The Jesuit Order (Full Documentary)

The Jesuit Order (Full Documentary)

Donald Trump Was Trained By Jesuits – The World’s A Stage

Donald J. Trump … the anti-establishment hero, chosen by the establishment. Trump has major ties to insider banking elites in New York, and is indisputably trained by the Jesuits. This means that the (s)elections in the United States, the Republican / Democrat deception, is only about the illusion of choice. Rome has been ruling undercover (through banking) for some 150 years. The Rothschilds just “guard” the Papal Treasure, they don’t own the treasure. They are high paid international money launderers. The Jesuits and the Papacy rule America through high level freemasonry via the American arm of The Knights of Malta called the Knights of Colombus and they rule through the Cardinal Provincial system that breaks America up into 10 districts. A large portion of this presentation is by Walter Veith, of DiscoverMinistriesAfrica on youtube, the rest is by me. An extra point, check out Henry Makow of late, he’s saying “flat earth is a psyop” because it derails the racist-bigot trap of ‘it’s the jews’… There is a large “anti-semite” trap that he pushes that destroys any real conversation around these topics because it terrifies the brainwashed public, they have a trauma -based reaction to the words ‘jew’ – “holocaust” – 9/11 – israel – palestine … while it’s true there is a major faction that is in ties with the jesuits which they utilize in america heavily, they’ve also simultaneously pushed a huge psychic ww2 brainwash about offending jewish peoples. By controlling all 3 of the big religions of the book, and any subsidiary churches through ecumenism, and by controlling the U.S/China/Russia world war scare tactic/reality (because they ‘spark” the wars and drive them falsely, thus they are able to play us ALL like fiddles. Its a Hegelian TRI-alectic, or multi-alectic, they balance many delicate issues that trigger huge portions of the population, (anywhere in the world). Catholics, Buddhist, Protestant, Lutheran, Orthodox, Baptist, Spanish, English, White, Black, Asian, Caribbean, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Classical, choose your ‘genre’ and they control it.



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