Are Zionists holocausting Palestinian heritage?

The Debate – Palestinian Heritage Siteby  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   …  with Press TV,  Tehran

Bernadotte insisted on traveling without a security detail, making it easy for the Zios to kill him

[ Note: Zionists are having a fit over UNESCO enshrining  ancient Hebron as a protected world heritage site for the “Palestinian State”. Despite their huge military superiority over the Palestinians and the money conveyor belt from the US helping the oppression go on, the guilt ridden Israelis fear what they know they would do if their places were reversed with the Palestinians. They would resist with all of their might.

And yes, they would use terrorism to do it. Just look at what they did to the British, and the unfortunate Tommies they murdered when British troops were fighting and dying while freeing Jews from camps in Germany at the end of the war. They were not spared.

Nor was Count Folke Bernadotte, the UN mediator, murdered by the Irgun because he was pushing for an arms embargo for Palestine when the Soviets were arming the Zios. The trigger man ended up as Sharon’s driver and bodyguard.

Having been a former Zionist terrorist was a resume enhancer for those choosing to go into politics, even for a prime minister like Yitzhak Shamir. None of these people ever showed any remorse for what they did, and they were welcomed with full courtesy in the Western world.

So yes, deep down inside Zios fear “the bill coming due”, which is why we see the strong reaction to an event where no one was killed or wounded, yet the Israeli government reaction was that of a major terrorist attack, minus the Air Force retaliatory bombing.

Dr. Eran El-Haik, geneticist

The irony in all of this ancient ownership hoopla is that it has all been turned upside down with Dr. Eran ElHaik’s genetic research, which showed that for Ashkenazi Jews especially, they don’t have any more “semitic DNA” that many of us gringos in America. In fact most of the Muslims in the area are “ancient Jews”, who converted due to the very effective tactic of the ruling Muslim powers of the day.

If you converted, you did not have to pay “the tax”. It was fabulously successful. So the 200,000 Palestinians in Hebron are really the ancient people there, where the few hundred settlers are most likely Jewish converts from their Khazarian roots, that historical theory verified by ElHaik’s work.

The saddest part in all of this is the total co-option of the American political system (and others) by the Zionist intelligence apparatus. Talk about interfering in US elections???… do any of you remember a single article on the Russian election “interference” story where it was compared to the gold standard of US election rigging, the Israeli stranglehold on our US Congress, and its expansion into law enforcement, intelligence and the courts, where a special set of rules is used for the chosen ones?

This is one of the biggest “undiscovered” media stories of all time. But our “fake media” will never touch it, as they have been a major pillar in allowing it to happen. So we non-Zionist controlled Americans should cheer the Hebron UNESCO vote. Maybe someday it will vote the United States to be a country also free from Zionist domination, and we can party with the Palestinians for having our country back … JD ]

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– First published … July 07, 2017 –

“My bathroom is far more important than the resolution you just passed.”

Those were the words of Israel’s envoy to UNESCO in reaction to a declaration by the body that Hebron Al-Khalil’s Old City is a protected Palestinian world heritage site. This follows a similar resolution labeling Jerusalem Al-Quds’ Old City as Palestinian, not Israeli.

Does the Israeli reaction show a disdain for any accountability of its efforts to sideline all Palestinian claims to Palestine, while knowing full well that nothing will change on the ground, as it has carte blanche by the United States & others to do as it so wishes?


Genome Evolution of Jewish Population /Johns Hopkins


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Vatican to sign first accord with State of Palestine

AFP , Wednesday 13 May 2015


A general view of St. Peter square (Photo:Reuters)
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The Vatican said Wednesday it was preparing to sign its first accord with Palestine, two years after officially recognising it as a state.”The bilateral commission of the Holy See and the State of Palestine, which is working on a comprehensive agreement” on the life and activity of the Catholic Church in Palestine , is putting the final touches to the treaty, the Vatican said.

“The agreement will be submitted to the respective authorities for approval ahead of setting a debate in the near future for the signing.”

While it will be the first time the Roman Catholic Church signs a treaty with the State of Palestine, the Vatican has recognised the state since February 2013.

“The Holy See has identified the State of Palestine as such since the vote” by the UN general assembly to recognise it in November 2012, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told AFP.

“In its annual directory the Palestinian representative is referred to as the representative of the State of Palestine.


Published On 10/20/2015 | By infostormer | Jewish ProblemNews

This is quite humorous.  Jews are in tears due to a UNESCO resolution that would declare the Western Wall a Moslem holy site.

I honestly don’t care a whole lot about this, but anything that causes Jewish tears puts a big grin on my face.

From Times of Israel:

Amid an angry outcry from Jewish organizations worldwide as well as from Israeli officials over a UNESCO resolution that would declare the Western Wall a Muslim holy site, two members of Congress called Monday evening on the US envoy to the UN body to quash the resolution.

Democratic Representatives Nita M. Lowey and Ted Deutch sent a letter Monday urging US ambassador to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Crystal Nix-Hines, to block the draft resolution that Jewish groups had castigated for asserting that the Western Wall is part of al-Aqsa Mosque.

Six Arab states on UNESCO’s Executive Board – Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates are expected to introduce the resolution for a vote as early as Tuesday.

“As members of the United States Congress committed to promoting peace in Israel and the Palestinian territories through direct, bilateral negotiations aimed at achieving a two-state solution, we urge you to use the voice and vote of the United States to prevent this draft resolution from advancing,” the two wrote to Nix-Hines.

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