Trump’s missile attack on Syria an act of war based on ‘fake intelligence’

Sourced from ALTERNET


LD: Trump promised his supporters peace. He has reneged on his promises and done a complete  U-turn. He has now jumped into bed with the Jews in the media who were formerly attacking him. He is now America’s warmonger President: bombing Syria after advising Obama not to do, creating havoc in Afghanistan with MOAB “the Mother of all Bombs”, and he is now beating the war drums in North Korea in a most provocative way.
While professing to shed tears for the “beautiful babies” allegedly killed by Assad in Syria, the sanctimonious hypocrite has himself killed scores of innocent children in four different countries in the first hundred days of his presidency: in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.
To make matters worse, it is not clear who is calling the shots in the White House: the President himself or his sinister Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner. (See Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House) It seems Trump has only to be told to bomb a country, by his emotionally hyperactive  Jewish daughter Ivanka, for him to start behaving like a serial killer on the rampage. [LD]

The enthusiastic baby kisser (left) who has destroyed scores of babies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria

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On April 7, President Trump committed his first “act of war,” attacking Syria with missiles in response to what he said was a poison gas attack by the Syrian government that killed dozens. But the White House’s subsequent intelligence report offering its proof of Syria’s role was “false” and “fraudulent,” suggesting a “coverup” by a president acting without any intelligence and intentionally lying to the public.

These are the characterizations of two longtime experts in war studies and missile systems, which—along with coordinated comments by Vice President Mike Pence in South Korea and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Russia that America’s “strategic patience” is ending—suggest Trump may be seeking a war of choice, even if it involves fabricated intelligence.

President George W. Bush’s White House fabricated intelligence concerning Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction before his April 2003 invasion of Iraq. What seems to be unfolding at the top ranks of the Trump administration is similar to Bush’s pronouncements and evidence following the 9/11 terrorist attack.

This latest outburst of militarism began April 4, when it appears that poison gas, possibly the nerve agent sarin, killed dozens of Syrian civilians in the town of Khan Shaykhun. These deaths, among them women and children, are uncontested and documented on videos. Which poison gas was used, how it was delivered and who was behind the incident remain unanswered questions, said Phyllis Bennis, director of the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, though United Nations scientists and Turkish doctors who did autopsies have pointed to sarin.

“The Syrian government may well be responsible for the attack, or others may have been involved,” she said. “But without an independent, international investigation, we simply don’t know. That means the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) [an international body with 192 member countries] must be given a full and complete and open mandate to follow all leads and report fully.”

“Similarly, we have reports from Turkey that autopsies on some of the bodies indicated the gas was sarin; reportedly OPCW and/or U.N. scientists were present,” Bennis continued. “But the reports come only from the official Turkish medical/forensic authorities. Again, without a full and thorough independent investigation, all of the unknowns remain just that.”

What’s not unknown, however, is three days after the attack, on April 7, Trump ordered a cruise missile attack on a Syrian military airfield.

“This was an act of war,” Bennis said. “Even if we already knew, even if there was a credible source finding the Syrian government was responsible, that would not give the White House and the Pentagon the right to unilaterally attack Syria without U.N. authorization, when the U.S. was not attacked, without consultations with or authorization from Congress, in violation of the War Powers Act.”

On April 11, under mounting criticism, the White House issued a four-page report squarely blaming the Syrian regime for the gas attack, saying it was delivered by a plane from the airport that was hit by U.S. missiles and accusing Russia of lying by claiming that the poison gas was in the hands of guerrilla armies fighting the regime.

“The United States is confident that the Syrian regime conducted a chemical weapons attack, using the nerve agent sarin, against its own people in the town of Khan Shaykhun in southern Idlib Province on April 4, 2017,” the report began. “Our information indicates that the chemical agent was delivered by regime Su-22 fixed-wing aircraft… Our information indicates personnel historically associated with Syria’s chemical weapons program were at Shayrat Airfield in late March making preparations for an upcoming attack in Northern Syria, and they were present at the airfield on the day of the attack.”

“Trump’s attack on Syria
was an act of war.”

