Pregnant Palestinian Woman Injured After Being Rammed By An Israeli Settler’s Car In Hebron

09 JUL
10:30 AM

Palestinian medical sources have reported that a pregnant Palestinian woman was injured, Sunday, after an Israeli colonist’s car struck her near al-‘Arroub College, in the al-‘Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

The sources stated that the woman, Abeer Bassam Jawabra, 28, suffered various cuts and bruises, and was moved to the al-Mezan hospital, in Hebron. She was struck by the Israeli car at the main entrance of the refugee camp.

The woman, who suffered moderate wounds, is undergoing further examination and checkups, to ensure her well-being, and the well-being of her fetus.

On Sunday at dawn, the soldiers invaded Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron in the southern part of the occupied West bank, and abducted two Palestinian teenagers, including a former political prisoner.

Also at dawn, the soldiers invaded Tulkarem refugee camp, and Saida town, in the northern West Bank governorate of Tulkarem, searched homes and abducted three Palestinians.

Apartheid Illustrated: Israeli Soldier Shoots another Soldier in Hebron

09 JUL
5:25 AM

On Tuesday, 4th July 2017, Israeli forces were conducting a ‘military training’ in a civilian Palestinian neighborhood near Gilbert checkpoint in Tel Rumeida in occupied al-Khalil (Hebron). The result of this ‘military training’ was a fatal shot by one Israeli soldier to the other. The injured commander was immediately evacuated to hospital by an Israeli ambulance,  and was later confirmed dead. The Israeli forces immediately closed the whole area to Palestinians by closing all the checkpoints, collectively punishing the civilian Palestinian population. The army, after the incident, announced that these ‘military trainings’ will be suspended in al-Khalil.

The whole incident, though, needs to be contextualized: an occupying army conducted a ‘military training’ near a checkpoint installed for the control and humiliation of the occupied population, in a civilian residential neighborhood. Immediate medical assistance to the injured occupying soldier, with an ambulance that, without any problems, was granted immediate access to the injured.

Military trainings, under international humanitarian law, are prohibited in civilian areas. The Israeli occupying army in al-Khalil, and all over the occupied territories, though, conducts trainings in civilian areas. This serves two functions: for one, it is more ‘real’, a training in the area where the perceived ‘enemy population’ is living, and second, the intimidation of the population. Israeli forces in al-Khalil are sometimes seen ‘practicing’ the ‘neutralization’, as it is called in Israeli rhetoric, of Palestinians at checkpoints. In those cases, a Palestinian that allegedly carries a knife is seen as a threat to the life of the heavily armed and armored occupation forces – and thus has to be shot and, as documented in so many cases, left to bleed to death on the ground without any medical assistance. The idea is always to shoot to kill.

Whereas an Israeli soldier or settler from the illegal settlements would immediately receive medical assistance, as Israeli ambulance are free to pass, Palestinian ambulances, and actually any Palestinian vehicles (often including donkeys and bicycles) are not allowed to drive on one of the roads in al-Khalil – which conveniently connects the settlements in down-town al-Khalil with the Kiryat Arba settlement on the outskirts of the city. Palestinian ambulances, as they are not allowed on this street, instead, are often detained by Israeli forces at the checkpoints, denied to pass and thus denied access to give first aid.

Immediately after the incident, the Israeli forces closed all the checkpoints in the area, effectively putting the area under curfew – for Palestinian residents. Any Palestinian civilian inside the area, thus, was prevented from leaving, and anyone outside trying to reach their homes, was prevented from coming back home. This is clearly collective punishment of the Palestinian civilians, who are not involved in the incident at all – other than living in an area that the Israeli forces are trying hard to rid of any Palestinian presence. Whereas Palestinian movement was completely restricted and Palestinians trying to film the incident and it’s aftermath were stopped and harassed by soldiers. Settlers, however, from the illegal settlements, were allowed to move around freely. In a separate incident, a settler beat up a Palestinian young man, causing his face to be unrecognizable as it was covered in blood. The settler though, can be sure that he’ll enjoy full impunity under the protection of the Israeli forces.

These kind of military trainings in the aftermath were declared ‘suspended’ in the city of al-Khalil. However, only because a soldier was killed, not because of their illegal nature in civilian areas or a possible threat to the occupied population.

This incident illustrates the apartheid system installed by the Israeli occupying forces in al-Khalil, and all over the occupied Palestinian territories. An apartheid-strategy that aims to displace the Palestinian population from their homeland in favor of illegal settlements.

More at the official website of the International Solidarity Movement.

Palestinian Journalists Demand Freedom for Jihad Barakat, Jailed by PA

09 JUL
5:30 AM

Palestinian journalist Jihad Barakat was detained by Palestinian Authority Preventive Security forces on Thursday, 6 July, accused of “taking photos” of the motorcade of PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah near a checkpoint east of Tulkarem. Palestinian journalists and activists have launched a social media campaign demanding the immediate release of Barakat.

Barakat, a well-known young journalist, will remain detained at least until next Sunday, as his detention was extended by the security forces. Palestinian organizers have emphasized the ongoing repression against Palestinian writers, journalists and activists by PA security forces, especially those who have been critical of PA officials and their ongoing “security coordination” with the Israeli occupation.

The arrest of Barakat is the latest in a series of arrests carried out by PA security forces targeting journalists, writers and other critical voices under the pretext of allegations of “insulting” PA officials, inciting “sectarianism” for posting about PA involvement with Israel, and now allegations of illegally photographing the PA prime minister driving on the street.

The Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate joined in the call for the release of Barakat on Friday, 7 July, noting that the arrest reflects ongoing serious violations by the government and security services against journalists’ rights and freedom of expression. The syndicate noted that Barakat is well-known for his commitment to journalism and to Palestine, rejecting the flimsy justifications provided by the PA for his arrest.

The Journalists’ Syndicate also noted that political pledges about press freedom are devoid of credibility in light of these ongoing and daily violations against media work and public freedoms, demanding that Barakat and photographer Ahmed Khatib be immediately released and that the PA lift its bans on media websites.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network denounces the arrest of Jihad Barakat and demands his immediate release and that of fellow Palestinian political detainees in PA prisons. We join our voices with Palestinian organizations and organizers demanding an end to Palestinian Authority security coordination with the Israeli occupation and an end to the repression of Palestinian media, websites and expression by the PA. 


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