Veterans Today – The Debate, with Jim W. Dean – Rivalry in The Pacific

The Debate, with Jim W. Dean – Rivalry in The Pacific

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with Press TV, Teheran

A lot of S. Koreans do not like being extras in this showdown theater of US versus N. Korea

[ Note: Missed in all of this North Korea missile hype was the offer from the North Koreans to stop their missile testing if the US would stop its annual war games with the S. Koreans, which the NKs find to be rubbing the US offensive threat in their faces.

The offer was treated with derision by Pentagon tough guys, and what did that get us? We got an increase in the number of launches, but lost in all the hoopla of the NKs threatening the world with their missiles and nukes that have not really been tested, was that the North did offer the first initiative to de-escalate, was ignored, and no counter offer put on the table.

My theory on that was the “peace keepers” in the West did not want the stand off over yet. It has ulterior motives for keeping it going. Just this past week, the new S. Korean president learned that two more THAAD launchers were in S. Korean hands, and no one in the military had felt it necessary to inform him when he took office. It appears S. Korea has its own version of a deep state.

I have been on with Mr. Peterson once before, a retired Colonel and inside the beltway guy that never strays from the company line. The US can do no wrong. Our intentions are pure. And we don’t view Russia as a threat by an ally. This is a guy that must not be aware of General Mattis’ statements over at the Pentagon, and what the Congressional hawks have been hyping for some time, that Russia is the replacement for the Iranian bogeyman.

As far as I know, I am the only Paul Revere spreading the word that the so-called alleged “defensive weapons”, are really offensive ones when you consider their real strategic task is to be in a position to eliminate a retaliatory strike from a country that has been targeted for a US preemptive first strike. The whole game rests on being able to hit the retaliatory ballistic missiles while they are ascending. This is the strategy of mad men.

The “missile shield” is a challenge to our mutually assured destruction balance, which has kept us safe all of these years. But with the incredible record we have now, with the spreader of freedom and democracy involved up to its eyeballs in regime change, including terrorist proxies as one of its tools, we cannot take any proclaimed motives they present at face value, not because we are meanies, but they areJD ]

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“Hold onto your seats. This is going to be one hell of a ride!”

– First aired on June 2, 2017 –

“All of you are quiet, things are getting worse, & this indeed is triggering an arms race.” President Putin’s warning was to journalists & world leaders about an arms race he believes the U.S. is triggering through placements of its Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems.

Russia has no choice but to respond by expanding & strengthening its own defenses, according to Putin.

Besides, the Russian leader says even if the current justification for the THAAD missile system placement in South Korea, ie. North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, is removed, the U.S. would still find another excuse to ensure its global military build-up trajectory, ensuring the strategic balance is disrupted.

Hollywood Suffers Meltdown Over Trump’s Withdraw from Paris Climate Deal

Hollywood is having kittens over US President Trump’s recent snub of the Paris Climate Agreement. Especially upset are the elite cadre of multi-millionaire celebrities, along with various and sundry billionaires like Elon Musk, who still believe the earth is heating up because of anthropogenic global warming, aka man-made Co2. 

Already, the EU has rejected Donald Trump’s offer to renegotiate the Paris Agreement, opting instead to bypass Washington DC by working with US CEOs, city mayors and state governors – to implement the climate accords.

What Hollywood, Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders and the rest, will not tell you – is that the earth is already entering a global cooling phase which could lead to a mini ice age. Unlike trace warming over a 500 year period, a cooling phase can radical alter the viability of normal life in the Northern Hemisphere, including frosts that will lead to the failure of large parts of the agriculture sector which can lead to severe food shortages – which can make food scarce and much more expensive.

More on this report from Lifezette…

2 HollywoodLeonardo DiCaprio on his private yacht, incredibly worried about global warming.

Todd Barnes

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord has sparked widespread hysteria in juice bars and luxury spas across Hollywood.

As a candidate, Trump vowed to “cancel” the Paris climate deal — slamming what he called “draconian climate rules.”

“The Paris accord is very unfair at the highest level to the United States,” the president told a gathering Thursday in the Rose Garden.

House Speaker Paul Ryan praised the president’s decision and thanked him for “withdrawing from this bad deal.”

“The Paris climate agreement was simply a raw deal for America,” Ryan said. “Signed by President Obama without Senate ratification, it would have driven up the cost of energy, hitting middle-class and low-income Americans the hardest.”

But some of Hollywood’s most esteemed scientists fear the president’s decision will put the nation on a slippery slope to the hothouse — an apocalyptic future with melting igloos and polar bears unable to put their Coca-Colas on ice.


“If this is true he will have the death of whole nations on his hands,” warned scientist-actor Mark Ruffalo. “People will be looking to the USA for retribution for what they loose [sic].”

I wonder which nation will be the first to spontaneously combust — Iceland? Liechtenstein?

“Beauty and the Beast” star Josh Gad took a break from playing make-believe to ponder our fate.

“Our children & our grandchildren have all just been handed a dark future because of a man who tweets at 3:00 AM & doesn’t ‘trust’ science,” Gad tweeted.

Cher, who apparently has some sort of graduate level degree in climatology, posted a bizarre rant, suggesting the nation has been “held hostage by Insane DICTATOR.”

Don Cheadle, known for his esteemed role as a Juicy Burger’s employee in the 1985 film “Moving Violations,” decided to bring Trump’s little boy into the debate.

“Today, our planet suffered,” declared Leo DeCaprio on Twitter.

“If you care about your kids maybe reconsider your #ParisAgreement decision. Barron will thank you when he sees you, whenever that is,” Cheadle tweeted.

Leonardo DeCaprio, who became a famous Hollywood star because of an iceberg, was devastated by the news.

“Today, our planet suffered,” he declared on Twitter.

Do you feel his pain, America? I suspect he will evacuate to some far-flung, exotic island in a private jet to mend his wounded psyche…

Continue this story at Lifezette

READ MORE CLIMATE CHANGE NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Climate Change Files

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