Who is Israel’s mole in Raqqa?

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Who is Israel’s mole in Raqqa?
Petri Krohn
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If Russia and the West are actually on the same side on the war on ISIS, then why does the possibility of cooperation with Russia raise such hysteria?
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The article in the Washington Post accusing Trump of revealing “highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador” has been widely dismissed as yet more fake news trying to build a case for impeachment of President Trump. But as Alexander Mercouris points out, the article in itself may be far greater a breach of security than anything Trump may ever have told the Russians.

The obvious conclusion to draw from the WaPo article is that Israel has a mole embedded high up in ISIS leadership in Raqqa. If I can draw such a conclusion, so can everyone else.

When I first read about the story, I thought the “city”; where the plan was discovered was in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, both U.S. allies. But when I read the exact quotes, I realized the source of the information must be Israel.

“Most alarmingly, officials said, Trump revealed the city in the Islamic State’s territory where the U.S. intelligence partner detected the threat”.
WaPo also makes it clear this ISIS city is in Syria, not Iraq. What other US ally would have agents secretly working in Syria? Saudi Arabia and Turkey do, but their presence in Syria is no secret. The New York Times now confirms that the source is Israel. Israeli sources speak about a mole inside ISIS.

But is the Israeli agent actually a mole?

A mole would by definition be someone trying to undermine ISIS. Israeli policy seems to be the opposite, using ISIS in its war against the Syrian state. There has been much speculation about Israeli-ISIS cooperation, but little concrete facts. But if one considers the hysteria surrounding the alleged leak and takes at face value every statement in the newspaper of record, far reaching speculation becomes possible.

The Washington Post suggests that the source embedded in ISIS is actually working against Russia and its ally Syria. Why else would Russia want to identify or disrupt it?

“Officials said the capability could be useful for other purposes, possibly providing intelligence on Russia’s presence in Syria. Moscow would be keenly interested in identifying that source and perhaps disrupting it”.
If I may speculate about the true secret behind the WaPo story, it is this: ISIS military activity is lead by Israeli military advisors. It would be natural for them to report on real threats to Israeli and US security. Leaking such information will not expose them as Israeli agents, but will put a strain on ISIS-Israel relations.

I understand this is pure speculation, but why – if Russia and the West are actually on the same side on the war on ISIS – does the possibility of cooperation with Russia raise such hysteria?

Oscar Lopez Rivera Vows to Continue Fight for Puerto Rico Independence
Oscar Lopez Rivera next to his daughter Clarissa Lopez (L) during a press conference in San Juan, May 17, 2017.
Oscar Lopez Rivera next to his daughter Clarissa Lopez (L) during a press conference in San Juan, May 17, 2017. | Photo: teleSUR
Published 17 May 2017 (14 hours 53 minutes ago)
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The former political prisoner thanked progressive movements for supporting his decades-long struggle for a free Puerto Rico.
In his first hours of freedom after 36 years behind bars in U.S. prison, Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar Lopez Rivera vowed Wednesday to continue to fight for the freedom and independence of Puerto Rico while expressing solidarity with progressive movements across the Americas.

Who Is Puerto Rico’s Oscar Lopez Rivera?

“During the years I was jailed I always thought I would return home,” Lopez said during a press conference in San Juan with the ocean at his back, thanking all the progressive organizations and world leaders who supported him and worked for his release over the years.

“You have a Puerto Rican that has never promoted sectarianism. I come here to fight and work, that’s what I know how to do,” Lopez Rivera said. “We can make Puerto Rico the nation that it has the potential to be.”

The life-long freedom fighter for Puerto Rico’s decolonization and independence thanked Pope Francis, Argentina’s Grandmothers and Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, former Uruguayan President Jose “Pepe” Mujica, the governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, as well as artists, activists and especially youth and children.

“It is is them who have in their hands the future of our country,” said Lopez Rivera, dressed in black to represent his mourning for the friends and relatives who died while he was in jail for the past 36 years and to whom he never had a chance to say goodbye.

He also spoke out about the harsh austerity currently policies rocking the island in the face of a crippling debt crisis, stressing the importance of funding public education and applauding Puerto Rican students for being on the front lines of the struggle to defend education and resist colonial relations with Washington.

Oscar Lopez Rivera’s Puerto Rico Independence Fight Lives On

“Unity will make decolonization possible, there is no other option,” Lopez Rivera said. “Loving our country doesn’t cost anything — what will cost us is to lose it.”

He also thanked Venezuela and all “those who defend the Bolivarian Revolution” and called for the U.S. to end its interference in the nation.

“I ask the U.S. to stop interfering in Venezuela, to stop using people and structures to reach countries and create a hostile environment with violence, and to have people lose because in the end it’s the people who lose.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was the first world leader to talk to Lopez Rivera and told him in a phone call Wednesday he wanted to thank the activist for his strength and kindness in his struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico.

“A big hug — it was very touching to see you with you family,” Maduro said to Lopez Rivera. “Long live a free Puerto Rico, long live dignity.”

Lopez Rivera, in return, thanked Maduro for his support throughout the long process of waiting for his freedom.

