Macron: Terrorism is “Part of Our Daily Lives for Years to Come”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2017

Time to just suck it up and learn to get run over by attack trucks or shot in the street on a regular basis, goyim.

The only other option is to remove Moslems from your country, which is the most evil thing ever, because removing Moslems from your country would mean that you hate the color of their skin, which is the most evil thing ever.

If you have any questions about any of that, it means you hate the color of the skin, which means you are the most evil thing ever, which means you must go to prison.


Emmanuel Macron, the current favourite to win the French presidential elections, has described terrorism as an “imponderable problem” which will be “part of our daily lives for the years to come”.

Speaking in a French radio interview reported by The Guardian newspaper, the centre left En Marche! candidate appeared to echo former Prime Minister Manuel Valls’s controversial statements following the Nice lorry attack on Bastille Day 2016, in which a Tunisian migrant mowed down 434 men, women, and children, killing 87.

In contrast to Macron, Front National leader Marine Le Pen had been highlighting the fact that crime and security had, in her view, been “completely absent” from the presidential campaign in a live debate just minutes before news of the Kalashnikov attack broke.

“It’s a major subject that nobody has mentioned,” she complained. “We must take control of our national borders to know who is coming in. We must reorganise the intelligence services, reinforce the means at the disposal of police and gendarmes, and attack the evil at its roots – that’s to say the communitarianism and the development of Islamic fundamentalism.”

“For years to come.”

As if there is some year, some number of years away, when it is going to stop.

What is the basis for the theory that it will ever stop?

Has there something that hasn’t been tried?

What are we even talking about?

As mentioned, this is the exact same thing French Prime Minister Valls said after the 2016 Bastille Day massacre: this is just a fact of life, you’re just going to have to get used to it – (paraphrasing) “you could be randomly murdered on the street at any time by the people we brought into your country to enrich your culture – deal with it.”

And you kind of have to respect that level of honesty.

Le Pen Might Win

It’s looking like the dumb old bitch might pull it off.

But if she does, I’m going to tell you straight up, right now: Frexit won’t happen.

She isn’t even going to deport Moslems. Maybe she’ll slow immigration a little bit, but without mass deportations of Moslems that already have citizenship, that is like putting a bandaid on a severed head.

Without mass deportations of non-whites who are already “citizens,” all of our countries are doomed. Except Eastern Europe.

Elections do nothing.

We are dealing with powers which go way, way beyond electoral politics.

Electoral politics are a monkey show for the stupid goyim.

However, if Le Pen does win, it will at least show that the will of the people is with her rhetoric, and when she doesn’t follow through with any of it, it will prove, as Donald Trump has proven, that electoral politics are a gigantic hoax.

And that it’s time to start thinking outside of the box.

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