Israel Refuses To Take Refugees—Again April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017 1

The Jewish ethnostate has refused once again to take in any Syrian refugees—although its foreign ministry funds the refugee-invasion of Europe, and Jewish groups in America and the E.U. are part of the broad leftist coalition which demands that all non-Jewish states take in refugees.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, the Jewish state’s Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz has said that “Israel is prepared to continue treating casualties from the war in Syria but will definitely not take in any refugees.”

Among the reasons the minister gave during an interview with Israel Radio was that absorbing Syrians could cause the Palestinian Authority to renew its demand that Israel take in Palestinians from Syria, the report continued.

“You have to differentiate between the two things,” Steinitz said. “To treat injured people is one thing, to take in civilians as citizens is something else entirely.”

The Times of Israel then revealed that since 2013, “Israel has quietly treated 3,000 Syrian casualties who were spirited across the border into Israel for medical treatment at special field hospitals or in Israeli medical centers.”

All of these “casualties” are of course from the anti-Syrian government “rebels”—in other words, ISIS-affiliated groups.

Steinitz was adamant that Syrians will only be treated by Israel and not given citizenship.

“There are enough countries in the world that can take in refugees as citizens,” he said.

Israel is also concerned that the act would rekindle the demand from Palestinian leaders to take in Palestinians from Syria. Israel has agreed to do so in the past on the condition that the incoming Palestinians relinquish their claims to “return” within Israel’s borders. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas refused the Israeli demand, and no agreement was reached on allowing Palestinians in Syria to return.

“From our point of view we are not a regular country. The Palestinians are constantly trying to bring Palestinians and Arab residents here into Israel,” Steinitz said.

“The world is a big place. To take in wounded Syrians, definitely yes. To take in residents from Syria, definitely no.”

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Jewess Barbara Learner Spectre calls for destruction of European Nations.

Trump Delivers Bizarre Weekly Address Praising Jews and Israel

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2017

What a bizarre video this is. At first you might think you are watching a hostage video but this is actually the President’s weekly address. Very poor production quality for something coming from the White House.

Trump opens the video by praising the Jews and talking about Passover. This is the Jewish holiday that celebrates the biblical murder of Egyptian first born sons. He goes on to falsely claim that Jews have been unfairly persecuted throughout history and that they have brought light to the world. Total lies to anybody who knows anything about history. Jews have only brought darkness and death into the world.

The address was nothing but kikery and cuckery. The fact that he leads his address talking about Jews, Passover and Israel is either a cry for help or a slap in the face to his political base. Take your pick.

It is also worth noting that his delivery in this video is very robotic and low energy. He looks like someone who has a gun pointed at him while he reads off the teleprompter. This is far different than many of his previous addresses where he seems to be acting like his normal self.

It’s clear that Trump is no longer the man he once was. The Jewish media establishment went from non stop Trump bashing to accepting him as President over night. All it took was for him to order a barrage of cruise missile strikes against a Syrian military base.

We must not get discouraged by this development. Attaching our political agenda to Trump was the only pragmatic political move for us. We all knew about his Jewish connections but with Trump there was at least a chance things could get moved in a proper direction. There was zero chance with every other candidate.

Brother Nathanael – How To Survive The Holocaust®

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