British journalist Vanessa Beeley with the ‘Red Helmets’ aka REAL Syria Civil Defence crew at award ceremony in Latakia, Syria this week

Award Given by REAL Syria Civil Defence Recognising Work of Vanessa Beeley

1 RSCD_Beeley_MG_5558
British journalist Vanessa Beeley with the ‘Red Helmets’ aka REAL Syria Civil Defence crew at award ceremony in Latakia, Syria this week (Photo: Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE)

21st Century Wire 

This week British journalist Vanessa Beeley was recognized by the REAL Syria Civil Defence and Fire Brigade for her work in helping to raise awareness about their organisation internationally.

Beeley had been at the facility to follow up on her story on the REAL Syria Civil Defence, and was surprised to have her Q & A session interrupted for a snap award ceremony.

“I was completely overwhelmed by this award, totally unexpected, and its still sinking in. These Real Syria Civil Defence are the unsung heroes in the 6 year war being waged against Syria,” said Beeley.

Back in September 2016 as part of her investigation into the White Helmets, Beeley broke the story of the existence of the REAL Syria Civil Defense – a story which was completely ignored by the global mainstream media. Her investigation further exposed US and UK-backed efforts to delegitimize Syria’s legitimate civil agencies through the creation of western and gulf-financed shadow NGOs like the “White Helmets” founded in Turkey by former British military intelligence officer and private security consultancy head James Le Mesurier.

Since 2013, western media outlets have continued to ramp-up expensive public relations efforts designed to artificially elevate the White Helmets, a pseudo ‘search and rescue NGO’ who ripped-off the title “Syria’s Civil Defense” in order to lend it some legitimacy for western audiences, and for expensive PR and crowd-funding campaigns run out of New York City and London – all the while as the White Helmets continued to receive hundreds of millions of dollars primarily by the governments of the UK, US and EU member states.

Because of the terrorist affiliation of many of their alleged ‘volunteers,’  the White Helmets are now regarded by well-read and objective observers as ‘al Qaeda’s Civil Defense.’

Founded in 1953 in Syria, and by Syrians, the REAL Syria Civil Defence wear red helmets.

Beeley immediately recognized the importance of this story, and has been credited with bringing awareness of the real organization’s existence to an international audience. Unlike the terrorist-linked US-UK clandestine creation the White Helmets, the REAL Syria Civil Defence is an actual member of the International Civil Defense Organisation (ICDO) based in Geneva.


After the ceremony, Beeley explained the significance of recognising the real organisation, as opposed to the cut-out creation:

“It has been an honour for me to be able to spend time with them and to get to know them as the brave, humble human beings they are. Real Syrians saving Real Syrians. The fight to raise awareness must not falter while they fight so hard to protect the Syrian people against economic, media and military terrorism. We all have a duty to raise awareness of their existence and to expose the White Helmets as the, primarily, UK funded, created, promoted Nusra Front ‘civil defence,’ responsible for the majority of false flags that have threatened to escalate the conflict and further exacerbate the suffering of the Syrian people.”

“I am very moved to have been given this award and proud to be considered worthy of it by the true heroes in Syria, the REAL Syria Civil Defence, whose simple motto is: Discipline, Courage, Redemption.”

Dr. Malek Rifai, head of Latakia’s Ministry of Information was also also in attendance to facilitate the event.

2 RSCD_Beeley_MG_5575
Vanessa Beeley pictured here with Dr. Malek Rifai, Latakia’s head of Ministry of Information, and Civil Defense first responders crew, at the governorate’s regional branch of the REAL Syria Civil Defence and Fire Brigade in northwest Syria (Photo: Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE)

The event came to a quick halt however, when the station received an emergency call, and crews and trucks were scrambled to deal with a breaking situation near the city limits. Watch, as 21WIRE caught the tail end of their emergency ‘113’ call:

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The CIA Doesn’t Need To Spy On Free Thinkers, The Private Sector Does It For Free

21st Century Wire says…

Here’s something quite ‘Pavlovian’ to think about. What ‘if’ it were a goal of government and their security services to ensure that we ‘feel’ we’re being watched at every turn, in every-way feasible;  but reality is not exact what we ‘think’ it is and we’re doing most of the censoring all by ourselves.

