Michael Collins Piper on the Oklahoma City Bombing May 18, 2017

Michael Collins Piper on the Oklahoma City Bombing May 18, 2017 renegade 2 Comments The late Michael Collins Piper joins Mark Glenn and co-host Mark Dankof to discuss Israel’s possible role in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing in this 2010 broadcast.
THE JUDAS GOATS Timothy McVeigh and the OKC Bombing by Michael Collins Piper

Did Israel Assassinate Michael Collins Piper
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on June 3, 2015
Two days ago, Michael Collins Piper, aged 55, died in a hotel room

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Two days ago, Michael Collins Piper, aged 55, died in a hotel room. Collins led the war against AIPAC and the ADL and the Kosher mafia when others now considered “experts’ knew nothing at all. News quickly spread about his “heart condition” and how he died of natural causes. Then again, Abe Foxman is still alive and Netanyahu’s attic portrait is oozing hideousity.

I believe Piper was likely murdered. Moreover, I also believe his heart condition was induced as well. I believe this for reasons, reasons like Michael Hastings and John Wheeler and John O’Neill and Serena Shim and Mike Ruppert and Gary Webb and Roland Carnaby.

I believe it when I find someone who had become vulnerable, an easy target and easy “example”, and someone having a Wikipedia done by the Mossad like the one below:

Michael Collins Piper is a political writer, conspiracy theorist,[1] and talk radio host living in Washington D.C.. He is a regular contributor to the American Free Press, a newspaper backed by Willis Carto noted for its antisemitism, White separatist and White nationalist themes. Piper’s books and articles have also been featured by a wide-ranging and eclectic variety of websites, ranging from “left” to “right” including America First Books, anti-SemiticVeterans Today, PressTV, the racistneo-naziVanguard News Network and the website of Holocaust denierDavid Duke.
Piper was described on his website as a political “progressive in the LaFollette–Wheeler tradition.”[2] He is the author of books such as The High Priests of War, in which he criticizes the neoconservatives in the Bush administration, and Final Judgment, where he claims that the IsraeliMossad was responsible for the assassination of U.S. PresidentJohn F. Kennedy.
He has been attacked by many Jewish groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), some of which have called him a promoter of antisemitic conspiracy theories and a Holocaust denier.[3]
Carefully timed to his death is a distasteful concerted attack on him in Wikipedia that traces back to Israeli intelligence. Those who produced this smear/bio, well outside any Wikipedia guidelines are also regularly tied to cover ups like Charlie Hebdo, the Boston Marathon bombings and Sandy Hook.

It is best to assume Piper was murdered. He was a target, he was living in a hotel in Idaho, he had been living in a cabin but it was “accidentally” burned down. This put him in a hotel where his body could be conveniently found.

I’ve been to this dance before.

Let’s take the Wikipedia alone. 114 contributors did this smear job, most of them don’t exist, dead IP addresses, here is one of them:

fff_188This is an admitted “Israel lover” who smeared Michael Collins Piper but Wikipedia put the work of an admitted psychotic out of reach, sanctified though it violated every tenet of whatever standards Wikipedia claims to have.

Attempts to add substance or balance to the Wiki were immediately removed but the garbage stayed, on a page that is earmarked to be continually monitored but one where there is no mention of controversy nor is there any question of the wild and unsubstantiated libelous insanity it carries.

We might want to take a second or two to discuss Wikipedia. Were it not for an army of Tel Aviv and Haifa housewives who work off their welfare payments writing smears and playing the toad in chatrooms and comment boards, the rest of Wikipedia is quite something.

Notwithstanding there are great contributors on technical issues, and we thank those, the average “Wiki-editor” spends his life in his mother’s basement masturbating and chatting about dungeons and dragons.

Michael Collins Piper was culled from the herd, killed because he had no support, no powerful friends and a shrinking following. Collins, Bollyn and others worked for Willis Carto, a man who got much very right, by my estimation at least, and some things right also, but things I am not so comfortable with. As a sanctified “Northern European” who actually visits real places, there is a reason that Norwegians, Swedes and Germans are often quite miserable people.

Anyone who thinks they know Germany who calls it by that name, “Germany” obviously knows nothing at all about a nation stuck together less than 150 years ago. My grandmother was born in “Germany” when that nation was one year old. When we don’t know history, we make it up.

Is there “Jewish conspiracy” and did the holocaust really happen? No sane person doubts a “Zionist conspiracy” and, as for the holocaust, based on the efforts to silence any investigation, scientific or otherwise, I think we know where that one is going.

Collins is dead. They will murder more, but let them head into Lebanon first and meet with Hezbollah again.

Israeli Minister Yoav Galant: “The time has come to assassinate Assad”
By Jonas E. Alexis on May 16, 2017
“The United States had also provided covert training and support to torture regimes in other countries around the world—from Greece to Uruguay, Chile to El Salvador, Indonesia to Vietnam. The Phoenix Program, implemented during the Vietnam War by U.S. armed forces and the CIA, involved the torture and deaths of tens of thousands of Vietnamese, as part of the U.S. counterinsurgency project designed to break the will of the Viet Cong.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

If you don’t think that Israel still wants to create World War III, then you may want to listen to what Israeli Minister and former IDF general Yoav Galant has to say. Galant has unequivocally declared:

“The reality of the situation in Syria is that they are executing people, using directed chemical attacks against them, and the latest extreme — burning their corpses, something we haven’t seen in 70 years. In my view, we are crossing a red line. And in my view, the time has come to assassinate Assad. It’s as simple as that.”[1]

Can you imagine any country in the Middle East saying this about Israel? What would happen to the leaders of that country? And what would the media in America do? Wouldn’t they beat decent Americans and much of the world over the head with that statement until they ask for regime change? And isn’t there a double standard here? Can leaders in the West seriously say that they are being honest? Where are John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and other political whores who always want to shed innocent blood in the Middle East?

