Trump SKULL-CRUSHES Blood-Sucking NATO Parasites, Tells Dem ta Get Dat Munny

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2017

Yeah dude, I don’t know what’s going on with this Trump trip.

Honestly, I don’t think any of it matters and can’t figure out how it could matter.

He is in the process of being impeached and his only option is MARTIAL LAW.

And yet he’s doing cuck tour 2017. You could call this “the apology tour.”

You could literally print up concert tour shirts called that “TRUMP APOLOGY TOUR 2017.”

But – BUT – it was hilarious to see him tell NATO to gibs dem gibs back.

He literally told them 2% – which virtually none of them are paying – is not enough, and he wants payback.

Jens Stoltenberg just got this look like “I don’t have your money! I’ll get it to you! I swear, I don’t have it!”

Seeing the looks on the face of the crowd, and their whispers, is even better.

These parasites thought we were just going to keep borrowing money from China to pay their welfare for all of eternity – well, the jig is up.

Or at least that’s what he’s telling them.

By the way – “wtf is this thing he is standing next to?” asks you.

It’s a piece of twisted metal from the WTC.

Not sure what image that is supposed to be projecting. Well, I am sure of what it is supposed to be projecting: “you killed our people, but we’re still strong, because we have a piece of metal from the buildings you blew up, and it reminds us you did that.”

But look – if your wife got murdered, would you take a piece of her corpse – her femur, maybe – and make a statue of it to remind yourself never to forget to take revenge?

This is a Jewish post-modern memorial. It is also disgustingly ugly, which Jews also love. Ugly pieces of twisted metal put on display in place of statues of heroes or saints.

This entire new NATO headquarters in Brussels is disgusting. Today was the official handover ceremony.

It looks like a sterile indoor arboretum.

It’s like if they asked a 7-year-old to draw from memory a building from the new shitty Mass Effect.

Here it is from the air, from where it looks like a gigantic backhoe.

Or maybe a thing that could stand up and start walking like spider. Like a METAL GEAR.

Except, that would be too awesome. Maybe Russia will start building Metal Gear. Not these fags.

Trump made a joke about not asking how much it cost – it cost $1.23 billion. Of your tax money. To help Estonia start a war with Russia.

Merkel looked angry. Macron kept looking over at her, obviously considering trading in his wife for a younger, fresher model.

God I hate all these people.

Trump could have laid it on a lot thicker. He said they had to pay more, but didn’t make any threats.

NATO should be dissolved, period. This is just yet another global welfare program for the white American taxpayer.


Funniest part though was when he literally just shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of his way.

I wish he would have shoved more people.

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