Putin 100% In The Pocket Of The Usurers


The reaction from the American public with regards to Russia and Putin is proof of their ignorance. We ask you to please inform yourselves before you reach a conclusion. Don’t take what the media tells you as the truth. Russia is still a Communist-led country and Putin is a puppet of the tribe. His goal is not a free world, a democracy, and liberty for all, but quite the opposite. Communism has always used its strong propaganda machine to brainwash people, but by know, you should know better.

Putin’s Passport Proves He Is A Member Of The Tribe

Putin’s passport proves that he is a Jew. Now we know why the Chabad Lubavitch call him ‘rabbi’. He is without-a-doubt a leader of the supremacist/communist ideology. Let’s keep this in mind when we listen to those who praise him. Don’t let them deceive you anymore. 


Putin's Passport

Putin's Passport

Circled in Red: Shelomova Maria Ivanovna, Jew (“евр” is short for “евреи”/Jew or “еврейка”/ Jewess). Full name is Maria Ivanovna Shelomova.

Underlined in Blue: Name Putin, Vladimir Spiridonovich, “рус” from Russian Full name Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin

On left side it reads: “Application for the issuance (change/replacement) of a passport”

VIDEO: Louis Farrakhan – “ Wolfowitz… a member of the Synagogue of Satan… ”

Louis Farrakhan speaks at Tennessee State University – April 2016.

He questions the collapse of the World Trade Center and calls out Paul Wolfowitz as a member of the Synagogue of Satan.


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