Jews Hold Israel Parade in NYC – No Antifa in Sight!

Daily Stormer
June 5, 2017


New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio is a passionate defender of open borders and an ardent anti-racist – except in Israel.

Over the weekend, thousands of Jews and politicians they employ marched down 5th avenue to commemorate a bunch of Jewish cutthroats ethnically cleansing Palestinians then locking them up in an open air gulag. This genocide campaign is an ongoing project, with Israel being the last nation on earth that sterilizes blacks and racially segregates most aspects of public life.

The most curious thing about this parade is that there were no Leftist or Antifa groups even protesting the pro-hate, pro-genocide, pro-war crimes rally. Contrast this to how they come out in full force to try and shut down literal free speech demonstrations.

Only a small group of Palestinian diaspora protesters showed up to voice opposition. Can you imagine a “South African Independence” parade in NYC during the 80s going completely unchallenged by the Judeo-Left?

Daily Mail:

Elected officials joined thousands of marchers in a sea of blue and white flags along New York City’s Fifth Avenue for the annual Celebrate Israel parade.

Participants ranging from school-age children to adults came out Sunday under overcast skies for the event. Elected officials who marched included New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, as well as Sen. Charles Schumer. Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber was an honorary grand marshal.

The event was formerly known as the Salute to Israel Parade, and marks the birth of the Jewish state in 1948. The thousands of people who take part include students from regional yeshivas and Jewish day schools, Jewish groups and synagogues.

Cuomo, Schumer, de Blasio – these are the same names that call Donald Trump’s attempts to find out who is even coming into our country “racist.”

One could argue that it isn’t de Blasio’s job to litigate the policy of foreign nations. Fair enough.

But that’s not true – here is the goof-ass making HorrifiedBatman.jpg faces about Golden Dawn.

Some people criticize David Duke for dwelling too much on the double-standards of Zionism. But these critics are incorrect.

Attacking Zionism and pointing out the double-standard to those who are not informed is easy to digest food for thought. It is a basic bitch meme, but it is a good one.

The same figures that lecture America on racism, white privilege and the bigotry of Donald Trump will lead a parade of openly racial supremacist Jews.

Imagine if somebody kept giving you advice while doing the opposite in their own lives. Would you be suspicious?

Pointing out double-standards isn’t about convincing Jews, it’s about tapping into the instinctual Aryan respect for consistency.

The Jews are easy to discredit, the hard part is mustering the courage to point out that the naked emperor has no foreskin.


High on Their Own Supply: Hundreds of Jewesses Partake in Jerusalem “Slut Walk”

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2017

As a wrathful gentile who relishes the suffering of Jews, nothing brings me greater joy than seeing this malevolent tribe fall victim to its own subversion.

Whether it’s a Rothschild heiress dating a Jurassic ape from darkest Africa, Jews in Europe being targeted by the same Moslems their immigration policies allowed into the continent, or a Hasidic rabbi undergoing a sex change operation to become a woman, there’s something uniquely gratifying about seeing Jews get “high on their own supply.”

Remember this, goys? The Daily Stormer remembers this.

Of all the subversive movements that have boomeranged back on Jews, however, none have been more devastating to them than Feminism. Due to this nation-wrecking social poison, which was intended for White gentiles alone, Israel has transitioned from a conservative Jewish stronghold into a basket case of out-of-control women and “LGBT” activity within a few decades.

For this reason, I’m not surprised to learn that the latest “Slut Walk” march, in which hundreds of feminist whores walk around half-naked with placards calling for an end to “rape culture,” has occurred in Israel’s most conservative city: Jerusalem.

Daily Mail:

This was the scene as Israeli women shed their clothes to take part in a ‘Slut Walk’ demonstration through the streets of Jerusalem.

Hundreds of activists marched through the conservative city to defend women’s rights and to protest against sexual harassment.

One protester held up a placard saying ‘Don’t tell us how to dress, tell men not to rape’ while some went topless and wrote slogans on their bodies.

Local media reported organisers as saying: ‘The word slut is a violent social tool designed to embarrass women and cultivate violence against women.

‘So we’ve claimed this word and taken away society’s ability to use it against us.’

Good stuff, good stuff. I fully support Slut Walks in Israel.

I also support unlimited African immigration, interracial marriage among Jews and Arabs and the destruction of Orthodox Judaism in Israel.

Speaking of Orthodox Jews…

‘No, that means no,’ they chanted this year as the marchers, mostly women but also some men, made their way along Jaffa Road and near religiously conservative Ultra-Orthodox Jewish areas such as Mahane Yehuda where women cover up in long robes.

Don’t like it, Herschel? Too bad, it’s here to stay!

It gets even better. These Hebrew harlots are targeting both secular Jews and their Orthodox brethren!

Yes, good Jewesses, target the remaining conservative factions in your society!

The annual march, held with a police escort, passed off without incident.

Margaret, 23, told AFP she was there to show that ‘all women and all men have the right to wear what they want… and that nobody has the right to touch or attack them for that’.

With bleached hair, a boyish haircut and several piercings on her face, 18-year-old Katie said such action was ‘very important’ in a country like Israel where an ex-president, Moshe Katsav, is serving a seven-year jail term for rape.

Unlike Tel Aviv, Israel’s liberal city on the Mediterranean, Jerusalem is conservative and home to religiously observant Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Good Lord, what a bunch of camel faces.

Weren’t these creatures the main enemies in Vermintide?

Events like this Slut Walk, which destabilize Jewish families and undermine tribal loyalty, are a keen reminder that Jewish subversion is genetic in origin. If Jews conspired en masse against gentiles in a conscious, round-table manner, they would erect countless bulwarks in place to prevent their sociological poison from infecting themselves.

Alas, they don’t. The poison always reaches Jews in the end.

The bottom line is that Jews are guided by a genetic program of destruction to which they are literal slaves. They cannot help themselves; deprived of the Free Will that characterizes Whites, Jews have to follow the calling of their DNA to its natural end, and that end is the annihilation of themselves as well as their racial enemies.

That Slut Walks are now occurring in their holiest city, with permission from the Israeli government and police, is strong evidence of that fact.

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