The French scuttle their own ship

We are witnessing an historical reversal in France, where the ancient political spectrum is exploding into pieces as new fractures appear. Because of the intensive storm of media propaganda which has recently almost drowned the nation, the French can now perceive nothing more than the essential markers, and cling to red lines which no longer exist. However, the facts are clear, and certain evolutions are predictable.


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Private soiree at La Rotonde – congratulated as the new French President, Emmanuel Macron welcomes personalities from the CAC40 and the entertainment world on the evening of the first round of the election. Seen here with his friend, the banker Jacques Attali.

After a very agitated electoral campaign, the French chose Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen for the second round of the Presidential election.

Already, almost all the losing candidates, with the exception of Jean-Luc Melenchon – and that’s no accident – have appealed to their followers to support Macron, who should then be easily elected.

The two major historical parties which have governed France since the beginning of the Fifth Republique – Les Republicains (ex-Gaullists) and the Parti Socialist (ex-Jaurèsians) – have been beaten. A newcomer, En Marche !, has made it to first place on the podium, facing the Front National.

Is there fascist candidate?

This is not the first time that this sort of cleavage has occurred in the history of France – on one hand, a partisan of an alliance with what seems for the moment to be the world’s greatest power (the United States), and on the other, a movement seeking national independence – on one hand, the totality of the ruling class, without notable exceptions, and on the other, a party cobbled together of various bits and pieces, composed mostly of proletarians, two thirds of whom come from the right wing and one third from the left.

Evidently, the next French President will be Mr. Macron – a man from the Banque Rothschild & Cie, now supported by the totality of the business leaders of the CAC40.

However, whether our prejudices like it or not, the unanimity of the power of money is the fundamental characteristic of fascist parties.

This unanimity of Grand Capital is always accompanied by a National unity which erases the differences. In order to become equal, we must become identical. This is what President Hollande began with the law « Marriage for all », in 2012-13. Presented as establishing equality between citizens, whatever their sexual orientation, it posited de facto that the needs of couples with children are the same as those of gay couples. And yet there were several other more intelligent solutions. The opposition to this law led to a number of very important demonstrations, but they unfortunately failed to provide any other proposition, and were sometimes mixed with homophobic slogans.

Identically, the attack against Charlie-Hebdo was celebrated to the chant of « I am Charlie ! », and those citizens who declared that they were « not Charlie » were prosecuted.

It is a shame that the French people do not react either against the unanimity of Grand Capital, nor against the injunctions to use the same judicial techniques and to favour the same slogans. On the contrary, they insist on considering the current Front National as « fascist », with no other argument than its ancient past.

Can a fascist candidate be resisted?

In the majority, the French think that Emmanuel Macron will be a President à la Sarkozy and à la Hollande, men who will pursue their political beliefs. They therefore expect to see their country increasingly decline. They accept this curse, thinking that in this way, they will evacuate the menace of the extreme right.

Many of them remember that at its creation, the Front National gathered together the losers of the Second World War and the losers of the social politics of the colonisation of Algeria. They focused on the figures of a few men who had collaborated with the Nazi occupier, without seeing that the Front National of today has absolutely nothing in common with those people. They persist in holding Second-Lieutenant Jean-Marie Le Pen (Marine’s father) responsible for the Algerian tragedy, and exonerating from their responsibilities the Socialist leaders of the time, particularly their dreadful Minister of the Interior, François Mitterrand.

No-one remembers that in 1940, it was a Fascist minister, General Charles De Gaulle, who refused the shameful armistice with Nazi Germany. This man, the official heir apparent of Marechal Philippe Petain (who was his daughter’s godfather), charged into the Resistance alone. Struggling against his education and his prejudices, he slowly gathered around himself, against the wishes of his ex-mentor, French people from all horizons to defend the Republic. He linked up with a left-wing personality, Jean Moulin, who, a few years earlier, had secretly embezzled money from the Minister of the Marine, and trafficked weapons with which to support the Spanish Republicans against the fascists.

No-one remembers that a colleague of De Gaulle, Robert Schuman, wrote his signature on the armisitice of shame, then, a few years later, founded the European Economic Community (currently the European Union) – a supra-national organisation based on the Nazi model of the « New European Order », against the Soviet Union and today against Russia.

The Obama-Clinton model

Emmanuel Macron has recieved the strong support of ex-US President Barack Obama, and has gathered a team for foreign policy composed of the main neo-conservative diplomats. He makes no secret of supporting the external politics of the US Democratic Party.

Barack Obama, although he presented his foreign policy with a rhetoric which was diametrically opposed to that of his predecessor, the Republican George W. Bush, in practice followed his lead in all points. The two men successively continued the same plan for the destruction of the societies of the Greater Middle East – a plan which has already caused more than 3 million deaths. Emmanuel Macron supports this policy, although we do not yet know whether he intends to justify it by speaking of « democratisation » or « spontaneous revolution ».

