Universal Meditation for all Mankind

Aum: Copyright J.B. Hare 1999, All Rights Reserved


Universal Meditation is a natural method to place the human soul in conscious contact with God, who is within man and permeates the entire cosmos and who, according to the Scriptures of the major religions and the Masters of the Highest Order, manifests Himself through the two primary forms of Celestial Light and Sound.

Meditation gives peace and quiet against the stresses of everyday life and opens the door to the deepest and divine part of ourselves.


When the Divine Power manifests, it assumes the primary form of Celestial Lightand Sound:

“Suddenly from the sky came a potent sound like wind that filled the whole house they were in. And upon their heads appeared tongues of fire that divided and rested upon each one of them. And all of them were filled with the Holy Ghost.”
Pentecost, Acts of the Apostles 2:2-4

“Within you is the Light and within the Light is the Sound. And they shall lead you to God.”
Nanak (Founder of the Sikh religion, 1469-1538)

“The creative Word of God, or God into expression Power, manifests Itself as Light and Sound Principles.”
Sant Kirpal Singh (Master of spirituality and President of the World Fellowship of Religions, 1894–1974)

Since Celestial Light and Sound emanate from the plane of pure Divinity (the House of the Father, Superior Paradise, Immutable Permanence, Sat Lokh, Sach Khand, as it is called in the different religious traditions), entering in contact with them and following them toward their Source, one returns without fail to God, reaching liberation or salvation. It is a practical realization that the Masters have always invited human beings to realize during their lifetime.


This Meditation, passed on by Masters of the Highest Order throughout the centuries, is called Universal for the following reasons that can be easily understood:

1. It can be practiced universally. This meditation can be practiced by all humanity, without making distinctions between sex, age, social position or religion, and gives splendid spiritual results when practiced with regularity and devotion.

2. It establishes contact with the Power that upholds the entire universe. Through the instructions imparted by the Master of Spirituality, the human soul is placed in contact with the Universal Spirit in Its primary manifestations of Celestial Light and Sound. Through the practice of Universal Meditation one is gradually lead back toward one’s original Source: the House of the Father.

3. It is the base of all the great religions. The founders of the main religions and philosophies, that have withstood the trials of time, underwent this experience in a direct way. And they also imparted it to their disciples. It can be practiced by people belonging to any faith, without having to change religion.

All through time it has been called with different names, such as “Path of Spirituality” or in the East “Path of the Masters” (Sant Mat), “Meditation on the Divine Word” (Surat Shabd Yoga) and so on, but always meaning the same spiritual discipline.


The human spirit is of divine nature and can achieve full happiness only when it has consciously realized its own divinity.

The world offers pleasure, money, success and power as icons to strive for and worship, not leading to permanent happiness which the human soul has longed for since time immemorial. All these achievements are temporary and therefore illusory, having to be abandoned the moment the world is left behind, during the final passing, which is everyone’s destiny.

Universal Meditation places the human being in contact with the eternal values within him, causing him to enter the kingdom of Divine Light and Harmony while he is still alive. This way he gradually realizes eternal happiness, which will accompany him both in this life and after.


Humanity is one big family under the Paternity of a sole Creator of all living beings and of the entire cosmos, called God, Brahman, Allah, or the Universal Spirit in the different religious traditions.


Man is the most elevated being in the entire cosmos because Divinity itself abides within him, and he can reach full consciousness of It with the proper guide:

“The kingdom of God does not come from without, nor can one say: ‘It is here’ or ‘It is there’. In fact the kingdom of God is within you.”
Luke 17:20-21

“Do you not know that you are the living temple of God, and that the spirit of God lives in you?
St. Paul: 1 Corinthians 3:16

“All glory and beauty is within you.
Sant Kirpal Singh (1894-1974)



Since God is within the human being, in order to know God, one must know one’s self first:

“Self knowledge is the alphabet of God knowledge.”
Sant Kirpal Singh (1894-1974)

“Knowledge of one’s self is the first step toward knowledge of God.”
St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153)

“Learn to know your self. Knowing your self is the first of all sciences.”
Plutarch (46-127 A.C.)

“Those who attain self-realization transcend birth and death.”
Gautama Buddha (VI century B.C.)



Each human soul is a drop in the Ocean of Divinity. Thus all human souls are one thing, beyond all differences in age, sex, race, social position or religious tradition.

Also God, the Creator of the entire universe, is One.

The Main Path between the human soul and God can be none other than One: this Path is at the base of all the great religions and philosophies that have withstood the trial of time.



Christ, Kabir, Nanak, Saint John of the Cross, Hazur Sawan Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh and many others pointed out the basic importance of a living Guide in order to achieve the spiritual Goal:

“As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.”

“Whoever wants to be alone without the support of a Master and a guide, is like a solitary tree in a field without an owner, whose fruits, even if abundant, are picked by passers-by before reaching ripeness.”
Saint John of the Cross (1542-1591)

“Without a Master all is darkness.”
Sant Kirpal Singh (1894 – 1974)

“Without the help of a Master you cannot achieve salvation, nor can you see the road that leads there.”
Tulsi (1532-1623)

A Master is qualified by the fact that the seeker is placed in contact with the Celestial Light and Sound through his instructions, as it happened with the Apostles during the Pentecost and with the disciples of the greatest Masters of every time and place.

A Master is also recognized by the fact that he imparts his teachings completely without charge.

At present, this experience is imparted by Pier Franco Marcenaro, considered by thousands of seekers from all over the world a Master of Spirituality and life of the highest order.

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