‘As Trump looks determined to breakup the EU, the EU reaches out to Asia’

‘As Trump looks determined to breakup the EU, the EU reaches out to Asia’
Trump’s overall strategy to try and break up the EU reflects his preferred way of doing business: to deal with individual states so they can be more easily manipulated, says political writer and journalist Dan Glazebrook.

Discord between Washington and the EU in the wake of recent comments by President Trump may be pushing Europe into the arms of China, that was highlighted on Friday as top Brussels officials host the Chinese Premier in a sign of unity to fight global warming.

Europe’s intentions were backed up by EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker. He claimed that since America’s seeking to distance itself from its partners, China’s growing in importance.

“Now that there are signs that the US wants to untie itself from international connections, the relationship with China is becoming more and more important,” Juncker told Politico on Thursday, a day before the EU-China summit.

RT: Juncker’s not the only one to have hit out, German chancellor Angela Merkel also said that Europe and the US are drifting apart. Why is this happening?

Dan Glazebrook: They are drifting apart, and especially over this past week we’ve seen conflicts many conflicts emerge, not just over a Paris climate agreement, but over Trump’s fury at the amount of German car exports into the US; Juncker’s fury at Trump hoping to seal bilateral trade deals with various EU member states and perhaps as part of an overall strategy to try and break up the EU, which does seem to be Trump’s preferred way of doing business. Trump said on many occasions he doesn’t like multilateral trade deals, he prefers to deal with individual states, for obvious reasons, which is that they can be more easily manipulated and bullied and so on but the US if he is dealing with one state at time than when he is dealing with a united block. So, there seems to be a long-term strategy of Trump and his people to aim for the breakup of the EU and this fits in with those who support Trump and people like Le Pen and so on, various far-right forces around Europe, they obviously all hope for the breakup of the EU as well. So, you have that convergence. That is one part of what is going on.

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The other part of what is going on is the overall historical trajectory, which has seen a rise of global South states, particularly the BRICS countries and in particular China. The economic logic is for Europe and Asia and particularly China to unite… This seems to be a natural development for Europe to develop its links with Asia. Actually, Trump’s attempts to weaken the EU are accelerating the development of the EU’s deepening links with China.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Protesters fire smoke bombs, flares at Paris rally in honor of late antifascist activist

Parisians spilled into the streets to honor antifascist activist Clement Meric, who was killed four years ago. Scores of left-wing protesters march through the streets carrying banners depicting Meric, while chanting slogans and throwing smoke grenades.

The demonstration began at the Place de la Republique and will proceed to Place Gambetta. The activists heading the procession are carrying a large red banner reading “Four years after the death of Clement Meric, we fight against racism and the extreme right.” Some are seen waving flares and brandishing flags of the ‘Antifascist Action – Paris Banlieue’ movement.

The 18-year-old activist was killed in a brawl with far-right activists on June 5, 2013 in central Paris. Meric, severely beaten, was hospitalized, where he was declared brain dead the following day.

Manifestation à 4 ans après la mort de Clément

The incident was denounced by French politicians, with then-Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault vowing to “cut to pieces” all extreme right-wing groups. Later, the French authorities shut down a number of neo-Nazi groups, including the “Third Way” and the “Revolutionary Nationalist Youths,” whose members were blamed for the murder.

The main suspects were released after more than a year of pre-trial detention, with one of them admitting he had hit Meric during the altercation.

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