Religious Jew: Goyim are Beasts to Serve Us as Slaves

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2017

Okay, so earlier today, in an article about Black Pigeon, I pointed out that the “they have power because they have a higher IQ” argument doesn’t take into the fact that there are more whites with higher IQs, due to total numbers, so white should have much higher representation in positions of power than they do.

So that argument doesn’t make sense mathematically, so you have to take into account Jewish nepotism/ethnic networking to make it make sense.

Add to that the fact that religious Jews will openly state that we “goyim” are “beasts” created by their god to serve them as slaves, and you have a very difficult argument if you’re only going on IQ.

You can say that all Jews aren’t religious, and in fact most powerful Jews are not – however, this is clearly hardwired into their culture. And, as anyone with any basic common sense understands, culture is nothing but a product of genetics.

Jews are biologically designed to feed off of host populations as a parasite. Period. This is not debatable.

Read Culture of Critique.

If you’re an academic, I dare you to write a review of it.

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