‘Blatantly Fake Money’: Bank of America Dispenses Counterfeit Cash

a billboard displaying the new twenty dollar bill

© AP Photo/ Mary Altaffer

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If it was prank, they didn’t find it funny: a dummy $20 bill showed up in the stack of cash retrieved by a customer from an automated teller machine on Monday.

When a Seattle woman stopped at a local Bank of America branch on Monday to collect some cash from an ATM, she noticed that one of the $20 bills was not right, and quickly entered the office to demand an explanation.

After a fair amount of confusion and backpedaling, the bank confirmed a day later that the bogus bill had indeed come from their ATM, and swapped the offended customer’s fake Hamilton for the real deal.

The $20 bill, according to reports, showed US President Alexander Hamilton’s face in a clearly distorted way, and even had the phrase ‘Motion Picture Use Only’ stamped on both sides, according to local TV channel KOMO.

A Bank of America spokesperson confirmed that safeguards exist to prevent the dissemination of counterfeit cash in their ATMs but would not go into detail about what those safeguards are, as that is proprietary information. The spokesperson affirmed that the appropriate federal agencies had been informed about what the bank regarded as an isolated incident.

“This is blatantly fake money,” said the customer in an interview with KOMO, adding, “The bank isn’t supposed to miss these things… I just don’t want this to happen to other people. A bank industry is supposed to be trustworthy.”

Bank of America is the second largest consumer bank in the United States, with some 16,000 branded ATMs in the US alone. Consumer groups routinely place the bank at or near the bottom of opinion polls regarding the financial giant’s customer service and reliance on high fees.

Trump – two steps forward, one step back

While the international Press details the astonishing about-face by Donald Trump, Thierry Meyssan shows that it is nothing of the sort – far from having abandoned his ideal of peace, the President of the United States is raging and bombing, while taking great care to commit nothing irreparable.


JPEG - 25.7 kb

President Trump’s radical change in rhetoric concerning his foreign policy was accompanied by the bombing of an air base in Cheyrat, and that of an Afghan mountain.

The world trembled before the deployment of such force – 59 Tomahawk missiles in Syria and one GBU-4/B3 mega-bomb in Afghanistan. Yet the base in Cheyrat was already operational again the following morning, while the « Mother Of All Bombs » certainly caused the collapse of three exits of a natural tunnel, but did not destroy the kilometres of underground passages created over time by the rivers within the mountain. In short, much ado about nothing.

These two operations were clearly intended to convince the US deep state that the White House was once again supporting its imperial politics. They had the desired affect on Germany and France. Chancellor Angela Merkel and President François Hollande applauded their lord and master, and called for an end to the Syrian situation. The surprise arrived from elsewhere.

The United Kingdom did not only follow the movement. Their Minister for Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, proposed to levy sanctions against Russia, according to him an accomplice in the Syrian « crimes », and responsible in one way or another for the Afghan resistance and a plethora of other evils.

During the meeting of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs at the G7, Johnson announced the cancellation of his trip to Moscow, and invited all his partners to break off their political and commercial relations with Russia. However, though approving the British initiative, these partners prudently stayed in the background. Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, incontrovertibly dismissed this insane proposition and maintained his trip to Moscow. Brazenly, Johnson then declared that the Europeans had appointed Tillerson to go and talk some sense into the Russians.

Although international protocol states that Ministers are to be received by their opposite numbers, and not by the Head of State, the Atlantist Press presented Tillerson’s welcome by Lavrov as a cooling of Russo-US relations. Before he had the time to salute his guest, Sergey Lavrov was interrupted by a Washington journalist who took him to task. Reminding him of the conventions of basic politeness, the Russian Minister refused to answer him and cut the presentations short..

The meeting, behind closed doors, lasted for more than 4 hours, which seems fairly long for people who have nothing to say to one another. Finally, the two men requested an audience with President Putin, who recieved them for 2 extra hours.

After these meetings, the Ministers gave a Press conference. They declared without irony that they had done little more than take note of their divergences. Sergey Lavrov warned the journalists of the danger that this rupture represented for the world.

However, the next day, the same Lavrov, addressing the Russian Press, indicated that he had concluded an agreement with his guest. Washington had agreed not to continue their attacks on the Syrian Arab Army, and the military coordination between the Pentagon and the Russian army for circulation in Syrian airspace had been re-established.

In appearance, the Trump administration is roaring its power and throwing bombs around, but in reality, it is taking great care not to cause any irreparable damage. The worst and the best are therefore possible.

Pete Kimberley

Al-Watan (Syria)

Fire near Damascus International Airport

Huge Blast Erupts in Damascus Airport Area, Reasons Unknown – Reports

© YouTube/solate4work

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A huge blast has rocked the area near Damascus International Airport, local media reported.

According to the Al Mayadeen television channel, an explosion occurred on Thursday morning in vicinity of Damascus International Airport, causing a fire.

The reasons behind the incident are unknown. The airport is reported to be used for civilian and military fights.

The footage of the explosion emerged on social media, with reports suggesting that the incident was caused by Israel’s Air Forces.

Lebanese pro-Hezbollah TV channel al-Manar said that the fire started at the fuel depot as a result of an Israeli airstrike.

Reuters said citing a regional intelligence sources that the alleged Israeli airstrike hit Lebanese Hezbollah’s arms depot in the airport where Iran operates an air corridor for supplying allies in Syria. Shiite Hezbollah and Iran are fighting on the side of Damascus in the Syrian war. While Iran supports Hezbollah, Israel views it as a terrorist organization.

​There has been no official confirmation from Israeli or Syrian authorities.

On March 17, Israeli warplanes attacked targets in Syria. Benjamin Netanyahu claimed the strikes were aimed at preventing attempts to arm Hezbollah while Damascus said they targeted government troops near Palmyra. Damascus said the Syrian air defense shot down one and damaged another of the four Israeli planes though Tel-Aviv denied the loss of any aircraft.

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