Adam Garrie from The Duran takes us on an interesting journey in the below article. It also contains an important element of what we’ve talked about on shows at 21st Century Wire and Alternate Current Radio‘s The Boiler Room regarding this ‘fourth wall’ that people find it difficult to push through, which is ‘fear’. The fear of losing their job, loved ones, social acceptability, and so forth.

More on this article from The Duran…

Adam Garrie
The Duran

Even prior to the release of Vault 7 from Wikileaks, people knew that so-called intelligence agencies in western states had the means to spy on their own citizens. Many also assumed that the typical illegality of such activities was of no consequence for agencies and individuals in those agencies who regard themselves as being above the law.

Now that we know the CIA and other institutions have such abilities to digitally hack just about every household device from the smart phone and Smart-TV to the good old fashioned PC, the biggest question is, when do these deep state organisations implement these measures to spy on civilians and compromise their lives?

The answer can be found without needing to resort to conspiracy theories nor even speculation. The answer lies in the private sector.

Organisations like the CIA, MI5, FBI etc., need only do what the private sector isn’t all ready doing for them and as it is, the private sector is doing a hell of a lot.

If one wonders why major financial, academic, diplomatic, trading, banking, security and even artistic institutions in the West tend to have people on their payrolls who follow the ‘western ideological narrative’, there are two reasons.

The first is that people are attracted to like-minded people and by extrapolation like-minded professions.

But there is a second more devious reason. Those who think outside the western box, those who ‘question more’ simply cannot get a foot through the door. Technically, one needn’t have any view on Vladimir Putin to be on the board of a major western construction company, law firm, private bank or hedge fund. These professions do not involve knowledge of Russian politics or society.  But those who have and even casually express a view of Putin or of the Arab world or of East Asia and Latin America that differs from the neo-lib/neo-con point of view, are blacklisted.

Social media has made this blacklisting easier to do than ever. If two equally qualified candidates were applying for a high level position at a financial institution and one person had a picture of himself at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser on his Facebook and the other had a ‘Save Palestine’ picture or a pro-Putin meme on his social media accounts, there would be no prizes for correctly guessing who would almost certainly get the job.

In the words of George Carlin, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”.

The punitive blacklisting of those who don’t follow the CNN/BBC/NYT script has a double effect.

First of all, it keeps those who think outside the box away from positions of power in the private sector and in most western countries, without a prominent position in the business or mainstream entertainment community, achieving political office is next to impossible.

Secondly, there is a powerful deterrent effect. Many people would like to post pro-Putin, pro-Donbass, pro-Syria or pro-Palestine items on social media, but they are afraid that it could cost them their job, their bonus or even their friends. In the west such things can break-up families. It happens every day. At this very movement, someone in a western country is contemplating suicide because of being on the losing end of a divorce settlement. Very sad, yet very true.

This Kafkaesque reality is achieved without the CIA needing to hack people’s phones or computers. The private sector does the job for them.

For every tabloid story about a woman losing her job because she posted a photo of her genitals on-line, there are many more people who are professionally compromised for posting photos of patriotic Russian or Arab leaders.

Throughout the 20th century, the private sector has always been happy to do the bidding of the deep state. Hollywood was largely compliant with the ‘red scare’ tactics of the 1950s and frankly, Hollywood producers did more to censor free-speech than the drunk and soon discredited Joseph McCarthy ever could have done.

Why should the CIA waste time and money to read people’s emails, when their much more local boss, or chairman of ‘human relations’ can take a quick look at Facebook and achieve the CIA’s goal far more easily?

The answer is that they don’t. The beauty of a police state is that unquestioning citizens are deputies of the secret police and they work for free. Some do it willfully and others do it unconsciously, but they do it nevertheless…

Continue this article at The Duran




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