The report continued, “We have confidence in our assessment because we have signals intelligence and geospatial intelligence, laboratory analysis of physiological samples collected from multiple victims, as well as a significant body of credible open source reporting, that tells a clear and consistent story.”

But these assertions are not clear, consistent or convincing, said Theodore Postol, a professor of Science, Technology, and International Security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Postol, who has received numerous awards for his work on missile systems and has worked for the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, looked at the same information sources cited by the White House and concluded in a 14-page analysis that, first of all, whatever happened in Khan Shaykhun was not the result of an air attack.

“It’s important to be clear about what I’m saying,” he told AlterNet. “I’m saying that a so-called White House intelligence report issued on April 11 is totally inconsistent with the claims it’s making. I’m not so much saying that I know what happened, because actually I don’t. What I do know is that this report was, to be blunt, fabricated without the intelligence methodologies that it claims to have used. Because I have data that I have been poring over… for example, there’s video data of this crater that they allege was the source of an air attack, an air munitions. It was not an air munition. You could see that very easily.”

“So the issue is that the White House issued a false intelligence report and the reasons [why] I don’t know,” Postol said. “But one possibility is they are trying to cover up their tracks because they didn’t know what was going on and they attacked a foreign power. And that is not good.”

Bennis agreed that the White House intelligence report doesn’t prove what it claims.

“The four-page white paper released by the White House, purporting to prove that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical weapons attack, does not provide any of the actual evidence they claim to rely on,” she said, commenting by email. “It makes a set of assertions, describes the kind of information they have, and essentially then says ‘trust us.’ It appears to be a White House (that is, political) document, not the official position of intelligence agencies themselves. It does not provide anything close to proof, or even evidence, of the who, the what or the how of the chemical attack.”

Postol’s analysis is not the first time he has examined White House claims about poison gas use in Syria or weapons of war in Iraq. What he suspects may be happening in the Trump White House is alarming on its own terms and is different than what happened when President Obama was considering attacking the Syrian regime for a purported poison gas attack in 2013. In the case of Obama, Postol said the president was initially given bad intelligence blaming the Syrian regime and called off the attack because there was insufficient proof.

“The Obama administration had another incident like this in August of 2013,” he said. “It’s somewhat different. The president was incorrectly told that Syria was the perpetrator of the attack in Ghouta on August 21, 2013, and he was preparing to attack Syria when he was finally told, as he proceeded, that the intelligence did not solidly support that conclusion. That’s when he backed down. He didn’t back down because he didn’t have the courage to take the action.”

In contrast, it appears that President Trump is ordering military action without any intelligence confirmation beforehand, Postol said.

“The indication I now have, on April 11 the National Security Council put out a fraudulent—to be very clear—a fraudulent intelligence report, a report that could not possibly be what it claims to be,” he said. “That tells my bureaucrat’s nose that somebody in the White House wants to cover up something. And I think probably—again I don’t know—probably what I think they’re trying to cover up is that they took all these risks to the nation’s security without any intelligence to support it.”

That prospect is as alarming as it is well informed, and has serious ramifications.

“There’s something going on with our intelligence apparatus and the politics of operating it. And it’s not acceptable as far as I’m concerned,” Postol said. He added, “what needs to happen is not going to happen. What needs to happen is there has to be a full investigation of how this fraudulent report was produced. Who was involved? And who ordered it… It’s pretty clear to me at this point that an important decision was made, a decision that had potentially grave consequences for our national security without any intelligence at all. It was done, probably, for political purposes.”

“This fraudulent report . . . who ordered it?”

The biggest risk in impulsively ordering a missile attack in Syria, he said, is “there was a risk that he [Trump] would inadvertently come into a military confrontation with Russia. He certainly caused a deep problematic reaction with Russia. And he has probably undermined our ability to defeat the Islamic State because we need Russia to defeat this entity. So it was a pretty important decision.”

