TROLL TARGET: Israeli Counter-Trolling Platform to Fight Back against Online Nazism

Daily Stormer
June 13, 2017

It’s time to give the Jews a helping hand in stopping hate.

The Jews are starting to feel some serious pressure.

Basically, everywhere where public comments are allowed, Nazis are flooding in and shitposting at an alarming rate.

All this goyim-knowing is causing a panic, and the Kikes are organizing some emergency lines of defense to counter our trolling campaigns.

However, their latest ploy might just backfire on them – big time.

An app to counter Nazi trolling? Hmmm…

Act.IL is a first of its kind online platform created by IAC, Maccabee Task Force and IDC that leverages the power of communities to support Israel through organized online activity.

Act.IL is the place where all pro-Israeli advocates, communities and organizations meet to work together to fight back against the demonization and delegitimization of the Jewish state.

From the creation and distribution of tailor made campaigns to collective rebuttal of false and inciting language online.

As the famous Hanukkah song goes: “Each of us is one small light, But together we shine bright”

This is Act.IL

So basically, this system allows the Israeli government and it’s subsidiaries to direct Kikes and shabbos-goyim into comments sections that they are particularly concerned about in order to shill for Jewry.

This is actually a really good idea.

In fact, we should have something like that ourselves.

But, thinking about it, we don’t really need it. Because we can just use their own app. After all, if the Jews want to shill in an article, then that article is probably a good target for us too, right?

We can kick the confusion to another level.

So the plan is, make sure you’re on a vpn/proxies/tor or whatever is needed to make your setup secure. Then just create accounts on this app and start trolling using their own system.

Make an account with a credible Jew name in order to fly under the radar as long as possible.

We have to make it so that their app is used more by Nazis than by Jews, and that every time they post an article, it’s flooded by anti-Jew trolling. We can force them to start moderating their own discourse moderation system, which would be hilarious.

We have the numbers. They don’t.

We have the power to reduce all their kike-plots to nothing.

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