David Irving – Jailed and Beaten For Telling Truth of 2nd World War

David Irving – Jailed and Beaten For Telling Truth of 2nd World War

As I became aware of the huge lie about Hitler and WWII I find the star historian, and now one of the only experts you can trust, is David Irving. Here in this nearing the end of his journey talk, he tells how he was put in solitary confinement for four hundred days (no small hell, I’ve been for three days – you go ape second day) because telling the truth in Austria is currently against the law, and you can still be thrown in prison for saying anything about the truth of what really happened in WWII. The difference with David Irving as he well describes himself is that he actually went to the sources like Hitler’s personal staff, who only talked with him because he had written a book on the bombing of Dresden. All you have to do is listen to a few of these lectures of him on YouTube to be convinced he is an extraordinary and essential figure for a very important truth that was kept from us, and I certainly plan on reading as many of his books as I can.


Holocaust denier Irving is freed from jail early

David Irving appeared in handcuffs for the verdict

David Irving, the controversial historian, has been released from prison in Austria where he has been serving a three-year sentence for denying the Holocaust.

He is due to fly home to Britain today and serve the rest of his sentence on probation after Vienna’s appeal court ruled in favour of his release yesterday.

Irving, 68, was sentenced in February and later appealed against its length.

He was arrested in November 2005 on charges related to two speeches and a newspaper interview he gave in Austria in 1989 in which he called the gas chambers a “fairy tale” and claimed that Hitler had no role in the Holocaust, even “offering his hand to protect the Jews”.

The charges covered statements he had made, such as questioning the accepted version of the Holocaust.

He argued that “millions of people were led to believe” an “absolute absurdity”. A jury found him guilty of denying the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes.

The prosecutors in the case accused him of bolstering the far-right in Austria.

Yesterday Maria-Luise Nittel, the prosecutor, said that during the 13 months he had spent in prison he had received a lot of mail from the Right-wing community.

“His comments were a real mockery of all the victims of the Nazi regime,” she said. “The impact of such offences shouldn’t be underestimated.”

The appeal court said it had made its decision to release Irving early due to the “exceptional long time since the crime”, as well as his defence that he no longer denied the Holocaust.

The judge, Ernest Maurer, said: “We expect Irving will leave Austria immediately. We don’t suspect he will commit another offence.”

Appearing handcuffed in court for the appeal verdict, Irving looked at the judge and said in German: “Thank you, your Honour.”

Turning to a female English acquaintance he was heard to say: “Now I get a kiss.”

Leaving the court he said: “I’m returning to England. I’m fit and well, but feeling sorry for my family.”

He added he would call for academics to boycott Austria and Germany until their governments stopped putting historians behind bars for speaking their minds.

Benta Hogh, the 43-year-old mother of his daughter, said at her London home: “I’m pleased — I don’t think it was fair to be honest.”

The Vienna-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre, which hunts down Nazi war criminals, condemned the decision. It would “only encourage and strengthen the Holocaust deniers throughout the world,” said Efraim Zuroff, the head of its Jerusalem office.

“If you have such a law, then for God’s sake just stick to it,” he said.

Lord Foulkes, a member of the Policy Council of Labour Friends of Israel, said: “It is outrageous that he should be allowed to get away with serving such a relatively short part of his sentence.

“He will, I fear, be able to come out and cause great distress to people by continuing to propagate his false and perverted version of history.”

Henry Grunwald, the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: “Irving’s reputation as a Nazi sympathiser prepared to pervert the truth to promote his extremism was further strengthened by his belated attempt to curry favour with the Austrian court by retracting his past views prior to being sentenced.

“Confronting such extremists with the truth therefore remains the most powerful weapon against their lies.”

David Irving Holocaust Holohoax Lies Exposed!

Bishop Williamson kills the holocaust religion

The “Holocaust”, or Six Million Jews murdered in German “gas-chambers” as a deliberate policy of extermination of Jews by the Third Reich in the Second World War, is a religion.

