Pres. Trump has authorized His Generals/Pentagon to Start Nuclear WWIII whenever they Like. Putin Embraces North Korea – and Trump Bluffing so far

Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth. And the slain of the LORD shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth: they shall not be lamented, neither gathered, nor buried; they shall be dung upon the ground. (Jeremiah 25:32,33).


I do not want to unnecessarily scare anyone. But WW3 is now being seen in all mainstream media on a daily basis – and the rumours are intensifying. To me, it is obvious that the Illuminati – who own the MSM media – are preparing us for for the conclusion of their great, satanic project: Their NWO  through WW3 – as planned by Albert Pike (and William Guy Carr?) – and apparently in Revelation 13, 17, 18.

You may shake your head at this religious consideration. But do not forget: The Illuminati and here are deeply religious satanists – guided by their Jewish Orthodox masters, The Chabad Lubavitch  who now rule both the White House through Trump´s son-in-law, Kushner, and through Rabbi Berel Lazar Jewish Putin, too, appointed King of orthodox Jews and “enemy” of Jacob Rothschild, i.e. a staged theatre to deceive you and me. For Putin is Rothschild´s antithesis and purportedly even Rothschild´s Antichrist.

The Daily Star 19 April 2017: Russia has reportedly moved weapons towards Vladivostok, just eight miles from the border with North Korea.
And Russia and China have reportedly sent ships to shadow a US fleet sent to threaten North Korea.

Here is Kim Jong Un´s wishful dream, Reuters 19 April 2017.

The New American 19 April 2017

Reuters/Business Insider 17 April 2017

‘Trumpomania’ dead as Kremlin TV says Trump is more dangerous than Kim Jong UN

The Daily Star 19 April 2017 :

But reports suggest the US’s boats are 3,500 miles off course.

The Moscow Times 19 April 2017:

Military Times 13 April 2017: President Trump on Thursday called the recent high-profile military actions overseas proof that he’s

Sputnik 19 April 2017 

“What I do is I authorize my military,” in response to a press question about the use of a massive bomb in an assault on Islamic State group positions in Afghanistan.“Frankly, that’s why they’ve been so successful lately.
During the presidential campaign, he repeatedly promised to review rules of engagement for U.S. troops in war zones and limit micro-management of military operations by executive branch bureaucrats.

THE FACT?: The Guardian 19 April 2017:

 So Trump has told us a lie

But, as you know: He who fears and runs away, he lives to kill us another day 

Stephen Lendman, Global Res. 18 April 2017:  Pentagon and intelligence community power holds the Trump administration, Congress and the courts hostage. Diplomacy is inconsequential, for show only. Tillerson has no say over geopolitical policymaking.

With Pentagon commanders and intelligence community bosses in charge of war making and other key geopolitical issues, a potential nightmarish scenario could unfold.

Articles in the Atlantic and Wall Street Journal discussed Trump’s approach to militarism and war making.

He’s letting hawkish generals make battlefield decisionsoverseen by Defense Secretary Mattis, National Security Advisor McMaster and Joint Chiefs chairman Dunford.

Generals always want more funding. No matter the amount budgeted, it’s not enough. Trump proposed an additional $54 billion for the next fiscal year.

Inadequate, according to Pentagon commanders, said the Atlantic.

They complain about Trump’s “unpredictability” even though he’s giving them free reign over battlefield decisions, including drone strikes and special operations missions in countries where America is not officially at war.

On April 14, the Wall Street Journal headlined “Trump Gives Generals More Freedom on ISIS Fight,” saying: The president “urges them to make more battlefield decisions on their own.” On Friday, an unnamed senior Defense Department official said: “(t)here is a sense among…commanders that they are able to do…more – and so they are.” Now they’re acting more on their own.”

They’re “being encouraged to stretch the limits of their existing authorities when needed, but to think seriously about the consequences of their decisions.”

Last week, US Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) commander General John Nicholson, Jr. allegedly used the Pentagon’s Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (MOAD) on his own.

More likely, along with aggression on Syria, it was a Defense Department message to North Korea, Syria, Russia, China, and other US adversaries, indicating America’s willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve military and geopolitical objectives – not part of waging war on ISIS, a US creation it supports.

The Journal cited an unnamed senior administration official, saying Trump didn’t know about MOAB’s use until after it was dropped, adding:

Mattis “is telling them, ‘it’s not the same as it was. You don’t have to ask us before you drop a MOAB.’”

Your News Wire 17 April 2017: President Trump announced that he has given the United States military the “full authority” to strike foreign targets and declare war without the “interference” of elected officials in Congress or the Senate.

This news  comes as top military bosses claim that World War 3 is “almost guaranteed” and will be “extremely lethal and fast ”(Army Chief of Staff General Mark A. Milley, Defense One, Major General William Hix ). Hix also warned that the US is preparing for “violence on the scale that the U.S. Army has not seen since Korea” when over 30,000 American troops were killed.
Lt. General Joseph Anderson said America must face up to frightening threats from “modern nation-states aggressive in militarised competition.” He added: “Who does that sound like? Russia?” He said: “While we’re ready now, we are being challenged. “Our Army and our nation must be ready.”

Your news Wire 9 April 2017:  Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a direct threat to President Trump, warning him that Russia and Iran are fully prepared to go to war with the U.S. following the US strike in Syria on Friday.
The two countries say they fully support Syrian President Bashar al Assad, and will respond with “full military force” if Trump commits any “further acts of aggression.”

Impossible, you might say? Just read what Prof. Chossudovsky, Global Res. 18 April 2017 writes: ” Our country has had 4 war criminal presidents in succession.

