Israel to Officially Become Jew Ethnostate

Israel to Officially Become Jew Ethnostate

Daily Stormer
July 16, 2017

Do as I say, not as I do.

Everyone already knows that Israel is a de-facto ethnostate.

They use genetic tests to keep their state “genetically pure” (pure Jew, that is). They sterilize Blacks without their knowledge or consent. They build walls to keep Moslems out. They have eugenics programs to eliminate diseases and avoid dysgenic coupling.

Basically, they’re doing a lot of the things we’d want to do in our own ethnostates.

Meanwhile, they have no problem condemning any White man who proposes doing these things in White countries, of course.

But now, they’re about to push their hypocrisy to the next level.


Ministers working on the proposed nation-state law have decided not to define Israel as a “Jewish and democratic” state in it.

A special ministerial committee recently completed most of its draft on the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People. But ministers have yet to agree on two major issues: whether to include any mention of the state being democratic; and the official status of the Arabic language.

How can you have a nation-state of parasites?

In other words, everyone agrees that Israel should be the racial homeland of the Jews, and they don’t want to muddy the waters by including nonsense like “democracy” in the state’s definition. The Jews, of course, couldn’t care less about democracy.

So they’re not even keeping up appearances for the goyim by paying lip-service to their precious democracy scam.

Ministers are considering whether to say that Israel is “a Jewish state with a democratic form of government,” or to omit any reference to democracy in the Basic Law and make do with a vague clause about how Israel is “a Jewish state in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel.”

The proposed Basic Law is also expected to formulate a distinction between the status of the Arabic language and that of the Hebrew language.

“There is indecision about the precise definition of Arabic,” says a source involved in formulating the law. Thus, while Hebrew will be defined in law as “the state language,” in one current draft version Arabic will be given “special status in the state.”

The only reason the Jews are even entertaining giving Arabic any sort of status at all is because they have a significant minority of Druze who form a major part of the Israeli military. As it turns out, Jews don’t like serving in the army, and are thus glad to have some non-Moslem shabbos goyim fight for them.

Literally 100% of these people are Druze, not Jews.

The original proposal stated that Israel is“the national home of the Jewish people” and “the right to realize national self-definition is reserved exclusively to the Jewish people.”

Dichter’s proposal also enshrines in law the national anthem, the national flag and the nation’s official symbols. Additionally, it states: “Every resident of Israel, regardless of religion or nationality, is entitled to act to preserve his culture, heritage, language and identity.”

Yeah, you can have atheist Jews, Talmudic Jews, French Jews, British Jews, Russian Jews, all free to preserve their culture and heritage. As long as they’re Jews.

Some people might think “oh, now Jews really won’t be able to attack gentiles for wanting an ethnostate!”

Of course, that’s wrong.

Shoving the fact that Israel is officially defined as a racial ethnostate in a Jew’s face will only serve to confuse him; it’s beyond their comprehension that Jews might be held to the same standards as gentiles.

However, pointing out this law to cucks may be used to score some major points in a debate.

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