Trump is in France Talking to This Scumbag Macron for Some Reason [UPDATE: France Doesn’t Care About Assad Anymore lol]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2017


Well, it looks like Trump, through sheer force of will – and probably various threats – got Macron to admit Assad doesn’t really matter.


France has shifted its priorities from ousting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to defeating terrorism and seeking political stability at home, French President Emmanuel Macron said at a joint press conference with US President Donald Trump.

“On the Iraq-Syria situation, we have agreed to continue working together, in particular on the building of a roadmap for the post-war period,” Macron said during a joint news conference in the aftermath of talks with Donald Trump in Paris. “We have asked our diplomats to work in that direction, so in the next few weeks a concrete initiative can be taken and managed by the P5 [the five permanent members of United Nations Security Council(UNSC)].”

The so-called “contact group” on Syria, according to Macron, should include UN Security Council members, as well as representatives of the Syrian government and rebel groups.

President Assad’s departure is no longer as relevant for Paris, as fighting terrorism at home has now become the top priority, Macron stated.


“Indeed, we now have a new approach in Syria, because we want results and we want to work closely together with all our partners including the United States. We have one main goal which is to eradicate terrorism, no matter who they are, we want to build an inclusive and sustainable political solution,” Macron said. “I do not require Assad’s departure, that’s no longer a prerequisite for France. For seven years, we did not have an embassy in Damascus – and still we have no solution.”

Donald Trump confirmed that the US and Russia are working on a second ceasefire agreement in Syria as a follow up to the one he and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed upon during their first meeting on the sidelines of G20.

“One of the great things that came out if this meeting, by the way, was the fact that we got the ceasefire that now has lasted for almost five days. Five days doesn’t sound like a long period of time. In terms of a ceasefire in Syria it’s a very long period of time,” Trump said.

“That was a result of having communication with a country. During that five day period a lot of lives have been saved, a lot of people were not killed, no shots have been fired in a very, very dangerous part of the world and this is one of the most dangerous parts of Syria itself,” he added.

“By having some communication and dialogue we were able to have a ceasefire and it’s going to go on for a while. And frankly we’re working on the second ceasefire in a very rough part of Syria.”

The French President stressed the importance of maintaining good relations with Russia, especially with regard to solving the ongoing crisis in the Middle East.


You are witnessing Donald J. Trump change the entire balance of global power, folks.

And it isn’t even subtle.

At all.

He’s just right out there doing it.

Original article follows.

What a complete waste of time for Trump to go to France.

Instead of going there, he should put sanctions on them, and threaten to bomb them.

This is a very disrespectful country. They believe they have a right to make themselves into a colony of Islam, but do they have this right?

When France officially becomes a colony of Islam, it will be very easy for them to launch attacks on their neighbors.

France should be isolated and punished – not talked with.


US President Donald Trump is on a two-day visit in Paris to meet his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to find common ground disagreements over climate deal and discuss the Syrian conflict, as well as countering terrorism.

American and French leaders are to meet on Thursday in the French capital to discuss Syria and fighting terrorism, along with other issues. The talks will be followed by a dinner at the famous Eiffel Tower, where a rare blue lobster is to be on the menu. On Friday, Trump is to attend a Bastille Day parade in the French capital.

Despite Macron’s desire to stand near Trump at the G20 family photo in Hamburg last week, as he pushed his way through the world leaders to take the place beside the US president, he has repeatedly criticized Trump’s recent decision to pull out of the Paris agreement on climate change. The treaty was signed by almost 200 nations in 2016 and considered a major achievement by Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama. The withdrawal from the deal was one of Trump’s presidential campaign promises, aimed at securing more jobs for Americans and production rates.

While Trump sees the climate accord as a means for other countries to take financial advantage of the US, Macron alongside other European leaders stepped up against that outcome. The French leader condemned the move, saying that America “turned its back on the world,” but promising not to do the same in retaliation. In a social media spat with Trump, Macron launched #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain slogan apparently referring to Trump’s campaign motto.

He also invited “engineers, entrepreneurs [and] responsible citizens who were disappointed by the decision of the United States” to come to France, which could act as “their second homeland.”

Last year, then-presidential hopeful Trump said he would not go to France as “France is no longer France.” The statement came following a fatal terrorist attack in Nice during Bastille Day celebrations.

French citizens seem to share their president’s view on the US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, according to a survey carried out by Pew Research Center. The poll was conducted before Trump announced his decision, but even then 90 percent of the surveyed people disapproved the move. The poll also showed that the French have “low levels of confidence in Trump” alongside other European nations.

This global warming nonsense is stupid.

It is however not surprising that the same people who believe in this gibberish are the ones with a desire to flood their own nation with hostile Syrian asylum seekers from North and sub-Saharan Africa.

France is a destroyed country. It needs to be either bombed into oblivion or invaded and occupied.

The time for talks is over.


Jew Shia LaBeouf Tells Black Cop He’s Going to Hell Because He’s Black!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2017

Shia LaBeouf = RACIST

Jews and alcohol don’t mix. Shia LaBeouf is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

More footage taken from his recent arrest for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct has been released. This new footage shows him making some very racist and mean spirited comments towards persons of color.

In this video he tells a Black cop that he’s going to hell because he’s Black! It is hard to believe that someone could say such things. People will have a very difficult time processing the level of hate shown here.

And in this video he tells a White cop that his wife likes Black dick! This is another very racist comment as he implies that there is something wrong with a White woman liking Black dick. Perhaps he’d like to explain why he feels a Black man’s dick is inferior to a White man’s dick. RACIST!

And get this, LaBeouf has apologized for his behavior! Does he really think he can get off this easy? He made some very racist statements. This means he will always and forever be labeled a racist. This is the worst thing any one person can ever be in our tolerant society.

Good luck getting another job LaBeouf. People don’t forgive let alone hire racists.

It’s 2017.

Multiculturalism and diversity rules the day you filthy kike!


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