Russiagate unravels: Dianne Feinstein “no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion”

Following CIA briefing Senator Dianne Feinstein of Senate Intelligence Committee admits no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia

Russiagate has suffered arguably its biggest single setback so far following the admission of Senator Diane Feinstein, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, that following a briefing by the CIA and umpteen briefings by the FBI she has still seen no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Feinstein’s admission was made in an interview with CNN.  The relevant passage reads as follows

“You don’t have to provides us with any classified information, Senator, but do you believe—do you have evidence that there was in fact collusion between Trump associates and Russia during the campaign?” asked CNN’s Wolf Blizter.

“Not at this time,” replied Feinstein.

The FBI’s Russiagate investigation was launched in July 2016.  Despite being backed by the combined resources of the entire US intelligence community eight months later it has come up with nothing.

The Duran has been saying ever since claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia became public that the whole story of a sinister conspiracy between Trump’s campaign and Russia is nonsense.  One wonders how much more of the American people’s time and money it will need before the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the establishment media in the US and Europe, the Democratic Party, and assorted members of Congress, come finally to the same conclusion.

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