WATCH: Nigel Farage blasts EVERYONE in mainstream British politics

Farage would rather talk Brexit in Brussels than in Britain.

Nigel Farage has explained why he will not stand in the forthcoming and totally unexpected British General Election, set for the 8th of June. The former UK Independence Party leader who Donald Trump nicknamed ‘Mr. Brexit’ has said that the EU Parliament and not the British Parliament will be where the crucial Brexit negotiations take place.

He has a valid point, as the ultimate decision on the nature of Brexit will be between the EU and the UK. Internal British arguments will merely be the preamble to presenting a final proposal to be debated in Brussels.

Farage laid into just about everyone else in British politics saying that his own successor, Paul Nuttall had a difficult start, that current UK Prime Minister Theresa May is untrustworthy and left-wing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will lose big.

He did however say that in tomorrow’s French Presidential elections, Marine Le Pen will come out on top.


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