Judea Declares War on Hungary

Trust me.

WE ARE FIGHTING for our survival and future against an enemy with almost unlimited resources, from shekels to worthless brown outsiders to act as foot soldiers. Fractional reserve banking and fiat currency have become the bullets and bombs, rapefugees and enemygrants the shock troops. Most Western countries won’t even acknowledge they’re under kosher attack, let alone start resisting the planned demolition of our homelands. Let’s just accept the new reality of young girls transformed into wet crimson chunks by the religion of peace, manipulation of currencies, jobs that aren’t coming back and the steady demographic annihilation of our national identity. Some White nations are still skeptical of Jew-assisted suicide. In Hungary the battle lines have been openly drawn.

Hungary’s prime minister said Friday that harsh criticism by billionaire George Soros is a “declaration of war.” Soros has accused Prime Minister Viktor Orban of running a corrupt “mafia state.”

A European leader actually notices reality while a decrepit and vile semitic hell-spawn engages in what its fellow tribesman Sigmund Fraud would call “projection.”

Orban alleged that the Hungarian-American investor was paying “agent-like networks” of non-governmental organizations to enforce his policies, including the promotion of migration, in Europe and Hungary.

Yes, there is ample evidence for this. However, consider this compelling counterargument: You’re a racist!!! Racism!!!!

“This is a declaration of war,” Orban said on state radio. “We are facing a financial speculator who has made a lot of money while … plunging many into poverty.”

We are in an existential struggle against the Jewish enemy within. There is no prize for the loser. No one will care if we “did the right thing.” The darkness of the grave isn’t interested in our imaginary and cowardly virtues.

“I am full of admiration for the courageous way the Hungarian people have resisted the deception and corruption of the mafia state the Orban regime has established,” Soros said, describing the “mafia state” as the current equivalent of a totalitarian regime — “one which maintains a facade of democracy but the rulers use their control of the media, the judiciary and the other levers of influence, to enrich and maintain themselves in power.”

The Jew wails about “democracy” while locking people up for speech and thought crime, flooding your country with dangerous alien outsiders, destroying your currency, pouring vile pollution into the cultural well, attacking your faith and your family and plotting your ultimate enslavement and destruction. It cries out in pain as it hits you, expresses moral indignation as it produces the most vile demonic evils, talks about free and open societies as it silences all opposition and praises its own goodness while preparing a mass grave for the hated shkotzim.

Orban said Soros’ policies were “elitist and anti-democratic” because they were opposed by the Hungarian people.

Yes, there are some European leaders who haven’t been gelded.

“The Hungarian government is defending the borders, built fences, and under these circumstances the Soros plan can’t be carried out,” said Orban, who has become a European standard bearer for opposition to immigration, especially by Muslims from the Middle East and Asia.

It was always this easy. Build a wall. They have to go back. When the name-calling has stopped, when the ancient Jew bastard has gone to hell, when Western Europe is a smoking ruin, Hungary will still be standing tall. You could have done it, too.

The ideological conflict between Soros and Orban, who has vowed to make Hungary an “illiberal state,” has deepened in the past months after parliament approved legal changes which could force Central European University, founded by Soros, to leave Budapest.

The communist indoctrination center gets the boot. Make Hungary illiberal again. This is a fundamental transformation back to common sense Nationalism we must make if we’re going to survive. White gentiles will be at the center of this transformation and may be resented by globalist nation wreckers because of our leading role in saving our lands.

Rapefugees and big Jew not welcome.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

Perfuming the Lie, Maligning the Truth

by David Sims

HERE ARE SOME of the deceptive tricks used by Leftists to obscure the truth and advance their anti-White narrative.

1. Embedding the lie: “Salt is salty! Lemons are sour! Racism is evil! Many people like apple pie!” Wikipedia does this. It has 1,000 entirely truthful articles for each deceptive one.

2. Perfuming the lie: “In the past, racists have been violent. Racists have been known to organize political campaigns to have one of their number elected to public office. Racism is evil! Racism teaches that the races are different in ways that preclude their living together peacefully for any considerable length of time.” Wikipedia does this, too, though none of the true statements will be understood in context as they might be in isolation. For example, “racists” aren’t the only people who have been violent, and, for that matter, racists haven’t been as violent as the average Black street gang is. Not even close.

Why shouldn’t racists organize political campaigns to have one of their number elected to public office? Being a racist doesn’t mean you can’t engage legitimately and peacefully in the democratic process. But that’s what the leftists want to imply. Most definitely imply, to say it without quite saying it. Because if they say it, you’ll realize that the moral dirtiness is on their hands, and not on the hands of their opponents.

As for the last of the true statements, “Racism teaches that the races are different in ways that preclude their living peacefully together for any considerable length of time,” this is a conclusion that arose from a review of history, which the racists are reporting as well as they can.

None of the true statements really says anything especially bad about racists. However, the words “racist” and “racism” have been pushed so far into disrepute by media propaganda, both in the news and in fictional dramas on television and in the movies, that ordinary contextual association serves as an echo chamber, magnifying the false message of the lie that “racism is evil.”

3. Putting a stink on the truth — or telling the truth through a mouthful of garbage. Or any number of equivalent descriptions. An example might be one in which the media hire a trained actor to be “interviewed” by a reporter. The actor is to pretend to be a racist and an “anti-Semite.” At some point, his script calls for him to say: “We all know that the Jews control the media” — and say it in such an arrogant way that the audience of television viewers get the impression that they are being contemptuously lied to.

The statement that the actor made, however, is perfectly truthful. But the way he said it invites, and was intended to invite, suspicion and skepticism — and disbelief — so that the public comes to believe a lie that was never even explicitly told them.

* * *

Source: Author

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