Israeli Officer Shot Dead During Training Exercise While Pretending to be a Palestinian

  •  Israeli soldiers check the ID of a Palestinian woman in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron, West Bank.

    Israeli soldiers check the ID of a Palestinian woman in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron, West Bank. | Photo: AFP

Published 7 July 2017
Lethal force against Palestinians is common in Tel Rumeida, where roughly 850 Israeli settlers and a heavy military presence occupy Palestinian territory.

An Israeli Army officer was accidentally shot and killed by one his own troops during a training operation in which he was pretending to be a Palestinian at an Israeli military checkpoint in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday.

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The 22 year old army commander David Golovenchik was carrying out a training exercise with his soldiers, but hadn’t told the soldiers to unload their weapons prior to the drill.

Golovenchik took off his gear and pretended to be a Palestinian going through a military security checkpoint, then began a simulated stabbing attack. The simulation turned fatal when one of the participating soldiers cocked his gun and shot the commander, killing him.

The Israeli military has opened an investigation into the incident, however officials have said that “it appears that it did not happen deliberately.”

The killed commander was given a funeral on Wednesday.

The use of lethal force against Palestinians by Israeli occupying forces is a regular occurance.

“The training simulation that left an Israeli commander dead on Tuesday tragically mirrored the pattern of killings that have left scores of Palestinians dead in recent years,” the Electronic Intifada wrote.

Amnesty international has condemned the “extrajudicial executions.”

“Most (Palestinians) killed were shot while attacking Israelis or suspected of intending an attack,” Amnesty International writes in a report. “Some, including children, were shot when they were posing no immediate threat to others’ lives and appeared to be victims of unlawful killings.”

According to the Electronic Intifada, the Tel Rumeida neighborhood where the incident occured has been the site of multiple killings of Palestinians in the last several years alone, most of which occurred during alleged stabbing attempts at military checkpoints.

Roughly 850 Israeli settlers live in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron in occupied West Bank, along with a heavy Israeli military presence enforcing regular security checkpoints on the local Palestinian residents.


Clashes at ‘Welcome to Hell’ Hamburg Demos Ahead of G20 Summit

  • An anti-G20 protester is showered by water cannon following clashes with German riot police in Hamburg, Germany, July 6, 2017

    An anti-G20 protester is showered by water cannon following clashes with German riot police in Hamburg, Germany, July 6, 2017 | Photo: Reuters

Published 6 July 2017 (14 hours 28 minutes ago)
Dozens of people have been injured as world leaders gather before talks in the north German city.

Thousands of people have turned up for the first major anti-capitalist protest march ahead of the G20 summit in Germany.


Activists Continue ‘Welcome to Hell’ G20 Protests in Hamburg

The early part of the day was largely peaceful but later clashes left more than 70 police officers and an unknown number of protesters injured.

20,000 security forces have been deployed during the two-day meeting of world leaders which begins on July 7.

People of all ages, from babies to pensioners, joined in the morning procession in the city of Hamburg.

Many tourists also took part.

Demonstrators say the G20 group of the world’s leading economies has failed to solve many of the issues threatening global peace and the environment.

There was a huge police presence around the city’s market square where the main rally was held, with rows of vans, water cannon and officers in heavy riot gear positioned in all directions.

Demonstrator Dirk Mirkow said he was there because he wanted to protest wealth inequality and the presence of the leaders in Hamburg, “Donald Trump denies climate change. And because the richest eight men own as much as a large percentage of the world’s population.”

The first clashes broke out when another demonstration kicked off in the city center on Thursday afternoon.

 police claims that 76 cops got injured at the demo that they violently ended themselves without any reason  


The Welcome to Hell organizers had promised “to turn Hamburg into a location and an exclamation mark of resistance against old and new authorities of capitalism.”

Protesters tried to march towards a footbridge towards the summit venue but lines of riot police blocked their path.

Officers said the unrest then spread to other areas of the city.

A Reuters witness reported seeing one demonstrator with blood on his face being treated.

Medics were seen attending to several other people.


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At least one person appeared to have been seriously hurt and was carried away covered by a foil blanket.

Reports say one person has been arrested.

Up to 100,000 protesters are expected in Hamburg during Friday and Saturday.

The clashes took place as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel met the U.S. President Donald Trump for a bilateral meeting before the summit.

Merkel has taken a high-risk gamble by choosing to hold the talks in the northern port city, partly to show the world that big protests are tolerated in a healthy democracy.

Before meeting Trump, she struck a consensual tone, holding out hope for agreement on the divisive issue of climate policy and promising to broker compromises.

She pledged to represent German and European interests at the summit, but added, “On the other hand, as hosts we – and I – will do all we can to find compromises.”

Trump faces a testy confrontation at the summit with leaders of the other big Group of 20 economies after deciding last month to pull the United States out of the 2015 Paris climate deal.


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