GOP Lawmaker Calls for Sean Spicer to Resign for Calling the Holocaust “The Biggest Scam in Human History”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2017

Sean Spicer has refused to apologize for his comments denying that Hitler used gas, and has doubled down.

“He never used gas,” said Spicer, “but he goddamn well should have.”

Spicer, condemning the Jews as “diabolical blood-drinking weasels” added that a “real” Holocaust “needs to happen soon, or we’re in a lot of trouble.”


White House press secretary Sean Spicer “needs to go” in the fallout of his comments about Adolf Hitler, Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado said Wednesday night. In doing so, Coffman appeared to become the first Republican member of Congress to publicly call for Spicer’s ouster.

Coffman, a moderate representing a swing district in and around Aurora, was asked at a town hall about Spicer’s remarks this week that even Hitler didn’t “sink to using chemical weapons” during the Holocaust. He made the remarks while discussing Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and a recent chemical attack that killed dozens in the country.

The pointed question to Coffman came from a woman who said her great-grandparents died in Auschwitz.

“What is your thoughts at this time of a president who has anti-Semetic people in his Cabinet?” she asked. She wanted Coffman’s reaction to the fact that Spicer made reference to a “Holocaust center” and suggested that “Hitler didn’t use gas on his own people.”

“I need to hear from my congressman that these things are unacceptable,” the woman said.

“Spicer made a terrible mistake yesterday. If you’re not familiar with what he did is that he…” Coffman began to say, but the audience made clear that it didn’t want to hear excuses.

Throwing up his hands, Coffman said: “He needs to go.”

Note: the beginning of this article is a joke. Spicer has been going around on every channel apologizing to Jews.

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