Ex-UNHRC envoy: No Palestinian state on Trump’s watch

American Jewish academic and former United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Special Rapporteur for occupied Palestine Richard Falk in recent interview with Arab journalist Abdo Emara discussed several issues affecting the Middle East such as Jewish support for the Zionist entity, anti-Semitism, Israel and Egyptian blockade of Gaza Strip, Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas, United Nations’ failure to support Palestinian cause, Israel’s anti-democracy policy in the region, Arab governments support for Palestine, and Donald Trump presidency.

Nothing positive for the Palestinian people can emerge from the wave of speculation that Trump will soon broker the ultimate peace deal. Israel is content with managing the status quo while gradually increasing its territorial appropriations via settlements, wall, security claims, and various demographic manipulations. Palestine lacks credible leadership capable of representing the Palestinian people. This partly reflects the low credibility and poor record of the Palestinian Authority and partly the deep split between Hamas and Fatah. Palestinian unity and credible leadership is a precondition for the resumption of genuine diplomacy. Geopolitical pressure should not be confused with diplomacy, and will not produce a sustainable peace even if the PA is force fed a one-sided outcome favorable to Israel that is disguised as a solution,” said Richard Falk.

Richard Falk agrees with fellow American Jewish academic and author Noam Chomsky that the US considers a democratic ME as threat to Israel.

Israel opposes the emergence of democracy in the Middle East for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that Arab governments to the extent democratic are more likely to reflect in their policies, the pro-Palestinian sentiments of their citizenry. As well, Arab governments that adhere to democratic values are more likely to act in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. Also, it is easier for Israel to work out pragmatic arrangements with authoritarian leaders who have little accountability to their own people and have demonstrated a cynical readiness to sacrifice the Palestinians for the sake of their own national strategic interests. This has become most evident in the kind of diplomacy pursued by the Gulf monarchies in recent years, dramatically evident during the three massive attacks on Gaza by Israel during the past decade that have devastated a totally vulnerable civilian population,” said Falk.

Dr. Falk said the Zionist regime considers Egypt under military dictator Gen. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, a Crypto Jew, as an ally.

Richard Falk said that none of the ME Arab rulers support Palestinian struggle against Israel except non-Arab Iran.

I would say that none of the Arab countries is genuinely supportive of the Palestinian struggle at the present time. With a note of irony the most supportive countries in the region are non-Arab: Turkey and Iran, and their support is extremely limited. It is a sad commentary on the drift of regional politics that the Palestinians are without governmental support in the Arab world, a reality magnified by the fact that if the publics of these countries were in a position to make policy, the Palestinians would be strongly supported. In this regard, including in the West, Palestinian hopes for the future are increasingly tied to the interaction of their own resistance in combination with a growing solidarity movement in Europe and North America. The UN and traditional diplomacy, as practiced within the Oslo framework for more than 20 years have proved to be dead ends when it comes to protecting Palestinian rights,” said Falk.

On Hamas new policy declaration, Falk said: “I believe the Hamas document moves toward the adoption of a political approach to its relations with both Israel and Egypt. By a political approach I mean a willingness to establish long-term interim arrangements for peaceful coexistence with Israel and normalization with Egypt. Hamas expresses this willingness by indicating a readiness to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state on territory occupied by Israel since the end of the 1967 War. Such a shift by Hamas does not acknowledge the legitimacy of Israel as a state nor does it involve a repudiation of the 1988 Hamas Charter, although it does abandon the anti-Semitic rhetoric and seems more disposed to pursue its goals diplomatically and politically rather than by reliance on armed struggle, without giving up in any way rights of resistance, including armed resistance.”

Professor Richard Falk was one of the three American activists who visited Iran on a fact-finding mission during anti-Shah protests in 1979. On their way back, the three paid a courtesy visit to Imam Khomeini who was living in exile in Paris at that time.

On the Zionist antisemite smoking gun, Falk said: “With the support of Israeli lobbying groups and ultra Zionist pressure groups and activists, there is a concerted campaign in Europe and North America to defame critics of Israel by calling them ‘antisemites.’ Especially since the Nazi genocide, to be called an antisemite whether or not there is any responsible basis for such accusations has become one of the most effective ways to discredit and distract. Even when accusations do not silence a critic, as in my case, they have detrimental and hurtful effects.”

Since the assassination of JFK in 1963 no US president had the courage to stand-up to pressure from America’s powerful Jewish lobby groups to force the Zionist regime to live in peace with the native Palestinians displaced by Jewish terrorists during 1948-49. Since the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and al-Quds (East Jerusalem) during Israel’s 1967 War of Aggression US presidents started paying lip service to the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state over land occupied by Israel in 1967 which was rejected by the successive Zionist regimes. No president had the ball to withhold US$6-12 billion annual military aid and other handouts in order to force the Zionist regime to hold peace negotiation without preconditions.

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