Chinese Mock the Self-Righteous Politically Correct “White Left” (Someone Needs to Tell Them It’s the Jews)

Eric Striker and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2017

Someone needs to translate some of these “dear fellow white people” tweets into Chinese.

Trump knocked China pretty hard during the election. But most of the world doesn’t care about “incendiary language” used by a foreign politician – they just want the (((American))) government, military and toxic culture out of their lands.

The US has a trade deficit with China on paper, but we export plenty of Jewish poison to them: Hollywood, pornography, fast food, homosexuality, feminism, pseudo-science. They’re angry about it.

And many of them view Trump as a symbol of a force moving against the corrosive Western value system, which they consider a spiritual sickness – but think it is probably too little too late.

Western liberals are confused by this anger, and instinctively attribute it to a lack of education.

Open Democracy:

If you look at any thread about Trump, Islam or immigration on a Chinese social media platform these days, it’s impossible to avoid encountering the term baizuo, or literally, the ‘white left’. It first emerged about two years ago, and yet has quickly become one of the most popular derogatory descriptions for Chinese netizens to discredit their opponents in online debates.

So what does ‘white left’ mean in the Chinese context, and what’s behind the rise of its (negative) popularity? It might not be an easy task to define the term, for as a social media buzzword and very often an instrument for ad hominem attack, it could mean different things for different people. A thread on “why well-educated elites in the west are seen as naïve “white left” in China” on Zhihu, a question-and-answer website said to have a high percentage of active users who are professionals and intellectuals, might serve as a starting point.

The question has received more than 400 answers from Zhihu users, which include some of the most representative perceptions of the ‘white left’. Although the emphasis varies, baizuo is used generally to describe those who “only care about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment” and “have no sense of real problems in the real world”; they are hypocritical humanitarians who advocate for peace and equality only to “satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority”; they are “obsessed with political correctness” to the extent that they “tolerate backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism”; they believe in the welfare state that “benefits only the idle and the free riders”; they are the “ignorant and arrogant westerners” who “pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours”.



However, Chinese netizens’ fierce attacks against the ‘white left’ seem curiously devoid of experiential motivation, since all these problems that conservatives in the west are concerned about – immigration, multiculturalism, minority rights, and affirmative actions – are largely unknown to Chinese society. This is not to say that discrimination against women and ethnic, religious and sexual minorities do not exist in China. They are no less serious or structural here than in any other societies.

They’re actually like, a whole lot more serious than in any other country in the world (save Israel, on the immigration/multiculturalism front).

In Tibet, there is a forced assimilation program that incentivizes marriage between a Tibetan female and a Han (Chinese ethnic majority) male. The stated purpose of the program is to destroy the culture of the Tibetans. They have done with with multiple other ethnic minorities, but Tibet gets the most press.

They have a special term for it, in fact: “sinicization.” Human rights groups label it “cultural genocide.” It’s official state policy.

Islamic minorities in the country are treated as 12th class citizens, and laws have been passed to force them to wear normal clothes in public. They’ve even banned beards.

Guangzhou has a relatively large population of African immigrants, and the Chinese view them as drug-dealing rapists.

Due to western pressure, gay sex has been technically legal since 1997, but anyone who is outed as queer is going to be fired from virtually any job.

Chinese women are and always will be second class citizens.

The Chinese are intimately familiar with all of these issues, which is why they find it insane than white westerners are obsessed with them.

In an academic-style essay that was retweeted more than 7000 times on Weibo, a user named ‘fantasy lover Mr. Liu’ ‘reviewed’ European philosophy from Voltaire and Marx to Adorno and Foucault, concluding that the ‘white left’ as a ‘spiritual epidemic’ is on its way to self-destruction. He then stated that Trump’s win was only “a small victory over this spiritual epidemic of humankind”, but “western civilization is still far from its self-redemption”. However ridiculous it may appear, the post is illustrative of how a demonized Other is projected onto seemingly objective or academic criticisms of the ‘white left’. Ultimately, the more the ‘white left’ – whatever it means – represent the fatal weakness of democracy, the more institutional and normative security the Chinese regime enjoys.

Wow, that sounds a whole lot like an open admission that “democracy” is a codeword for national suicide.

Hm. Interesting.

But here’s the thing.

The fact that they can’t tell whites apart from Jews shows the need for a cultural envoy from the Daily Stormer. In China, Jews are perceived positively for their ability to make money, but not much else.

This is due to the lack of informational literature about Jews in Mandarin. Chinese are smart, they just don’t have access to the facts.

But they need the facts and they need the quickly.

The Zuckerberg royal baby is a political seed that will be used once blossomed, not just the product of some Jew with yellow fever.

Marrying chinks and other gooks has become a trend among the kikes.

Soros married one not too long ago, and though she is too old to have kids and he is too old to have sex, it appears to be a symbolic union, and perhaps even a signal to lower-level Jews that “this is the plan.”

What’s more, Jews specifically adopt Chinese children at an unusual rate, likely to raise them as Janissaries since these children can never be accepted as Jewish (but the parents tell them otherwise). If the Jew succeeds in turning the entire West into an overgrown New York City, they will be forced to infiltrate Asia to prevent yellow world domination.

Despite Japanese dependence on international finance, Jewry doesn’t seem all that interested in them. China is their next target, as it is the real rising new global power; plus, they’ve already been there during the height of the British Empire.

Notice how Jews jealously protect Chinese foreign interests. Israel has built great rapport with the Chinese government by facilitating arms transactions and stealing secrets from America and other nations.

So wheels are greased, there’s movement in the distance. If they don’t like me confusing them for some other Gook, they should put down the math books and accurately describe the “white-left” as “Judeo-Left.”

After the launch of the Spanish Daily Stormer, I think it’s time we start looking into a Mandarin edition of this site.

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