Holocaust hoaxer Deborah Lipstadt.

Filthy Kike Holo-Scammer Deborah Lipstadt Attacks the Alt-Right!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2016


She’s baaaaaaaaaack!

NPR has brought out one of the most sickening kikes of all: Holocaust hoaxer Deborah Lipstadt.

Their purpose in digging up this half-dead ratlike kike?



Here’s a partial transcript.

LIPSTADT: I know Richard Spencer. I mean, I don’t know him personally, but he’s David Irving. He sounds – when you meet him, he’s wearing – he looks very good. David Irving wears well-tailored suit. He sounds good.

SINGH: And we should note for our listeners Mr. Spencer heads up the National Policy Institute that has been widely viewed also as a proponent of white nationalism.

LIPSTADT: I would say white supremacism. I think white nationalism is just like Holocaust deniers calling themselves, you know, revisionists. To properly understand the danger, we should call them by what they really are, white supremacists.

And, you know, the National Policy Institute sounds very benign, sounds even positive. You look at some of the papers they put out, some of the points they take, you look at their spokespeople who manage sometimes to make it to television and you realize that what they’re doing is really changing the outer garb. But what they’re saying is the exact same thing as it was before.

SINGH: Professor Lipstadt, how do you view the media’s responsibility in engaging with the so-called alt-right and other groups associated with white nationalism and white supremacy as you’ve mentioned?

LIPSTADT: Yeah, I think the media has a very big responsibility. I don’t think the media alone, but the media is at the apex. And I think it’s incumbent upon the media to understand who these people are and the kind of arguments they’re making and not to treat them as a benign point of view.

You see, one of the things I discovered when I was working on Holocaust deniers was that what they wanted was to enter the conversation about the Holocaust as a point of view so that some say there were gas chambers, some say there weren’t. Some say there was a plan to kill the Jews, others say there wasn’t. They were taking lies, parading them as opinions in order to encroach on the facts.

SINGH: However, overall, you believe that the need to cover these groups in the news outweighs the risk of normalizing their beliefs or adding momentum to their cause. Is that right?

LIPSTADT: Yes. And I’ll tell you where it changed. It changed when one of the people most responsible for bringing them into even the periphery of the mainstream – you know, it depends how you want to call Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, was appointed chief strategist to President-elect Trump. That means the person who facilitated this entering the mainstream in getting all this attention now is steps from the Oval Office. That’s a game changer.

SINGH: What should people, in your opinion, look for in terms of a process of normalizing something that was unusual to bring up in mainstream conversation in the past?

LIPSTADT: One of the things that has elevated my level of concern over the past few months is watching people from alt-right suddenly appearing on the news not as examples – you know, here is a meeting that they had where they talked about people of color in a very derogatory fashion or talked about Jews in a derogatory fashion – but suddenly becoming commentators. That’s mainstreaming. When their ideas are allowed to seep into the mainstream through the media, through becoming pundits, writing op-eds and having them published, then we’re really in trouble.

SINGH: But there is something to be said for free speech. They would argue that they’re entitled to that.

LIPSTADT: Absolutely, they’re entitled to free speech. I’m not calling for their silencing because I believe in free speech. I don’t want politicians deciding what we can and cannot say. But free speech and giving someone a platform are two separate things. Free speech means the government can’t tell you what to say. Free speech doesn’t mean the media is obligated to put you on and give you access. The airwaves are limited, and the media controls that and has to do it responsibly.

SINGH: Deborah Lipstadt is a professor of modern Jewish history and Holocaust studies at Emory University in Atlanta. She joined us from there. Professor Lipstadt, thank you so much for speaking with us.

LIPSTADT: Thank you. It was a pleasure.

And somehow, with the most sickening of all kikes coming out to attack Richard Spencer, you have traitors from our own side – or who claimed to be on our own side – joining in with this pile-on.

Absolutely disgusting.

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