You see, something doesn’t add up, and US officials need to start acting responsibly or in a manner that is congruent with the moral and political order. But things got even more interesting. The U.S. State Department has recently declared that Assad has burned—get this—at least 50 people every single day in crematorium outside Damascus! Listen to this report by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:

“The U.S. State Department said Monday that the Assad regime has installed a crematorium in Syria’s Saydnaya prison, accusing the Syrian government of killing thousands of prisoners and burning the dead bodies. The allegation came as President Donald Trump is weighing options in Syria, where the U.S. attacked a government air base last month in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians.”[2]

We all know that this is fake precisely because the United States has done a lot worse over the past ten years alone. Who can forget about Abu Ghraib? Who can forget about Guantanamo? Who can forget about the Phoenix Program?[3] How about torturing or waterboarding prisoners?[4] How about sodomizing or “fucking a kid” at Abu Ghraib?[5] Are those behaviors acceptable? If not, when was the last time we prosecuted the people who keep screwing America up? Did we go after George W. Bush? How about the Neoconservatives? Are we seeing a flood of political criminals behind bars?

You see, no one has been able to give reasoned and seasoned responses to those questions because they morally and intellectually put the Zionist ideology in a hot seat. Even if we grant the stupid idea that Assad has burned bodies alive in Syria, that really pales in comparison to what the US has done over the past fifty years or so. It is not even a contest! Let me just take one specific example, the Phoenix Program. Eminent scholar Rebecca Gordon has meticulously documented in her recent book Mainstream Torture, published by Oxford University Press:

“For many years, the United States had secretly funded research on torture at U.S. and Canadian universities. One product of this research was the Central Intelligence Agency’s KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual with its sections covering ‘non-coercive’ and ‘coercive’ techniques, first printed in 1963….

“The United States had also provided covert training and support to torture regimes in other countries around the world—from Greece to Uruguay, Chile to El Salvador, Indonesia to Vietnam. The Phoenix Program, implemented during the Vietnam War by U.S. armed forces and the CIA, involved the torture and deaths of tens of thousands of Vietnamese, as part of the U.S. counterinsurgency project designed to break the will of the Viet Cong. In the testimony before Congress, military intelligence officer K. Milton Osborne provided some details of the methods used:

“‘The use of the insertion of the 6-inch dowel into the 6-inch canal of one of my detainees’ ears and the tapping through the brain until he dies. The starving to death of a Vietnamese woman who was suspected of being part of the local political education cadre in one of the local villages. They simply starved her to death in one of the hooches at that very counterintelligence headquarters.”

“‘There were other methods of operation which they used for interrogation, such as the use of electronic gear such as sealed telephone attached to the genitals of both the men and women’s vagina and the man’s testicles, and wind the mechanism and create an electrical charge and shock them into submission.’”[6]

Between 1968 and 1971, the Phoenix Program was responsible for torturing and killing more than twenty thousand people,[7] many of whom had nothing to do with terrorism. These were not isolated cases. The CIA conducted these essentially diabolical operations “on several continents.”[8]

The same people who orchestrated perpetual wars virtually all over the world and who tortured men, women and children and sent them to the slaughter house for years are now telling us that Assad is the new Hitler who ought to be assassinated.

One needn’t be an intellectual to see that this is totally immoral and therefore unacceptable. The whole world may want to believe this diabolical ideology, but as Alexander Solzhenitsyn pointed out, don’t let those lies come through you. The question is: will Donald Trump continue to believe in those lies? Will he listen to the Satanists who continue to set the world on fire for Israel?

[1] Judah Ari Gross, “Israeli minister: ‘The time has come’ to kill Bashar Assad,” Times of Israel, May 16, 2017.

[2] “U.S.: Syria’s Assad Has Killed Thousands of Prisoners, Burned Bodies in Crematorium Outside Damascus,” Haaretz, May 16, 2017. Many thanks to my dear friend Dr. Fredrick Toben for sending these articles to me.

[3] For studies on this, see Rebecca Gordon, Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post-9/11 United States (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014).

[4] Dana Priest and Joe Stephens, “Secret World of U.S. Interrogation,” Washington Post, May 11, 2004; for similar reports, see Jane Mayer, “The Black Sites: A Rare Look inside the C.IA.’s Secret Interrogation Program,” New Yorker, August 13, 2007; Craig Whitlock, “Jordan’s Spy Agency: Holding Cell for the CIA,” Washington Post, December 1, 2007. Jane Mayer, The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals (New York: Anchor Books, 2009); Alfred McCoy, A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, From the Cold War to the War on Terror (New York: Owl Books, 2006); Michael Haas, George W. Bush: War Criminal?: The Bush Administration’s Liability for 269 War Crimes (Westport: Praeger Pubishers, 2009); Lila Rajiva, The Language of Empire: Abu Ghraib and the American Media (New York: Monthly Review Press, 2005).

[5] Cited in Mark Danner, Torture and Truth: America, Abu Ghraib, and the War on Terror (New York: New York Review of Books, 2004), 243.

[6] Gordon, Mainstreaming Torture, 1-2.

[7] Ibid., 2.

[8] Ibid.

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