Postol’s observations and reflections on a White House that is ordering military attacks without intelligence input, or issuing orders without a systematic check on its battle plans and targets (and subsequently “fabricating” intelligence reports for propagandistic media and public consumption), is eerily reminiscent of George W. Bush’s presidency. Some members of Bush’s intelligence team fabricated a case to invade Iraq based on Saddam Hussein’s purported weapons of mass destruction. Bush later said publicly that he had been misinformed about evidence that Iraq had a substantial weapons store. Journalists like James Fallows of the Atlantic have documented how Bush’s decision to launch a war of choice in Iraq came rapidly on the heels of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

What Trump and his top aides are doing now echoes Bush’s pre-war rhetoric and moves. Since the Syrian missile attack, Secretary of State Tillerson has repeatedly said, “our policy of strategic patience has ended.” Vice President Pence, speaking in South Korea on Monday, not only repeated those words, he suggested that the U.S. missile attack in Syrian was a sign of an America willing to use its military arms.

“Strategic patience has been the approach of the last American administration and beyond,” Pence said at a joint press conference with South Korean Acting President Hwang Kyo-Ahn, referring to North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. “Just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan. North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the Armed Forces of the United States in this region.”

Less than 100 days into Trump’s presidency, the White House has failed to pass a single major piece of legislation. Instead, beyond placing a right-wing justice on the Supreme Court with the GOP-majority U.S. Senate’s help, Trump has already committed an act of war: an unauthorized attack on a foreign power. And his administration has fabricated the evidence for that attack, an intelligence report that doesn’t prove what it purports.

As Postol said, something is going on with the nation’s intelligence apparatus and the politics surrounding it, and it’s not making the world a safer place.


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Benjamin Fulford With an Important Message April 12th 2017


Benjamin Fulford: Short Update – April 18, 2017

The Strange Case of Tulsi Gabbard and other Tales of Terror

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor  …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This is another classic dot-connecting piece by Gordon. He has the ability to do material like this due to his photographic memory, with total recall of anything he has ever seen, read or heard. The bedrock of this was his 245 hours of postgraduate credits at Michigan State, where he taught for twelve years.

Over the years, he became known as one of those rare people who can brief someone literally on the spot on deep background on a huge array of subjects. And that list of topics grew as the decades went by.

In fact, those talents are the foundations of what friends VT has in high places, as they have enjoyed many of these on-the-spot briefings that they cannot get anywhere else. These friends have helped us hold the wolves at bay.

And last, this article is number one on NEO now. Enjoy, as it is an excellent readJim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …  April 16,  2017 –

In 1968, Democratic Senator Robert Kennedy, an anti-war candidate, was the front-runner in the presidential race. The party had revolted against President Johnson, forcing him to drop out of contention, and America got behind an anti-war candidate who surged ahead in the polls. He was quickly murdered.

Americans had gotten used to this solution being used, after all we had lost his brother John and Martin Luther King. The least well-kept secret at the time was that organized crime along with the oil and defense industries ran Washington and would murder anyone that got in their way.

There are more players to consider but little has changed, no, it has actually gotten much worse. There is a modern day “Robert Kennedy” out there, it’s Tulsi Gabbard, under attack by the jackals in Washington, perhaps not a big enough target, not yet anyway, for them to kill. We must wait and see.

One member of congress, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, stands alone against those crying for war with Syria, Russia and Iran. Only Gabbard, has openly criticized President Trump for attacking Syria without evidence.

Gabbard is a major in the Hawaii National Guard, has served two tours in Iraq and unlike General Michael Flynn, Tulsi Gabbard is a decorated combat veteran and wears the Combat Medical Badge.

Only those who serve in active ground combat can wear this device on their uniform, as with its partner award, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge or the Combat Action Ribbon for Marines and Navy, a device I wear.

Flynn wears 4 bronze star medals for “efficiency” but has no combat experience despite the fact he continually refers to his experience “fighting for his country.” I mention Flynn but there are many others as well. Even the much-decorated Senator John McCain has a total of 14 minutes in the air over enemy territory, before being shot down.

After that, during his incarceration, McCain made 32 anti-American radio broadcasts for the North Vietnamese and helped train air defense units and supplied them with intelligence, per Army intelligence Colonel Earl Hopper Sr. and Marine Sgt. Major John Holland.

It is McCain that has met repeatedly with not only Turkish backed rebels and ISIS leaders as well, including just prior to the most recent sarin attacks. These same McCain backed groups were proven to be responsible for the 2013 Ghouta attack killing 1300, a fact the US has chosen to “spin” out of existence.

