New “Holo-Jews” Created to Continue Tormenting the Goyim Forever

Daily Stormer
May 18, 2017

What manner of new evil is this?

The Jews are extremely worried about the fact that their supply of semi-credible “holocaust survivors” is running out. They fear that without whining Jews to constantly remind the Goyim that they’re evil, we might forget and proceed to gas them all over again.

It appears that they’ve been quite busy working on their solution.

A bizarre and hellish creation just emerged from the Jew’s dark workshops.

The Guardian:

Pinchas Gutter goes out of his way to find me biscuits. In a sun-baked living room in his north London home, he opens a packet of Rich Tea, sits down and tells me about the Holocaust.

Did he tell you about the electric floors and pedal-powered skull bashing machines? Those are my favorite stories.

Gutter was seven years old when the second world war broke out. He lived in the Warsaw ghetto for three and a half years, took part in its uprising, survived six Nazi concentration camps – including the Majdanek extermination camp – and lived through a death march across Germany to Theresienstadt in occupied Czechoslovakia.

He survived being gassed six times with this one weird trick!

“Remembrance is the secret of redemption, while forgetting leads to exile,” he says, quoting the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidic Judaism.

“For me this whole thing is about not forgetting. Because if you forget, you repeat it over and over again. To me, the great importance of testimony is not to forget what people are capable of.” Sitting opposite him here in Hampstead, meeting his eyes and hearing his voice, the idea of forgetting this extraordinary story seems impossible.

Within the heart of every goy lies a Nazi eager to gas Jews in wooden gas ovens disguised as shower rooms.

A short lapse in vigilance is all it takes and BOOM! Gassings everywhere.

One week later I am staring into Gutter’s eyes again. But these eyes are on a screen in the Alternate Realities strand of Sheffield’s international documentary festival. The version of Gutter projected on the monitor is a prototype for a responsive hologram that will be wheeled into classrooms, lecture halls and museums. The idea is that the audience asks questions and pre-recorded memories from Gutter will respond – much as if you’re talking to the real person. This virtual Gutter meets my gaze and tilts his head when I speak into the microphone.

The project, called New Dimensions in Testimony, was thought up by concept developer Heather Maio, and was made in a collaboration between the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) and the Shoah Foundation – an organisation dedicated to making and archiving interviews with survivors and witnesses of genocide.

It starts with holo-Jews, and then you get cyber-Jews. But nothing is more dangerous than their final form: the robo-Jews.

The Jews believe that by creating an army of virtual Kikes, they can prevent another holocaust.

What they don’t understand is that we’re firmly committed to gassing the virtual Jews just the same as them.

Honestly, the Jew’s only hope at this point is to strike some sort of deal with the moderate wing of Nazism, who merely want to round all them up and deport them to Madagascar. If they do so, they might just shift the balance of power away from the centrists, who are advocating for the complete extermination of all non-Whites.

If the Jews continue on their present course of non-stop tormenting of the goyim, they risk giving the power to the extremist wing of the Nazi movement, who aren’t satisfied with anything less than an eternal program of industrial cloning, then gassing of Jews.

The ball is in your court, Jews. Play your cards wisely.


Hitler’s War – The Last Christian Crusade

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