Jewish communities are given their own emergency services – Shomrim Coortinators

Who Ya Gonna Call? I’ve Got the 4-11

Today I want to focus on an issue that is rarely discussed, which is the incredible situation in the Western world where Jewish communities are given their own emergency services at taxpayer expense (I’m a #happygoy) to cater to the Jewish communities. The mental gymnastics needed to hold both liberal views that Jewish communities can have their own separatist services and at the same time White Europeans (real Europeans) would be tried under terrorism or hate crime legislation for doing the same thing, is gold-medal worthy. Seriously, if Whites wanted to create the very same services they would no doubt be jailed. For comparison, Muslims who were doing neighborhood watch patrols in Liverpool (England) were spoken to “firmly” to make them disburse.

As the Jewish people have spread around the world, so have these emergency services, called Shomrim (“Guards” in Jew). Although they are being funded by the Taxpayer, have access to the National Police systems, have their equipment bought for them – including brand new BMWs – and are trained by the Police, they are definitely not their own Police service (wink, wink). The common argument is that they “Protect all” and they don’t favor their own communities, but when you see the locations where these groups are dispersed, truth collides with myth. Below is a video from Youtube of a Shomrim group getting some nice free bullet proof vests from the US government. As a Goy I fully support spending my hard earned money on taxes that fund an alien people to protect themselves while the Police service for the rest of the country crumbles under ever more “progressive” budget restrictions.

Having your own Police service is fun, but what about when poor (lol) Uncle Avi needs a heart operation (I know some Rabbis who can sell you a heart)? Or when Mr David the jeweler has a funny turn and falls over? Why, stupid Goy they have their own Ambulance services of course! Called the Hatzalah, which means “the Rescuers” in Hebrew (Phoenician in reality) governments around the Western world fully train, equip, fund and assist these brave brave Jewish saviors (maybe they’ve been watching Blacklist?) some excellent (sickening) propaganda of this group is shown below. Typically it’s the Jews saving the Goys, when in actual fact they have their own services for their own protection and health.

Why is it that 2% of the population has their own services, and can also use the “non-Jew” Goy-friendly services at the same time? Why are our governments funding them? Why haven’t you heard about this before? What are you going to do about it?

Holocaust Skeptic Spicer Refuses to Say Trump Won’t Cockblock Comey from Testifying

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2017

Will Trump cockblock Comey like your buddy who just won’t leave the room when you’ve got a dirty skank ready to get down, because he’s jealous so he just wants everyone to suffer the curse of blue balls?

Only time can tell – but prominent Holocaust skeptic and White House Press Secretary Sean “Where are the Ten Tons of Ash?” Spicer says he might do just that.

Fox News:

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer did not rule out President Trump’s option to block former FBI Director James Comey from testifying before a congressional committee next week.

At the daily White House press briefing Friday, Spicer was asked whether Trump would seek executive privilege to prevent Comey from testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8.

“That committee hearing was just noticed – it’s gotta be reviewed,” Spicer said. “The date for the hearing was just set. I haven’t spoken to counsel yet, I don’t know how they’ll respond.”

A second White House official tells Fox News the White House is reviewing whether or not to invoke executive privilege regarding Comey’s expected testimony.

Executive privilege is a legal doctrine that allows the president to withhold information from other government branches.

Comey reportedly is expected to tell the Intelligence Committee next week that Trump asked him to drop the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and his ties and relationships with Russian officials.

As FBI director, Comey was known for penning memos after meetings. In February, Comey wrote a memo that suggested Trump asked him to shut down the probe into Flynn. The memo’s existence was confirmed by Fox News.


A series of hoaxed memos, which I can guarantee you go back to when Trump got the nomination, possibly even before. Clapper, Rogers, the whole crew have similar memos. They created a faked paper trail in the case of a Trump win and a Trump refusal to go along with the program.

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t write certain things on here, because my analysis is so much better than the mainstream media’s (even the ones that are actually trying), and they don’t really deserve access to this sort of information.

But Trump threatening to cockblock Comey is a clever ruse.

In fact, Trump wants Comey to testify, because at this point, he can’t keep from burying himself alive.

Comey is going to perjure himself.

Allowing him to testify is giving him a rope.

He’s already perjured himself once.

But this time, he’s angry.

I’ve compared his psychology to that of Hannibal Lector, more from the series than from the books or movies. But unlike Hannibal, I don’t think he can keep his cool. I think he’s angry, and he wants to destroy Trump, and he’s going to push it too far and he’s going to get caught on something that he can’t get out of.

In Gowdy we trust.

Trump acting like he doesn’t want this to happen is just to build tension.

Like a buddy who’s actually not trying to cockblock you exactly, he’s just helping you out by getting the skank to take a few more shots of Captain Morgan’s before he dips out and slips you a condom – that he already poked a hole in.

That that shit is gonna break, and you’re just going to blow it all up in there.

Then what?




If you guys do a good job in the comments section, I’ll do a post featuring best of.

Also, speaking of clever ruses, Mark Waid wrote a really good detective comic called Ruse in the early 00s. It was pretty much as engaging as the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories it was inspired by.

I heard that some demon-type pirates might have some digital copies of it, but I don’t know anything about that actually.

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