Did Russia really invade Crimea?

Right after it was announced that Crimea voted to join Russia, “The White House and Western governments rejected the referendum.” Did you catch that? 97 percent of Crimeans voted for Russia, but New World Order agents rejected it any way!


…by Jonas E. Alexis


The argument that “Russia invaded Crimea” should still make one laugh because it is so pathetic. Again, it is like saying that the United States invaded California or Texas. Last February, my dear friend Mark Dankof debated an “independent scholar” by the name of Peter Sinnott on Press TV, and one could easily see that Sinnott was getting his butt kicked.

During the entire debate Sinnott kept positing a plethora of spurious statements and groundless accusations against Russia and indeed Vladimir Putin. “Russia,” Sinnott asserted, “has been aggressive when they basically invaded and annexed Crimea and they are still aggressive in Eastern Eukraine.”

Is Sinnott really an “independent scholar,” or has the New World Order ideology poisoned his mind and clouded his moral and political judgement? Will a serious independent scholar advance the fallacious argument that Russia invaded Crimea? Hasn’t Crimea been a part of Russia from time immemorial?

Dankof destroyed Sinnott’s entire argument by saying that

“As far as Crimea is concerned, the Crimeans understood that they didn’t want to be governed by this illegitimate regime in Kiev. They voted by something like 98 percent in the legitimate referendum.”

Party is over. Even Zionist outlets such as USA Today reported that “Crimea’s election committee said that 97% of voters backed a union between the largely ethnic-Russian peninsula and the huge neighboring country.”[1]

Reuters, of all places, declared that the vast majority of Crimeans voted in order to “quit Ukraine for Russia.” In a similar vein, the Washington Post, another Zionist outlet, did not refute the claim that Crimeans overwhelmingly voted for Russia.[2]National Public Radio, Bloomberg, the Irish Times, the Baltimore Sun, and even PBS agreed with the polls that Crimeans wanted to connect with Russia.[3]

So, where did Sinnott get the dumb idea that Russia invaded Crimea? Did he get it through exhaustive research and a convergence of evidence? Or was he reproducing what New World Order agents have been saying from eternity to eternity?

Obviously Sinnott is just regurgitating what he has been told to believe. He cannot think straight because he is intellectually living in a system which forbids clear judgment. Right after it was announced that Crimea voted to join Russia, “The White House and Western governments rejected the referendum,” said the Washington Post.[4] Did you catch that? 97 percent of Crimeans voted for Russia, but New World Order agents rejected it any way!

Here we are confronted with a fundamental issue: can these people really tell us that they are interested in democracy and freedom? Do you see why decent Americans are overwhelmingly rejecting this essentially diabolical ideology and are opting for something else? Do you see why reasonable and sensible people are saying enough is enough?

[1] Charles McPhedran and Anna Arutunyan, “Crimea votes to join Russia; Ukrainians prepare for war,” USA Today, March 17, 2014; see also “95.7% of Crimeans in referendum voted to join Russia – preliminary results,” Russia Today, March 16, 2014.

[2] Carol Morello,, Pamela Constable, and Anthony Faiola, “Crimeans vote to break away from Ukraine, join Russia,” Washington Post, March 16, 2014.

[3] “Crimeans Ready For Vote On Joining Russia,” National Public Radio, March 14, 2014; “Crimeans vote to join Russia,” PBS, March 17, 2014; “Crimeans Choose to Join Russia in Vote, Exit Poll Shows,” Bloomberg, March 17, 2014; “Crimeans vote overwhelmingly to join Russia,” Irish Times, March 16, 2016; “Crimeans vote to join Russia, separate from Ukraine,” Baltimore Sun, March 16, 2014.

US President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (R) attend the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia May 21, 2017.

Trump’s Mideast Tour Paves the Way for War With Iran, Ex-CIA Official Warns

© REUTERS/ Jonathan Ernst

07:01 23.05.2017(updated 07:02 23.05.2017) Get short URL

US President Donald Trump’s warm support for Saudi Arabia and Israel and his harsh words against Tehran should be seen as signs that the United States and its allies are heading towards war with Iran, former CIA intelligence officer Phil Giraldi told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Sunday, at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh, Trump said that Iran has been supporting terrorists, militias and extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the Middle East.

“I fear that we will be looking at war with Iran before too long as it is clear that Trump and his advisers are already completely in the Israeli and Saudi pockets on the issue,” Giraldi, a former CIA Case Officer and US Army Intelligence Officer said on Monday.

Giraldi described Trump’s repeated hostile rhetoric against Iran in both Saudi Arabia and Israel a “depressing” indication of the likely future direction of US policy in the Middle East.

“The most depressing part of the performance was the vilification of Iran as the source of all terror and evil in the region, a tune which was replayed immediately upon arrival in Israel with the pledge that Tehran will never have a nuke,” Giraldi said.

In reality, Iran was a far more open and moderate society than Saudi Arabia, Giraldi pointed out.

“Iran holds elections, which the Saudis do not do, and it is far outgunned by its enemies in the region. It is no threat to anyone but it is convenient to pretend that it is to support policies that would otherwise be unpalatable,” Giraldi said.

Trump’s lack of experience of the history, military conflicts, politics and societies of the Middle East had made him easy to manipulate, Giraldi cautioned.”Trump is too ignorant to realize that what he is saying is nonsense,” he said.

The Saudis ordered around $100 billion of new weapons from US companies during Trump’s visit allowing him to present the meeting as a major success, Giraldi observed.

“The arms sale was the sugar used by the Saudis to get Trump completely on board to their worldview. The ‘fight against terrorism’ is aimed at making all the Kabuki [stylized acting] palatable for the American and world audience,” Giraldi said.

However, in Riyadh, Trump abandoned any pretense of following up on his repeated rhetoric during the US presidential election last year to hold the Saudi leaders accountable for their decades of financial and other support for Islamic extremists, Giraldi pointed out.

“The Saudis have been, of course, the leading funder of Sunni Islamic terrorism, which Trump would not dare to say,” he noted.

Philip Giraldi is executive director of the Council for the National Interest, a group that advocates more even-handed US government policies in the Middle East.

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