Yids Flip Lids Over Spicer’s Minor Gassing Comment

Kike Mossad Operative Wolf Blitzer Loses His Shit On Sean Spicer After Exposing Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax


The kike Mossad operative Wolf Blitzer did an interview [BELOW] with Sean Spicer on CNN in which Spicer apologized for exposing the Jewish gas chamber hoax at today’s White House press conference.

What’s really interesting about this clip is how thick Blitzer lays the Holocaust guilt on Spicer for exposing this Jew hoax. He went way overboard with it rambling on about the gas chamber lies and muh six million etc.. He came off like the biggest dick.

The amount of media coverage this has gotten has been truly hilarious.

Seriously, why would the media flip out over this? Could it be that Adolf Hitler didn’t really put six million Jews in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms? Are they trying to cover for the fact that they’ve pushed this stupid lie for decades? Seems to me this is damage control by the Jew media.

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