End of WW II – Nuremberg Bogus Trial: Were the Germans so Stupid?

Were the Germans so Stupid?

Quite a number of years ago I spoke with (personally) Anthony Lawson, who was at the time in the middle of writing a fictional romance novel. What led me to him and eventually into a fascinating deep discussion was the video he produced (below) which uses the (((UN))) Convention of Human Rights to allow him to legally dispute the HolocaustTM. He brings up some excellent points and from a fairly mainstream perspective. Focusing on Jewish power and using excellent visuals to display this if you enjoyed it as much as I did please mirror it / share it.

I hope you enjoy it, but due to increased security precautions I’m taking after someone tried hacking me last weekend I cannot interact with the comments you may leave (they need Javascript to run). Just know I appreciate you taking your time out to watch it and if you wish to contact me just leave your BitTorrent Bleep key in your comment.


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