If Hillary Clinton was beaten during the US election, Emmanuel Macron had to be elected in France.

Nothing proves that Marine Le Pen will be capable of playing the rôle of Charles De Gaulle, but three things are certain :
- Just as in 1940, the British, choking back their disgust, welcomed De Gaulle to London, today Russia could support Le Pen.
- Just as in 1939, only a few Communists braved the orders of their party and joined the Resistance, there will only be a few of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s partisans who will take that step. But as from the Nazi attack on the URSS, it was the whole Communist party who supported De Gaulle and formed the majority of the Resistance. There is no doubt that in the years to come, Mélenchon will fight side by side with Le Pen.
- Emmanuel Macron will never understand people who resist the domination of their homeland. So he will not understand any better the people of the Greater Middle East who struggle for real independence alonside Hezbollah, the Syrian Arab Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Pete Kimberley



100 Days: NWO´s War on Trump – Who now Is A Slave of Orthodox Jewry and Its Deep State

On Friday, President Trump proclaimed Monday May 1 “Loyalty Day” dedicated to “recognize and reaffirm our allegiance to the principles” upon which America was built and express pride in those ideals. 1 May 1776 was the birthday of the Illuminati and the international Worker´s Day –  particularly promoted by the Soviet Union, the child of the Illuminati. (Henry Makow 30 April 2017).

Believe it or not: Mason Trump is now the tool of the Jewish world Communism, Agenda 21 aka Technocracy – just as Obama was.

Henry Makow 2 May 2017: Revolutionary Jews were the earliest and best practitioners of terror and still are. Valuldas Aneluskas describes how they assassinated the beloved Czar Alexander II in 1881. They went on to assassinate two Interior Ministers in 1902 and 1904 and the Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin in 1911. The victims were all reformers but the revolutionary Jewish agenda was never reform; it was Communist tyranny. Reform would have robbed them of their excuse to destroy and plunder.

Below: May-Day in Paris

When Donald Trump bombed Syria April 6, he signalled his loyalty to the Zionism espoused by the Trotskyist NeoConservatives who control the Republican Party. They’re joined at the hip with George Soros’ “globalists” who control the Democratic Party, which went Stalinist in the 1930’s.
Ever since Trump betrayed his promise to reconcile with Russia, the (fake media) has granted him respectability. He is no longer a reviled pariah.

NeoConservatism originated in a feud between Trotsky and Stalin and their respective visions of Masonic Jewish (Communist) world domination (Henry Makow 29 April 2017).

Max Shpak reveals that NeoConservatism originated in a feud between Trotsky and Stalin and their respective visions of Masonic Jewish (Communist) world domination confirming that the US is a de facto Communist country.


In the white House a silent revolution has taken place: The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) /the Neocons has subdued Pres. Trump, endangering world peace gravely. Trump has turned his back on most of his election campaign promises. Today, Trump is just another NWO Puppet of the MIC which stands for hatred and war for financial gain.

President Eisenhower seriously warned against the MIC

A mighty machinery has defamed Pres. Trump on all fronts as a fool, a clown, an ignorant for his election campaign rhetoric against the NWO.
ARabbi.ginzburgnd Trump has now apparently been plied into a usable tool for the sinister plans of this Luciferian orthodox Jewish 241-year-old plot against mankind and God. 

Right: Rabbi Ginzburg showing the Devil´s horns

Jewish Daily Forward 28 April 2017: Liberal-leaning Jewish activists, once the backbone of communal advocacy, had been pushed aside in favor of a new elite made up of activists who are more conservative in their politics and more Orthodox in their religious practice. The new leaders representing American Jewish interests in the White House are keen to shape policy on education and religious expression and to ensure a pro-Israel stance more in line with the Netanyahu government (Trump´s son-in-law Kushner and daughter Ivanka).

But there’s also the personal aspect. With the center of gravity moving from Washington, D.C. and New York’s Upper West Side to New Jersey and Long Island’s modern Orthodox enclaves, a new power structure is emerging, one that was forged in the pews of Teaneck synagogues and at New York religious school fundraisers.


Breitbart 28 April 2017:  Donald Trump’s first one hundred days in office have been clouded by an unprecedented obfuscation campaign by Democrats, some Republicans, the establishment news media and a coalition of outside agitators attempting to disrupt the billionaire’s presidential agenda, smear top administration officials, sow seeds of chaos, and delegitimize his already historic presidency.

This is why the NWO “hates” Trump: He is a Zionist and affiliated to the Pharisaic Chabad Lubavitch which only wants Greater Israel when their Luciferian Moschiach Rebbe Menachem Schneerson returns to establish it –  and from there to rule the whole world. For that purpose Chabad needs WW3.  Now his son-in-law and daughter are Chabad Lubavitchers.
The “enmity” between the London City and Putin, the Lubavitch King of orthodox Jews is in my opinion just part of the game to create the cataclysm in which the Pharisees expect their Moschiach/Messiah to return. The NWO is modern Pharisaism. This “hatred” has the purpose of paving the road for the clash between the Hegelian thesis Trump and antithesis Putin and here, in my opinion.

