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Interesting poll results. You can vote here.


After nearly 3000 votes, only 13 percent believe that six million Jews were murdered by Nazis during World War II.

Apparently this poll was posted on Reddit somewhere.

Either way, it shows that this Holocaust hoax narrative has run its course. The Jews may have been able to guilt Baby Boomers and older Gen-Xers with this fairy tale but in the age of the Internet it has been totally debunked and dismissed as bull shit anti-German propaganda. No amount of Jew financed Hollywood films can save their phony historical narrative now.

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Lady Renouf—’The Real Holocaust victims were the Germans’ (Video, 17 mins)

Revisionist activist Lady Michele Renouf here argues convincingly that the real Holocaust victims during World War II were the millions of Germans who died under the horrific firebombing of their cities by the British Air Force. In her rich plummy voice, this aristocratic Englishwoman  delivers her speech to an audience in Vancouver, British Columbia, in June 2015. The video is produced by Justice For Germans.

VIDEO: 17.23 mins

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BREAKING BOMBSHELL — Trump accused of Holocaust Denial and Threats to ‘obliterate Israel’


Explosive news which threatens to bring down the Trump administration and lead to the President’s impeachment on psychiatric grounds comes to us from our Far Eastern correspondent. The picture is far from clear at this point, but it appears that the President was heard to express a wish in the presence of the Israeli ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, at a recent meeting in the White House, to order a full-scale investigation into Israel’s role in the events of 9/11.

“I want the immediate extradition of those five dancing Israelis,” he is reported to have told the shocked ambassador. “I am also ordering a complete investigation into the loss of $2.3 trillion by Rabbi Zakheim at the Pentagon.” He is said to have added, “I expect you guys in Israel to cooperate, because we want that money back, because we suspect it’s being used to finance Isis.”

The current position is not altogether clear, but according to a report in today’s Daily Mail, Trump’s disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn may be involved in this web of deception and intrigue. The name of  Russian banker Svetlana Lokhova, known as “Crazy Miss Cokehead”, has also cropped up several times.

The Daily Mail reports somewhat discreetly, without mentioning the explosive details mentioned above:

A meeting with an Anglo-Russian banker dubbed Crazy Miss Cokehead has been linked to the controversial dismissal of one of Donald Trump’s aides, sources said last night.

Svetlana Lokhova spoke with Michael Flynn at the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, a gathering of former intelligence officials hosted at Cambridge University in 2014.

Moscow-born Miss Lokhova showed the President’s former national security adviser a number of historic Russian documents – including an ‘erotic postcard’ that Joseph Stalin sent to a woman in 1912.

It is claimed the two remained in email contact afterwards and swapped messages on an unclassified channel – Mr Flynn signed himself ‘General Misha’, Russian for Michael.

The meeting supposedly caused alarm among British and US intelligence officials who see it as evidence that Mr Flynn was behaving in a ‘worrisome’ manner.

The disclosure came as it emerged that Mr Flynn is willing to give evidence over Russia before Congress in exchange for immunity. However the Senate Intelligence Committee said that it was ‘not receptive’ to a deal.

Mr Flynn was forced out as Mr Trump’s national security adviser after less than a month for lying about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the US. He is now offering to give potentially explosive evidence about whether or not the Trump team colluded with Russia to win the President the US elections.


Russian agent Svetlana Lokhova, posing as an “international banker”.
Her meeting with Flynn has alarmed security chiefs

Needless to say, this is merely the tip of a giant iceberg. According to our Far Eastern correspondent who is in daily communication with a high source in the Kremlin, there has also been talk lately about opening up the Soviet archives relating to the Holocaust. It was according to Soviet archives, after all, that the original figures for the number of Jews who had allegedly died in the gas chambers at Auschwitz had been reduced from four million to just one million — casting grave doubts on the official six million figure that is still de rigueur in respectable Holocaust circles.

Trump is reported to have questioned these figures in the presence not only of Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer but of his own Orthodox Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner. This apparently led to a heated altercation in the Oval Office, but stopped short of physical violence. Security guards are said to have intervened just in time, escorting Kushner from the room, his face flushed and his fists bunched.

These reports remain unconfirmed.

In other reports, Kushner is said to have stormed out of the room threatening to resign as senior adviser to the President. “Keep away from Ivanka!” he reportedly shouted from the doorway.  “If you go anywhere near our three kids again, I’ll sue you, you Holocaust-denying sonofabitch!”

Neither the Daily Mail nor breitbart. com have been able to confirm these inflammatory reports, so a certain degree of skepticism is in order at the present time. The Darkmoon site is naturally prepared to issue a humble retraction and profuse apologies if these preposterous rumors should prove unfounded.

Again doing nothing to give the impression that a crisis in international affairs is brewing — a crisis that could easily lead to war between America and Israel, bringing about the complete obliteration of Israel — the Daily Mail continues dryly:

Mr Flynn and Miss Lokhova, a Cambridge graduate and historian, are said to have been introduced to each other at the end of the dinner in Cambridge. At the time Mr Flynn was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama and had access to highly classified information and military secrets.

What alarmed intelligence officials was that Miss Lokhova appears to have gained rare access to previously classified Soviet-era material in Moscow for her forthcoming book, The Guardian reported. Adding to the intrigue, Mr Flynn did not tell the US authorities about his meeting with Miss Lokhova, who used to work for the London branch of Russia’s state-controlled Sberbank.

Miss Lokhova has previously declined to comment on the claims. In 2015 she won a £3.2million payout after winning an employment tribunal case in London against Sberbank CIB for sex discrimination and harassment.

The hearing was told her bosses branded her ‘crazy Miss Cokehead’ and forced her out of her £750,000 a year job as an equity saleswoman. Workmates falsely accused her of being a cocaine user and said she was hired only because of her looks.

The tribunal ruled that she had suffered ‘disgraceful’ harassment and victimisation.

Price Floyd, a spokesman for Mr Flynn, said the meeting between the him and Miss Lokhova was an ‘incidental contact’. Nobody from the FBI was available for comment. 

And so the plot thickens . . .

The world is on tenterhooks. The clock is ticking.

Watch this space for further developments.

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Holocaust™ survivor Fred Schiefler lies to schoolchildren about jew soap

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