"Truth is independent of my mind. It is a matter of reason and it is above me. I am not the creator of truth. My mind submits to the truth."

Truth is independent of my mind. It is a matter of reason and it is above me. I am not the creator of truth. My mind submits to the truth.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis & Bishop Williamson


Richard N. Williamson is an English traditionalist Catholic bishop who has been a figure of controversy among the holocaust establishment. Thought police Deborah Lipstadt calls him a “hard-core” denier.[1] On her 2009 blog, Lipstadt declared that Williamson is “the gift that keeps on giving…I would be happy to never hear of him again.” That statement obviously underscores Lipstadt’s overarching goals for those who do not subscribe to the holocaust religion.

When Bishop Williamson questioned the prevailing notion that Jews were gassed in Auschwitz, fire-breathing dragon Abraham Foxman got straight to the point: “Bishop Williamson must unequivocally acknowledge the full extent of the Holocaust and recognise the fact of the existence of the gas chambers.”[2] Bishop Williamson is going to clear some of those issues for us here.

Alexis: Avi Weiss, senior rabbi of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, wrote an article in the Washington Post last year entitled, “Auschwitz is a sacred place of Jewish memory. It’s no place for a Catholic church.”[3] Weiss implicitly agrees with Israel Shamir, who writes that “the cult of the Holocaust” is actually “an adaptation of the Jewish spiritual rule for Christian minds, as it replaces Christ with Israel, Golgotha with Auschwitz, and the Resurrection with the creation of the Jewish state.”[4]

Address some of those issues for us here. It seems that people can criticize virtually anything, but the moment a person touches Auschwitz in a critical way, he is somehow an anti-Semite. No one, to my knowledge, has ever called you names for saying that the Sound of Music is a “soul-rotting slush.” Help us here.

Bishop Williamson: Of course the “Holocaust”, or Six Million Jews murdered in German “gas-chambers” as a deliberate policy of extermination of Jews by the Third Reich in the Second World War, is a religion.

Professor Faurisson, professed atheist, has written a whole article to demonstrate how one feature after another of the Catholic religion has its substitute or counterpart in “Holocaustianity”. The Jews are constantly fabricating substitute religions for Christianity, either to pull souls away from Jesus Christ, whom they have continuously hated in his Church ever since they crucified himself, or to let out their own unsatisfied need for their own Messiah.

People search around for explanations of what one might call the Jewish phenomenon, or the phenomenon of the Jews. Few people can rightly understand them, because few people still take seriously the divine Messiah, for whom he made them and formed them, yet who rejected him when he came, and who are deeply and divinely frustrated ever since, a frustration that cannot come to an end until they once more recognise him, and join whatever there will still be of the Catholic Church at world’s end.

As for the label “anti-semite”, as Joseph Sobran said, that does not mean anyone who hates the Jews, but anyone who the Jews hate. My own eyes were opened as to who the Jews are and what they are up to, in theory by the small book of the Argentinian priest, Fr Julio Meinvielle “The Mystery of the Jews in History”, in practice by the Zuendel trials in Canada in the late 1980’s. Hats off to brave lovers and tellers of truth, without any hatred of the Jews or of anybody else, men like Faurisson and Zuendel, even if they are not Catholics (but then the Catholic Church too has been heavily subverted since the Second Vatican Council). Such men have rendered a huge service to poor modern mankind!

[1] “Denying the deniers: Q & A with Deborah Lipstadt,” Jewish Telegraphic Agency, April 19, 2009.

[2] David Harrison, “Downfall of Holocaust-denying bishop,” Telegraph, February 28, 2009.

[3] Avi Weiss, “Auschwitz is a sacred place of Jewish memory. It’s no place for a Catholic church,” Washington Post, January 28, 2015.

[4] Israel Shamir, Cabbala of Power (Charleston, SC: BookSurge, 2007), 92.

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