Backing McCain is Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a Colonel in the South Carolina National Guard, promoted to that rank with no active service over combat pilots who waited for years. Graham, a long suspected homosexual, is alleged, by pilots I have interviewed, to use his rank and position primarily for sexual liaisons with lower ranking airmen.

I mention McCain and Graham because this is the military leadership of congress, these are the experts at war, they choose the weapons, they pick the enemies, these are America’s “great men” of the 20th and 21st century. What is the saying?

“When the sun is low in the sky, even dwarves cast long shadows.”

Joining this class of politician are military leaders of the Vietnam and later era, whose combat service involved helicopter visits to the front with reporters in tow, perhaps waving around a pearl handled revolver and keeping that chin erect like Mussolini. Then it was back to the palace, these “perfumed princes of the Pentagon” as VT’s Colonel David Hackworth called them (a 3-war combat veteran).

Crushing Gabbard is vital for Washington. Gabbard met with Trump, then president elect Trump, on November 21, 2016. Curiously, I had submitted her name to Syria when they asked me for the name of a member of congress that could act as liaison with Trump based on his campaign promises to work closer with Damascus. Call it coincidence.

We chose Gabbard because of her progressive politics but also because we knew Trump would meet with her. Gabbard is also female and quite beautiful by any standard. The world was going to have to learn to work with Trump’s weaknesses, lusting for women is one, betrayal is another but we will get into that later.

Of Americans, I am probably best informed on Syria and am the “go to” guy even for those who are of differing beliefs or politics here. I have a dark cynical nature and decades of intelligence training.

Suffice it to say, the real Syria under Assad is a complex place. Assad is hardly a brutal dictator. He is popular with a majority of Syrians and could well lead a nation as part of a coalition government. He inherited power after his brother was murdered by the Mossad in a “Lady Di” car wreck, what the CIA refers to under the code name “Boston brakes.”

Assad is a political moderate and reformer who never sought public office. He is a trained physician who worked in London, had many Jewish friends there, was rather popular and is married to a former bond salesperson who worked for a Rothschild-controlled bank.

What Assad found in Syria was dictatorship, corruption and inefficiency. What he also found was a nation assailed on all sides, a situation that got only worse as time got on. In fact, no leader has survived this long under this kind of pressure. This could only be possible with massive public support.

But, to be realistic, Syria’s government is in drastic need of reform, though not nearly as bad as Washington. The government in Damascus, to a political analyst, deeply parallels its neighbor Israel as to political makeup and function. Israel deteriorated into one-party rule as Russian immigrants by the hundreds of thousands were brought in and settled in the occupied West Bank, as hostages to guarantee continued control of Israel by Netanyahu’s Likudist extremists, long partnered with the Saudi Royal Family.

The current insane political climate in Washington is exacerbated by the inflow of cash from Saudi, Israeli and Turkish criminal groups, I am calling the Saudi Royals a “criminal group” based on their complicity in the 9/11 attack mind you. Cooperating with them is the war lobby and a strange network of neo-Nazis and evangelical Christians obsessed with hatred of African Americans and women.

Gabbard, in her demands for a real investigation, has gone against all of this. What is frightening is that she alone remembers the depredations of the Bush regime and their attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq based on wild conspiracy theories that “out-crazy” even Trump’s ravings.

In fact, Trump is a moderate compared to Bush 43. Both, on paper at least, look to be well-educated, were born into money and, as events materialized, were shown to be unfit intellectually and emotionally for leadership.

What Gabbard has proven is that foreign influence, combined with Saudi cash and the intelligence agencies of Israel and Turkey who have been “honey-trapping” DC politicians for decades, rule America and control both major political parties.

What she has also proven, a dark message indeed, is that America may well be the “evil empire” that Reagan warned about, and may well have birthed into existence through Iran Contra and endless “deal with the devil” decisions fed by his own lack of qualifications and real leadership. Suffice it to say that until America dispels the myth of Reagan and his blind belligerence, massive failure, massive corruption buried by fake history, America will only know war.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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