“I feel Puerto Rican, but I also feel Venezuelan,” Lopez Rivera said to the president. “The truth of Venezuela will prevail, we are sure it will prevail, we hope the U.S. can’t do what it has in mind and what it aspires to do.”

Lopez Rivera also criticized the financial oversight board put in place last year by U.S. Congress through the controversial law known as PROMESA to restructure the island’s debt. He said that nothing that comes out of the oversight board — which has been widely criticized for undermining Puerto Rico’s democracy and deepening colonialism — will be good for the island nation since it promotes sweeping privatization and gives benefits to international companies instead of small farmers in the country.

“They made us their guinea pig to do experiments and make us poorer,” he said.

Lopez Rivera’s daughter Clarisa Lopez Ramos thanked the worldwide support for her father and for the fight to protect the island’s main public post-secondary education institution, the 70,000-student University of Puerto Rico, as it faces massive cuts as part of a harsh austerity plan to tackle the island’s massive debt load.

Puerto Rico’s Oscar Lopez Freed After 36 Years in US Prison

“The daughters and sons of Oscar are the students at the University of Puerto Rico, resisting and fighting,” said Lopez Ramos, referring to the student movements that have launched strikes and other actions to protest the cuts. “Thank you, my dad returned home.”

A celebratory concert attended by thousands of Puerto Ricans is underway in Rio Piedras featuring artists, musicians and prominent individuals welcoming Lopez Rivera home.

Lopez Rivera returned to the island in February to serve out the final weeks before his freedom Wednesday on house arrest after former President Barack Obama commuted his sentence in January.

The activist thanked former U. S. presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who commuted the sentences of Puerto Rican political prisoners.

Recalling when he declined Clinton’s 1999 offer for a pardon, the activist said he rejected it since other comrades were still jailed under poor conditions. “I believe in principles, and I believe in not leaving anyone behind.”

Finally, he said he will tour the 78 municipalities of the island now that he is free, as he has promised in the past.

“Long live Puerto Rico, of love and liberty!” Lopez Rivera said. “Always in resistance and struggle!”


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Loads of Allegations, No Proof: Brazil’s Lula Rebuts Accusations
Lula walks with supporters before his first deposition.
Lula walks with supporters before his first deposition. | Photo: Reuters
Published 17 May 2017 (7 hours 26 minutes ago)
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A new round of allegations, this time obstruction of justice, have surfaced after not an ounce of proof was presented at Lula’s first deposition.
Former Brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva has, once again, rebutted a new round of accusations against him. In a written statement published on his website, Lula said that the announcement of each new accusation is accompanied by even less proof.

Brazil’s Lula Faces Judge in Corruption Case ‘Witch Hunt’

“For over a year, any positive aspect involving Lula’s name, such as the release of a presidential poll, such as a frank and resounding deposition given before judge Sergio Moro and thousands of supporters, elicits, in return, a whirlwind of accusations and negative news reports. This repetitive tactic of lawfare has been denounced by his lawyers,” the text read.

Lawfare has been used by Harvard professor, John Comaroff, to describe the improper use of the law for political purposes. Comaroff has been consulted by defense lawyers representing Lula.

Lula’s written statement also recalled the decision of a Federal District substitute judge who determined the suspension of all Lula Institute activities on May 5. While the decision was reversed by a federal regional court on Tuesday, the judge deciding on the case stated that the suspension of all activities related to the institute was “beyond the parameters of legality and reasonability.”

Unable to provide an ounce of proof linking Lula to any incident of corruption in his first deposition, now comes a new round of allegations. This time the premise is that he attempted to obstruct the justice department in its Car Wash scandal investigations.

Lula has also been cited in a new round of corruption investigations called Operation Zelotes.

According to Viomundo, in 12 years of governance by the Workers’ Party, the federal police undertook 2,226 operations. However, during the previous administration of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the federal police only realized 48 operations.

Carlos Fernando dos Santos Lima, a federal attorney involved with the Car Wash investigations, has publicly stated that in contrast to previous administrations that systematically impeded investigations into corruption allegations, the governments of Lula and Dilma Rousseff strengthened and afforded much greater autonomy to the Federal Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Brazil’s Lula Says ‘Lying’ Mainstream Media Serves Elites

“A positive point in favor of the governments under investigation is that a large part of the independence given to the current Public Prosecutor’s Office and the administrative, technical and operational capacity of the Federal Police stems from the non-intervention of their political power. This is important. It’s a fact that must be acknowledged for previous governments really exercised their control over the institutions,” he said during a lecture in Sao Paulo.

Paulo Lacerda and Luis Fernando Correa, two ex-federal police directors who served during Lula’s presidency, stated that they received full support from Lula’s government during the creation of a white-collar crime combating task force titled, National Strategy for Prevention of Corruption and Money Laundering. They both added that Lula had not committed any irregularities.

Nevertheless, the institutional witch-hunt and carefully orchestrated media smear campaign against Lula continues at full-throttle. The latest allegations that he attempted to obstruct the hand of justice comes on the heels of the latest Vox Populi poll which shows Lula leading the 2018 presidential elections at 45 percent.


Lula South America Brazil

Brasil 247-Pragmatismo Politico-Viomundo-Falando Verdades-Rede Brasil Atual
by teleSUR / jc-RT

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