, why is Trump attacking Assad instead of Isis? Your guess is as good as mine. I gave up guessing long ago.

We are now told: “A large and underrated part of the promise the alt-right saw in Trump was his repeated commitment to keeping America out of not only Syria but foreign conflict more broadly. That commitment is now dead and the shockwaves felt in the movement have been huge. (See Why the Alt.Right Hates Trump’s Syria Strikes.”

Whatever you do, don’t miss the electrifying video below. Richard Spencer simply cannot be ignored. His sincerity is palpable. Just listen to him:

“No one voted for this. No one voted for Donald Trump in order for him to engage in these kinds of senseless, insane military interventions…. Donald Trump now sounds exactly like George W. Bush… this is like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers…. Trump is playing with fire…. THIS REALLY MATTERS!… Trump is playing with fire. This is a red line Donald Trump has crossed… this is a betrayal of the meaning of his campaign… that was the meaning of his campaign and he ABSOLUTELY BETRAYED IT!…. This matters, because it proves that Donald Trump IS NOT IN CONTROL!… He is being controlled by neoconservative operatives...”


And here his voice falters and he looks stricken, taking a sip of red wine to restore his equilibrium. JEWS! He means Jews. He suspects that the Donald is being controlled by Jews, especially by two Jews whom he can NEVER GET RID OF. Two toxic incubi who control him completely. He can get rid of everyone else, but these two Jews have got their hooks into him and he simply cannot escape their malign and absolutely sinister influence.

I won’t mention the names of these two Jews who are exerting such hypnotic control over Trump. They seem to be acting as his Svengalis. This telling comment on my site by Franklin Ryckaert, an accomplished linguist and polymath of wide political experience, will perhaps provide a clue as to what is going on behind the scenes:

“Ah Ivanka the ‘expert’ on foreign policy, now elevated to the rank of ‘advisor’ of her father. Of course she only tells her father what her husband, cunning Jew Jared Kushner tells her. Jeff Rense suspects Kushner to be a Mossad agent, who especially married Ivanka to have access to her father, who was already then seen by the Jews as possible presidential material. Jews plan such things in advance.

Is that a “conspiracy theory”? Yes, it is. But isn’t it a remarkable theory well worth considering? It seems Ivanka actually pussywhipped her doting dad into bombing Syria. That’s what I hear. It’s the latest hot news from the mainstream media, just brought to my attention literally two minutes ago.

The beautiful Ivanka, it seems, is dangerous. Very dangerous. She is Madame Svengali, the Scorpion Lady.  And Jared is behind her.

Please watch this video. It’s 21 minutes long, but it’s worth watching, every minute of it.


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