Clinton twice launched military attacks on SerbiaGeorge W. Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and attacked provinces of Pakistan and Yemen from the air. Obama used NATO to destroy Libya and sent mercenaries to destroy Syria.

Trump attacked Syria with US forces, thereby becoming a war criminal early in his regime.

To the extent that the UN participated in these war crimes along with Washington’s European, Canadian and Australian vassals, all are guilty of war crimes. Perhaps the UN itself should be arraigned before the War Crimes Tribunal along with the EU, US, Australia and Canada.

The London City´s thesis – the US and its presidents – are playing their aggressive role to be eliminated by the antithesis, Russia and Putin, into the synthesis: Their Luciferian technocratic  NWO, the Agenda 21.

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UN Planned Europe´s Demographic Suicide already in 2001

Richard Coudenhove KalergiThe EU is animated by Baron Louis de Rothschild’s paid agent´s, EU father Richard Coudenhove Kalergi´s, plan for racial exchange in Europe through mass immigration: Europeans are supposed to look like the ancient Egyptians in the upcoming one-world state of the technocratic Illuminati / Freemasons to avoid racial tensions – everything governed by the Jewish master race. Nicolas Sarkozy  foolishly made the  the “duty” of the French to contribute to this madness through “métissage” (mixed marriages/ procreation)!!

The UN draws a gloomy demographic picture of Europe hier und  hier: The population figure will fall drastically – and in order to make  up for this trend drastic immigration quotas should be created!

The late Udo Ulfkotte wrote in “The End of Europe” in 2015: In the recently published UN report “Replacement Migration” (ST / ESA / SER A./206)” of the UN Population Division from the UN In 2001, the opening up of Germany to 11.4 million migrants was demanded, even if this would lead to social tensions within the country (“rise to social tensions”).


However, the fight against resistance in the population against the population exchange is necessary to achieve economic growth. All this serves the interests of industry. Scientists worldwide support this goal. In October 2015, Jim Yong Kim, President of the UN World Bank, announced that the “population exchange” in Europe would become an “engine of economic growth”.

At a confidential meeting at St. Augustin near Bonn, the Federal Government has made an internal decision about what the ministries will have to do in the future:

Up to 10 (!) Million asylum seekers are expected in Germany by the end of 2016.

What at first glance sounds completely absurd to the average citizen, however, can already be proven with facts.

One must only know that the Federal Government expects (at least) two family stragglers for each asylum seeker: In 2014, there were a total of 300,000 asylum seekers (ie about 900 000).

In 2015 it was clearly more than one million (with family sufficiency, ie at least three million) and for 2016 one expects at least three million people, including including the family reunification. But it can easily be four or five million people.

The United Nations calls this all “replacement migration”.

In  so doing, peoples are easily replaced by others with the blessing of the UN. In the context of the UN, a proposal has already been made on how this should be financed:the Germans are to raise their pension age in the first step to 72 and in the second step to 77 years.

This is the only way to feed the many new fellow citizens in the  Mecca of Germany.
The Germans, who are so self-destructive, finally have something from it. They are allowed to swing flags and applaude at the station, to welcome the new citizens, and to throw teddy bears to them

D.A. Coleman, University of Oxford 2001 had this still very valid comment to the UN report on the the prospect of demographic salvation from population ageing by migration.
The impression given was that substantial increases in immigration, some of them astronomical, were the only option in many cases to prevent declining population, declining workforce and support potential.

Typically these three aims require progressively higher numbers of immigrants. Any population with sub-replacement fertility attempting to maintain a given
population size through immigration would accordingly, acquire a population of
predominantly, eventually entirely, immigrant origin. Populations can only adopt this solution to stabilise the numbers at the risk of the loss of their original identity by massive immigration and rapid displacement of the original population from its majority position.

The official response (Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal 1983) concluded that ‘Continuing population growth will have an adverse effect on the wellbeing of the nation, and therefore the perspective of growth coming to an end as a consequence of below-replacement fertility (asobserved since 1972) is welcomed.

The official submission to the UNECE/UNFPA Regional Population Meeting in Budapest 1998, for example, just stated that ‘in the longer run a stationary population is viewed as desirable’ (Government of the Netherlands 1998 p 9).

Work force
There is a low ‘demographic advantage’. Large numbers are required for
modest results. Then immigrants themselves age and need to be replaced by further immigrants with high birth rates. 

Most examples of ‘replacement migration’ in the UN study required immigration so high (1.2 million per year for 50 years in the UK case) that population would be doubled in fifty years and then more than doubled again in fifty years and so on ad infintum.

The difficulty of correcting ageing through immigration, except though very high population growth, is underlined by a comparative analysis by the EU Commission. While it would ‘only’ take between 500,000 and a million additional immigrants per year to avert population decline in the EU in the earlier part of the next century, to preserve the current age-structure of the 15 EU countries would require 4.5 million (net) immigrants per year by 2007 and 7 million net per year by 2024 (European Commission, 1996, 1998).

These results have imply that , very high proportions of the populations concerned – eventually a majority – would be of immigrant origin. The UN report made some simple calculations to show the effect, assuming that immigrant fertility immediately declined to that of the host population and that no previous immigrant-origin population existed. Neither of these assumptions is correct, but the UN data provide a base-line. Fertility levels of immigrant populations are usually higher , sometimes
much higher than those of Western host populations, although not always.

In the long run the minority will become the majority in a country if there remains even one region where the increase of the proportion of the minority continues to increase through immigration and higher birth rates. (Steinmann & Jäger, 1997).

16 years on, we are witnessing this development at a stunningly accelerating tempo

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