Nightmare of Brainwashed Meteorologists. Top Scientists: Antarctic Ice and Greenland Glacier Melting NOT Due to Non-existing “Global Warming”

Meteorologists use the Jewish controlled MSM to brainwash us into believing in their  non-existing “global “warming” scam. In the weather forecasts of Danish State TV, meteorologists are granted 10 minutes to preach global warming at the end of the NWO-distorted 18:30 o´clock news .

They and NWO employed so-called Climate “scientists” are desperate after the Climategate scandal  and here and  Obama  enforcing NOAA to publish faked  warming temperatures and here and  here to influence the NWO-one world state  Paris”Climate”  Conference in Dec. 2015 which had nothing to do with climate  heir mood turned even worse after Pres.Trump and the US left the Paris fake “Climate” agreement.

Now they have found an account of their fairy tales: Melting polar ice is due to “man made global warming”, which is not being measured – apart from the 0.8 degrees C temperature rise on our way out of a Little Ice Age, which ended 170 years ago.

Watt´s up with That 23 June 2017Antarctic sea ice – frozen ocean water that rings the southernmost continent – has grown over the past few decades but declined sharply in late 2016. By March of 2017 the end of the Southern Hemisphere’s summer – Antarctic sea ice had reached its lowest area since records began in 1978.






Scientists found that a series of remarkable storms during September, October and November brought warm air and strong winds from the north that melted 75,000 square kilometers (30,000 square miles) of ice per day. That’s like losing a South Carolina-sized chunk of ice every 24 hours.

Antarctic sea ice is relatively thinon average only 1 meter (3 feet) thick – making it extremely vulnerable to strong winds, said John Turner, a climate scientist with the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and lead author of the new study in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.
There’s no indication this is anything but just natural variability,” he said. “It highlights the fact that the climate of the Antarctic is incredibly variable.”
Scientists can’t say for sure that the deep storms of late 2016 were due to human activity, Turner said.

Siddons & D´Aloe:  Blue line atmospheric CO2-accumulation from human activities since 1750. Red line Total atmospheric CO2  accumulation in atmospher since  1750.

There has been an lot of hysteria about melting polar ice – because of Greenland´s Jakobshavn Glacier melting due to a new course of the Irminger branch of the Gulf Stream – totally unrelated  to non-existing”CO2-global warming” – which is the biggest lie ever told.

Here is the North Pole ice as seen by satellite  as of 8 March 2003-2016 (Cryosphere Today): I cannot see a difference. Below is the Polar ice as of 23 June 2017

When I contacted the boss of this weather farce, he cannot refute Prof Humlum´s collection of temperature and ice measurements from the world´s most prominent temperature measurement corporations showing 1) no global warming (apart from El Nino years) over the past 20 years. When i mentioned the impact on climate of the chemtrails – he told me I had now lost any credibility. When I told him that acc. to the IPCC´s SR5 (of which he is a boot-licking co-author) that   acc. to the AR5 Summary for Politicians SPM 21 the “global Temperature would immediately increase by 2 degrees C” if this “Solar Radiation Management” was stopped – he had no answer!

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Doctors Open Real Life ‘Farmacies’ — Treat Patients With Organic Vegetables Instead of Pills

“The food you eat can either be the safest & the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” – Ann Wigmore

At a reputed medical centre in the US, a unique experiment is on; doing common things in most UN common way.

Here the patients are being treated with select fruits and vegetables from its Farmacy (Farm) instead of medicines from its Pharmacy.

According to the director of the medical centre the patients have responded positively to this innovative method.

The director added that based on this success story, it is time to create awareness about the efficacy of fresh fruits and vegetables over the conventional approach of treating patients with the pills which inflict a number of side effects on the patient.

At the medical center’s Farmacy, a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown scientifically such as bananas, oranges, apples, carrots and items of green salad at the most economic cost giving deep discounts to inculcate the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables direct from the Farmacy, instead of popping pills which not only harms the body but also digs a big hole in the patient’s pocket, leaving him high and dry.

This Farmacy, though unique in many ways is not the only one in the States.

Plant-based wholesome organic foods are the most powerful disease repelling tools and are much more powerful than any drug or surgery.

They have proved themselves more effective in preventing chronic heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular diseases and cancers, claims the spokesperson of the medical center.

On the contrary the use of modern medicines and its compounds being manufactured by the Pharma companies have caused many problems to the civil society, both within our country and elsewhere, he added.

Programmers like growing plant based organic foods would go long way in reforming heath care system and keeping a tap on big Pharma stronghold in the heath care market for the benefit of consumers, he claims.

“Let Food be the Medicine and Medicines be thy Food”, said Hippocrates many centuries ago but his message forgotten over the time due to commercial considerations.

India too has its own version of Farmacies with Yogic and Ashrams spread across the country actively engaged in rendering advice on heath care problems and farming of quality food stuffs in the form of fruits and vegetables.

Their product range include Melons, Buck wheat, Avcados, Apples, bananas, oranges, carrots , reddish, items of green salad, garlic, broccolis, papayas, cucumbers.

While some of product range is excellent colon cleaner, others protect heart cardiovascular system and have excellent antioxidants attributes.

They not only help us to be less susceptible to life style disease and illness but have also lead to increase in our life span in much better way than the modern medicines.

These Ashrams are well equipped to advise on various heath care options based on various modern and ancient systems of medical care, including Ayurveda, Yoga and naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy etc as suitable to the patient.

However, primacy is given to the ancient and time tested systems having Zero side effects.

Today though the life expectancy has increased but the quality of life has not kept its pace with the overall developments and improvements due to many factors including side effects of heavy doses of medicines to keep the life on and on….

In the process, the old and weak are the victims of the prolonged agony and pain in their extended “Death Years”.

With prey on their lips, they seek redemption from the prolonged death years, sooner rather than later!

Reference: / The book The Nature’s Farmacy is available on


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