Donald Trump´s son-in-law is bought by Rothschild agent George Soros, and Trump has filled his transition team and government with people from Jacob Rothschild´s investment bank Goldman Sachs.  Thus Rothschild has finally conquered the White House.

The Defamation campaign against Trump – until he had been bullied into being a full NWO puppet

Pre-Inauguration Trump
A review of events is instructive. Even before Trump took office, the attempts to delegitimize the billionaire kicked into high gear when Hillary Clinton’s campaign joined the improbable recount efforts led by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

2) When those efforts failed miserably, the Clinton campaign turned to an outlandish attempt to usurp Trump’s Electoral College victory. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s top political adviser who served as chairman of her presidential campaign, expressed his support in December for a petition calling for Electoral College voters to receive an intelligence briefing on claims of Russian intervention in the presidential election.

3) Around the same time, a Democratic presidential elector from California filed a lawsuit aiming to overturn a California statute that requires him and the states’ other electors to support the winner of the popular vote in the state so as to set a legal precedent to free any rogue Republican electors in other states to cast their ballots for someone other than Trump.

4) In addition, Harvard law professor and progressive activist Larry Lessig announced that he was teaming up with a California-based law firm to offer “free and confidential” legal services to any members of the Electoral College who would vote against Trump in violation of state law.

5) Trump’s inauguration was marred by threats of mass protest by a movement dubbed DisruptJ20, which Breitbart News exposed as being made up of professional left-wing activists with ties to groups financed by George Soros. See the Purple Revolution.

6) And as Michael Goodwin correctly noted in the New York Post on Wednesday, Trump’s inauguration was followed 24-hours later by a so-called Women’s March -promoting Muslim enslavement of women and seeking to taint the newly installed president. That protest group was a coalition that reportedly consisted of more than 50 “partners” tied to Soros.

7) Trump was also welcomed to office by Soros-financed advocacy groups openly working for the new president’s impeachment.

8) Treason claims, Russia smears
This is some of the basis for the many attempts to delegitimize Trump center on unsubstantiated Russian intervention claims that began after Trump was elected and have since been repeatedly utilized to delegitimize the president.

Breitbart News reported on the talking point theme in which numerous Democratic Party operatives and establishment pundits began to increasingly use the word “treason” in a seeming attempt to smear Trump over the unproven Russia collusion claims.

This is not the FBI’s only use of the dossier. Last month, the BBC reported the document served as a “roadmap” for the FBI’s investigation into claims of coordination between Moscow and members of Trump’s presidential campaign.

9) The dossier, which contains wild and unproven claims about Trump and sordid sexual acts, including the widely-mocked claim that Trump hired prostitutes and had them urinate on a hotel room bed, was compiled by former intelligence agent Christopher Steele, who was reportedly paid by Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans to investigate Trump. The credibility of the document has been called into question by current and former U.S officials.

10) Even before he took office, Trump’s future presidency was mired in multiple attempts to smear his incoming administration with numerous trumped up charges, from falsified claims of anti-Semitism to comparisons to murderous leader Adolf Hitler to questions surrounding his emotional health.

11) In February, another establishment echo-chamber trend emerged in which news media outlets featured articles quoting health care professionals who questioned the billionaire’s mental stability.
Following those reports, some Democratic politicians – and at least one Republican – called for Trump to be subjected to a psychiatric examination to determine whether he was fit for office. Some commentators have even suggested invoking the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, which allows for the commander-in-chief’s removal from office if the “president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

12) Soros groups´ scheme
Trump has been the target of numerous major protests depicted as grassroots by some news media outlets openly financed by Soros or have close links to Soros financing, as this reporter exposed: The Indivisible Project.

13) Meanwhile, Soros groups are not limiting themselves to protests. Numerous progressive, Soros-financed organizations have used the courts to stop Trump policies – at times successfully – especially his immigration actions.

14) In January, immigration lawyers from groups financed by Soros, a champion of open border policies, were signatories to a lawsuit that successfully blocked Trump’s original executive order halting visas for 90 days to “immigrants and non-immigrants” from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Iran and Iraq.

15) Obama vs. Trump
As a Saul Alinsky-style radical community organizer, Obama and his associates’ objective is to stop Trump’s domestic and foreign policy agendas on virtually all fronts – immigration reform, border security, the roll back of the controversial Obamacare system and more. According to some accounts, Obama and his associates may be seeking no less than Trump’s impeachment.

“Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment,” reported the Daily Mail.

This clearly shows that opponents of the Jewish NWO either have to join this unstoppable movement which has got hold of all top politicians via Freemasonry being steered by super lodges direct under the command of Rothschild´s London City, the only world power.
The alternative is the fate of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Freemason Trump knows that very well.
This structure began at the Wilhelmsbad Congress 1781, where the Illuminati took command of the world´s Masonic lodges.



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