Jared Kushner — “Something strange about this man!’

video, 12 mins

We are told that Jared Kushner is regarded by Donald Trump as his dearly beloved son rather than a son-in-law. Apparently Jared knew nothing about politics or world affairs when Trump appointed him as his chief personal advisor. Everything was soon to change after that.

According to a well-publicized report, political ignoramus Jared was so remarkably gifted that he managed to acquire an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Middle East in a few minutes. While waiting for a ski lift to arrive, Jared read a report on the Middle East that one of his aides had handed him. By the time the lift had arrived, maybe 5-10 minutes later, Jared knew all that he needed to know about the Middle East and how to solve the complex Arab-Israeli problem,   “It’s quite amazing how clever he is!” his wife Ivanka gushed.

VIDEO : 12 mins


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Ivanka Trump asked about Jewish Conversion!!



Published On 05/23/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

What a terrible speech. Here Trump yet again affirms the Jew Holocaust hoax all while wearing that stupid Jew cock hat. I fucking hate that Jew cock hat!

And here’s another speech he gave in Israel pushing more Zionist nonsense!

Look, I’m not surprised that he’s doing any of these things on his trip to Israel. At the same time, I don’t have to like it. Painting Iran as the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism is stupid. They and their Shiite allies have historically maintained defensive postures against Zionist aggressors.

I also did not expect Trump to reset our existing diplomatic relations in the Middle East. I mostly only care about him stabilizing our relationship with Russia. War with Russia would be the ultimate disaster.

With that said, American foreign policy needs to shift away from Israel and these Sunni Arab states. An America aligned with Russia, Europe and Shiite nations like Iran would be a far better long term arrangement. We have little if anything in common with these Jews and Sunni Arabs.

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