The so called Jews in Israel are not true Jews, they are Khazars Ashkenazi Jews Identity theft

The so called Jews in Israel are not true Jews, they are Khazars Ashkenazi Jews Identity theft

The Hebrews are called the children of Shem to designate that they are descendants from Noah’s son Shem,but not Semite,that is not the proper term in reference to the true Israelites(Ysraylites)The word Semite is of relative recent origin.It comes from the 18th Century (Along with the word Jew)One of its uses was to designate those who spoke a certain language,such as Syrian,Hebrew,and Arabic.The name was given extra meaning later,to include all those people who were ‘SUPPOSED ‘ to be descendants of Noah’s son Shem(not Sem)Over the years,Semite has come to mean Jew and Jew only.So,in our day the term Semite is synonymous with Jew or Jews.If the Jews are Semites,which they claim to be,this means they are not descendants of Abraham,Issac,and Israel,which means they are not true Israelites(Ysraylites)Semite is a word made up by deceived men bent on deceiving others with little understanding of scripture the word Semite should never be used in reference to the True Biblical Israelites.It will only cause confusion to a already confused World and this was their(Synagogue of Satan) intent in the first place.Since the Most High never refers to His people as JEWS’ ISRAELI OR SEMITE,we shouldn’t either.Search the Old Testament you will not find the word JEW,SEMITE,ISRAELI,CHURCH, or CHRISTIAN,The word Hebrew is a English word translated from the word IBRYI Hebrew is the English equivalent to the word ‘Ibryi ‘ In the Tanakh (Old Testament) the word ‘Ibryi’ when it is used ,it is in reference to those who descended from Abraham ,Isaac and Jacob which was later changed to Ysrayl another word that the Ibyi tribes had was Ibo.It is to be known,that Satan is systematically destroying the Earth through his wicked empire.It is vitally important for the Most High’s people to understand how this empire works and what it intends to do to them.See then that you walk…not as fools but as wise,redeeming the time,because the days are evil.Ephesians5:15-16,Evil powerful groups of men organized themselves to continue their powerful bloodlines.This organization is known as the ‘ Brotherhood of the Snake ‘ The goal of the Brotherhood is to unite the world by any means,and bring it under Satanic rule.The Brotherhood,and its network of organizations began working throughout history to bring about this Satanic dictatorship.The Brotherhood,was dominant in human affairs of many ancient civilizations,such as Babylon,Persia,Egypt,Assyria,Greece and Rome.From these societies occultism religions were cultivated,controlled and encouraged by the Brotherhood.Also Over time and into our day a web of evil control has spun around the world.Because of the lack of understanding of how Satan has organized his realm and of how he transmits orders through a hierarchy,the Most High,s people have become susceptible to all kinds of deceptions and misconceptions.Demonic possession has also increased throughout the earth,and it is not as Hollywood has portrayed it.Wealth,intelligence,Wisdom,Love,Divinity,Imagination,True heritage and Identity has all been perverted to entrap mankind.The only way to be delivered is to become aware of what your enemy is doing throughout the Earth,and that is the destruction of Mankind.Because Satan knows that his time is short.Rev12:12

The Ashkenazi and Khazarian Jews – The Truth Behind the Bloodline

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