Brief Notes on the Psychopathology of the Jew Race

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2017


A Nyack Hospital employee is accused of posting offensive comments about Hasidic women on Facebook.

Deborah Rosario allegedly accused Hasidic women of not working and hiding behind their religion. She also allegedly said that they shop at Lord & Taylor while her tax dollars pay for their children.

Reaction from the Hasidic community was swift, with one community activist meeting Thursday morning with hospital officials.

“The leadership of the hospital told me they have zero tolerance against prejudice. Workers have a code of conduct and how they cannot express themselves in a disparaging manner,” says Yossi Gestetner, of OJPAC Hudson Valley.

The hospital issued a statement that reads in part, “We are appalled by the Facebook post, which in no way reflects our ideals and care delivered each day.”

Nyack Hospital says the incident is under investigation, but declined to release any information about Rosario or the future of her employment.

Do you want to hear a funny story?

There is a YouTube channel called “JewsOnTelevision.”

As far as I’m able to tell, it is a Jew that runs it. Just posting videos of Jews from TV news shows. He posts them without comment, just a description of the event.

What I posted above is an example.

By my estimate, at least half of his views come from this site. If you include people that share his uploads after seeing them on this site, it probably goes up to 80%.

And I generally post them the same way he does – just the clip without any comment.


  • Jew posts video of Jews: “here’s some Jews on TV, doing Jewish stuff.”
  • Nazi posts video of Jews: “here’s some Jews on TV, doing Jewish stuff.”

There is insight here.

Jews look at their behavior as intrinsically good, while we look at their behavior as intrinsically bad.

The difference is, that they are not capable of understanding why it is that we look at their behavior as intrinsically bad, while we are able to understand why they look at their behavior as intrinsically good.

To consider the above example:

  • When the Jew posts the video, he’s thinking: “great work, getting this goyim shut down for saying something against us on the internet! That will protect our tribe!”
  • When I post the video, I’m thinking: “Look at these smarmy fucking parasites, coming into our country and living as an alien group feeding off of us, while then actively working to destroy the lives of anyone who merely draws attention – on her own time in her private life – to their anti-social, parasite behavior.”

The psychology of the Jew is fundamentally pathological.

This Jew who posts these videos is genuinely incapable of understanding why someone would disapprove of:

  1. Jews living off white people’s tax dollars, and
  2. Ruining the life of someone who points this out on the internet.

They have such an extreme in-group bias, that they are absolutely unable to consider someone else’s perspective on anything at all.

And they do look at us as animals. But it’s even more extreme.

As a white man, I am able to sympathize even with animals I eat. When I lived in the jungle, I opened the jugular of a hog with a small knife, and held it’s head while it screamed and bled out. I will never forget this. It was very emotional. The pig had been very happy, rolling around in the dirt, just minutes before he was tied up and had his throat slit.

I like to think that I think about it every time I eat meat, but I actually don’t. However, in my mind, generally, there is a sympathy and understanding that I am eating a living thing that died so that I could live. And – without sounding too much like some faggot hippie here – I am genuinely thankful to the animal.

Point being: Jews do not have the same level of empathy for non-Jews that white men have for creatures that they eat. They are completely incapable of seeing that we have interests, and so any resistance to them is viewed by them as evil.

“Lying Jew” is a Misnomer

Personally, I do not believe Jews even “lie” in the normal sense of knowing deceit. I think they have the same ability that women and psychopaths have to believe that whatever they think in their minds is reality.

This is an extreme evolutionary advantage for a group that lives as parasites on other groups, which is the core, fundamental survival strategy of the Jewish race. Their entire existence is based on ripping people off, so having absolutely no ability to empathize with the people they are ripping off, and also being able to believe themselves any falsehood that they tell us, is very beneficial.

Before racial science – a branch of evolutionary biology – we generally viewed the Jews as a cursed people, with a religion that drove them to evil. Their collective behavior was framed in terms of a complex conspiracy. Defenders of the Jews still use the “conspiracy theorist” label to describe anyone who questions their collective behavior. I am not myself a conspiracy theorist, but a believer in the science of race. I recognize the Jew not as a conspiracy cult, but a parasitic living organism that feeds off of other human groups.

Their extreme in-group preference, their absolute inability to empathize with an out-group and their psychopathic inability to distinguish fact from personal bias are plenty enough to explain their diabolical behavior patterns.

Jews do not “conspire” to destroy civilization any more than white people “conspire” to create civilization. Both are the result of intrinsic traits in our unique biologies.

Learn the difference!

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