Christians in Aleppo, Syria celebrate Easter for first time since Assad liberated city from Al Qaeda


Syria: Christians observe Good Friday in Aleppo cathedral.

Life under Assad…freedom to practice your religion of choice.  A secular society. Women with equal rights. This is the life that the United States is trying to destroy, as it continues to support ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Rest assured, that if the US had its way, and Al Qaeda – ISIS was in control of Aleppo, Easter service (as seen in the video below) would not be taking place.

We are certain that not one western media outlet will play the below video of Christians celebrating Easter in a liberated Aleppo, because it would destroy the entire “Assad must go” narrative.

Via Ruptly

Hundreds of Christian worshippers attended Good Friday mass in St. Elijah Cathedral in Aleppo, Friday to mark the beginning of Easter. The Cathedral named after Elijah the prophet was built it 1873 in the Christian district of Aleppo.

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