Deep Anti-NWO Thoughts, by Trevor LaBonte


Ed note (Trevor)~This is more like some affirmations in a journal entry than the usual high-caliber daily political sharpshooting which typifies The Ugly Truth.

(Pictured: Ken O’Keefe, Rudy Dent, and TUT’s own Trevor LaBonte)

By Trevor LaBonte, 7/13/2017

6 years ago, I put my name, reputation, and career on the line to raise the issue of Israel being behind the attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent ‘War on Terror.’

People chose to attack me personally, calling me a ‘Nazi’ and an ‘anti-semite’… until there was nothing left of the music career for which I had worked so hard since my early childhood.

But one thing these people never did is attempt to debate the facts. I did argue with a handful of jews, but of course they were completely insincere and all they did was hurl insults and epithets, standard tactics for them, this goes without saying. (Anyone who has ever dealt with them knows this. They become very nasty indeed if you do not tow their line.)

It was clear from day one that I was telling the truth, and I was viciously persecuted for that, for everyone to see. It was in newspapers and to this day I remain an easy target for petty gossipers and jealous, competitive smack-talkers, mostly who could not equal my accomplishments as a musician.

I also had a groundswell of support from the truth community, and was recruited to write articles for various web publications and blogs, appear on many radio shows and podcasts, and even appear on Lebanese television and Iranian national news as a geopolitical analyst. I wrote for The Ugly Truth, American Free Press, Whatsupic, Mouqawamah Music, Arab Nyheter, and many other outlets.

This is the irony for (((them))), because before, I was just a musician with no particular clout as a political commentator. They helped me, no, they LAUNCHED me into orbit, and ever since, I have searched for the largest megaphone I could access to deliver my message, often with the words ‘Geopolitical Analyst’ trailing after my name. They can’t really break you, all their hissing and kvetching actually does is make you stronger and make your voice louder. HA!

I used facts and assembled them all into a completed puzzle, revealing a top-down jewish world conspiracy, starting with the infamous jewish banksters of the so-called ‘Federal Reserve,’ and extending through sold-out governments to agencies like AIPAC and corporations like Monsanto that all depend fully on the jewish confetti fake Monopoly money. (The really ‘money,’ the real instrument containing all the value, is your own physical and intellectual labor. Anyone who has ever studied the real history of the Third Reich ought to know that.

The food, medical, and psychiatric industries, the totally fake ‘mainstream news and entertainment media’ which spews almost nothing but lies and propaganda, all the academic institutions, just to name a few major ones for starters, all intoxicated right to the core with the blood-soaked shekels of the phony baloney financial system, which is 100% owned and operated by the international kosher mob.

Furthermore, I have shown how this NWO is actually a JWO, rooted firmly in the outrageously supremacist ideology/religion of Judaism, with all of the main tenets (usury, goy-hatred, deception, warfare, etc) of the NWO being outlined and detailed clearly and explicitly in the books of Judaism, in case anyone out there has any doubts whatsoever that what I say is true. They hate you, they believe you are their property, they believe it is all part of their god’s plan that you serve them as the lowliest of slaves. They literally define you as non-humans, as cattle. When they make warfare against you, when they make YOU make warfare on their behalf, they celebrate the mass goy-killings as a holiest of holy’s.

I have studied it all in depth and know with 100% certainty that this is an accurate picture of the world in which we live. Jews at the top, us way at the bottom, toiling away forever in the blackness of ignorance. .

But one thing I cannot understand is what the hell is going through the minds of the people that are being confronted with this information. Why don’t they understand? Why don’t they stand up? I have thought about it a lot and come to a conclusion.

A sheeple is a person who is morally asleep. They exist and subsist inside a dissociative trance. They will sacrifice all of humanity and the world in an instant, without even having to think about it, just so they can have their shekels, their trinkets, their brick-a-brack, their bullshit.

We have to get over ourselves and start to think like a family. Would you let someone hurt your family? Of course not! Well, humanity is our family. I don’t take kindly to any person or group that harbors ill will against us, and this group of people calling themselves ‘jews’ are as hateful and vengeful as can be. That is all I know anymore. They conspire against humanity, plunging us into perpetual wars, darkness, slavery, hedonism, ignorance, and they have the nerve to attempt to separate us from God, even telling us and trying to prove ‘scientifically’ that he does not exist or is not needed to explain our existence.

So I write this post not only as an affirmation that I am still here, still fighting for YOU, and that includes even all you cowards who can’t be bothered to lift a single finger against this horrifying JWO apparition…but also as a painful reminder to the so-called ‘chosen people,’ that I was NEVER PROVEN WRONG (actually quite the opposite), and was only attacked by jews out of fear and spite.

God has left us with an all-powerful weapon and it is called truth. Why do you think so many jews panic when confronted? It is not because we are physically intimidating or have been given some kind of special authority which makes us so formidable. The facts are what make us invincible. If one is foolish enough to try to grind away the truth, the truth will simply shatter any machine used against it. And God protects and rewards any person that stands with truth. He rewards us with overwhelming, boundless joy in everything we do which is in alignment with divine principles.

To those who have remained obstinate in their ways, I hope you are really enjoying those shekels, because you can’t take them with you. They may seem to serve you in this world, but morality and good deeds and the only currency in the world that actually matters. And this is the substance upon which humanity’s future depends.

So stop thinking like a bunch of jews, stop hiding, get out there and fight! Anyone who thinks we can’t or won’t win obviously has no appreciation for the power of truth, and God does not reward us for lacking faith!

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